Best Metal Saga Beybladers

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1 Ryuga

And their is truly only one blader who reigns over the world as strongest and their is truly only one Beyblade which reigns over the world as strongest. THE DRAGON EMPEROR is just the DRAGON EMPEROR!

The Ultimate Beyblader! The Holder Of L-drago. Of Course he's got a Style No one has. Gingka Only beat him once. He's Arrogant but A Great Blader. AND he's Unafraid Of Anything.

Every thinks I'm gone I'm ended but I'll tell you I'll be back to ones again reign over the world as strongest and as of course the only DRAGON EMPEROR!

The best blader cool and strongest like his partner L-drago rago and any character of metal saga was no match in front of him. THE DRAGON EMPEROR JUST IS THE DRAGON EMPEROR

2 Kyoya Tategami

He is a very cocky, ignorant, and arrogant teenager. Kyoya always focuses on the battle and doesn't hesitate when attacking his opponent. He doesn't back down from challenges. He gives his all during a battle. He Is Just like his partner Leone.

He is better than gingka and the best there is the best there was and the there ever will be. He and ryuga if they team up no one and I mean no one can beat them

His beyblade is the strongest and one of the most powerful tornado creating bey

Kyoya is mysterious, determined, cute and totally cool.

3 Gingka Hagane

Everyone Knows Gingka Hagane For His Charisma And Brave Heart. He's The Main Character. He Is Good with His Partner, Pegasus.

He is an awesome blader and my favourite because he never gives up

Gingka is the only blader ever to have beaten everyone he has seen.

Gingka is best because of spirit and he is hero guys we should vote him... Gingi

4 Masamune Kadoya

Is this by strongest or by favorite, if it is by Favorite then for me it's Masamune all the way. But if it is by strongest, I'm not trying to hate on my favorite character, but shouldn't the ten legendary bladers be here since they are litterally the only people that the star fragment trusts who are strong enough to stop nemesis.

Masamune is a brave, impulsive, persistant, arrogant and proud beyblader. His Bey is Ray Striker (Unicorno).

5 Damian Hart

Damian is a ruthless, powerful, partially sadistic and unforgiving blader. He Almost KILLED Julian Konzern. He was always confident in his Hell Kerbecks.

Damian is intimidating, which I find very interesting.
I wish we had got to see more of him though, there are still so many unanswered questions about him.

6 Tsubasa Otori

Tsubasa is a strong blader who is generally self-possessed, nice, intelligent, perceptive and rather aloof. He is a strong tactician who is very adaptable especially during tough points in a battle and utilizes all his senses during battles. His Beyblade Is Earth Eagle.

The only reason it seems he lost so many battles is because of the whole dark side thing. He's a great blader and so cute to when he was a little kid. Ah what he's hot anyway

He is very cool

The reason he is not a legendary blader is because the limit is 10. and since it scattered across the world, it would be unfair if all was in Japan - shafqattheone

7 Yu Tendo

Yu is a Happy-go lucky person. He never bothers for training. His bey is a special bey Flame Libra.

Sure he's cheerful and childish but Yu's also insanely smart, and talented enough to beat Gingka

8 Rago

Rago is a very fierce, ruthless, sadistic, evil and cruel person. He does not doubt himself, and is always confident in Nemesis, being its former keeper. He was not kind nor nice, as if he did not contain any compassion for comfort. This was evident when he created a smirk as he watched Doji cruelly criticizing Ryuga for helping in Nemesis' revival. But He was A Great Blader Holding Diablo X Nemesis.

Rago is the best. Diablo Nemesis rules...

9 Julian Konzern

He Is a Confident Blader Who has a pride like Kyoya and Ryuga. Doesn't Back down from challenges. His Beyblade is Gravity Destroyer.

It is Julius and his bey is Gravity Perseus...

10 Dashan Wang

Dashan is a very proud, loyal and respectable person. He Matches With his Bey Rock Zurafa.

The Contenders
11 King

Wow king should be in the top 10 he beat masamune and aguma

King bey is the God of war called variaeres
And one of the legendary blader

12 Dynamis

There are many things about this character that stands out

13 Chris
14 Kenta Yumiya

He is amazing! People underestimate his talents but heres the news flash he always has helped Gingka and its partially due to Kenta that Gingka stands where he is. plus he made freinds with Ryuga and in one battle cracked his facebolt and made him use his full power so yea he is amazing and powerful

Small, cute little kid with an amazing bey Flash Sagittario 230WD. People often don't think that he is that great but he had made Ryuga use his special move and managed to crack L-Drago's facebolt, he did this using Flames Sagittario C145 S, not Flash he's got quite strength

15 Aguma
16 Tithi

Tithi is the new yu

17 Yuki
18 Ryo Hagane

He was the father of gingka. He had also beaten gingka with his phoenix. He is also the original owner of the great Beyblade pegasis

19 Ryoto

He has to be good cause he's the brother of the DRAGON EMPEROR

He has omega dragonus and is an excellent bladder

20 Sora

Auseome he has cosmic cyber cool

21 Helios

He defeated Gingka and all his friends easily with one single special move. He only appeared in the movie but from it you can tell he is one of the strongest bladers there ever was since he crushed Gingkas pegasus with his special move. His bey has unbelievable attack and defense power and it can turn into fire to dodge beys. It's a really unique and powerful bey.

22 Reiji Mizuchi

He is so cool. he beaten yu, kenta,and hyoma. I bet he can beat julian.

23 Doji
24 Faust Faust
25 Pluto
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