Top Ten Best Wrestling Tag Team Finishing Moves

Tag Team Finishing moves, I.E. can be a combination of individual moves, or a single move done by multiple wrestlers.

The Top Ten

1 3D (Team 3D/Dudley Boys)
2 Twist of Fate / Swanton Bomb (The Hardy's)

A very dangerous combination.

3 Triple Powerbomb (The Shield)
4 Sweet Chin Music / Pedigree (Degeneration X)



5 Double Chokeslam (Brothers of Destruction)
6 Doomsday Device (Legion of Doom)
7 Sweetness / Wasteland / 450 Splash (The Nexus)
8 Hart Attack (Hart Foundation)

Hart foundation was the most devestating tag team of all time

9 Sweet Chin Music / F-U (Shawn Michaels and John Cena)
10 Chokeslam / Flying Goat (Team Hell No)

The Contenders

11 B.M.E. / Frog Splash (Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles)
12 Last Call / Spine Buster (Beer Money Inc.)
13 Flying Usos (The Usos)
14 The Power Plex (Power and Glory)

Paul Roma and Hercules weren't much chop on their own, or even together...except for their finisher. Can't believe this wasn't already on the list. - truckturner

15 Made in Detroit (Motor City Machine Guns)
16 Natural Disaster (The Naturals)
17 ASCS Rush (Motor City Machine Guns)
18 Little Jimmy Finale (The Awesome Truth)
19 Meltzer Driver (The Young Bucks)

Tombstone Pildriver Spiked With An 450 Splash, its stupid that no one has included yet, best tag move ever

20 End of Days (Baron Corbin)

Not a tag team move. - truckturner

21 Batista Bomb / RKO (The Animal & the Viper)

The move that will destroy anyone.

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