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21 Safe 9 Key

Each week America will vote for one houseguest they want in the final 9. This will be revealed after the eviction. The person who wins will be safe until the top 9. The people earning this key cannot compete in any hoh or veto comps, but they will vote. So when there are 10 left, only 4 will be eligible for eviction.

22 The Revenge Twist

I love the idea, but maybe until the final 10 or 12 because it would be too overpowered.

I think it is good idea and it sounds interesting

Make a hoh that amarica chooses and a veto called revenge key and it happens after veto meeting on monday september 12 20016 on big brother

Make Amarica Choose a hostguest to win somthing called revenge key an HOH and Veto all on one day but Amarica Chooses the winner and it is on monday september 12 20016 on big brother on 8:00 pm

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23 Veto

Since a person can win that's not nominated and be safe even if they use it to remove a nominated house guest off the block than if a nominated person on the block that wins veto they should be able to name the replacement nominee

I love this twist! I think it would keep people from throwing the competition so much if they knew that a nominee, if they won, could put up whomever they wanted. Could definitely throw the house in a spin.

24 From the Bottom to the Top

What is this twist supposed to be?

Two who we can you two

25 Celebrities vs Non Celebrities

7 Celebrities vs. 7 Non Celebrities = 14 play in The house yeah vote.

Think this can work if Julie said yes if not then maybe future

26 Heroes vs Villains

Heroes vs villains is a great idea laught people to make a alliances

27 Revenge of the Block

If a house guest survives eviction or is taken down with veto there also immune for eviction the next week. In return they would not be eligible for hoh that week

28 Mole vs Big Brother

Spin you come found out who is the mole

29 Family Tree. Where 4 groups of people that are related and they're on a team
30 Double Trouble

There will be two houses, each have 16 houseguests, and yes, there will be 2 evictions a week, at the end thy finally tell both houses, and in the finale, the jury votes which member will stay in their house to be in the final 2 with someone from the other house, then America votes for which person will win Big Brother. The winner will not recieve half, but 3/4 of 1 million dollars ($750,000), the runner up, $100,000, and whoever wins, their entire house will each recieve $15,000. It will be called "Big Brother: Double Trouble".

31 Everything is Reversed

Let's say HoH- Bob Noms- Tim, Layla point of view- Layla Final Noms- Tim, Hanna then Julie reveals everything will be reversed. HoH- Hanna Noms- Tim, Layla point of view- Layla Final Noms- Tim, Bob. I think this would be an epic twist!

32 Someone Gets Locked in the Secret Room for a Day, No One Knows What Happened to Them.
33 House's Nominee

Sounds good on paper but if the houseguest votes them on to the block that means they may already have the votes go home

The House guests that are not up for
Eviction get's to vote for a third person on the block.

34 Family vs Foe

10 Houseguests of Family + 10 Houseguests of Foe = 20 Houseguests in House.

Not a good ideal it gone to be a lot of people

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35 2 Sided House

One side will have girls the other boys.

The best idea I no that the girl are gone to winner

36 Two HOHs and Eight Players for POV

In past season they have two HOHs, but one of them is safe, However with this Twist, BOTH HOH are safe, due to this twist, Eight players will play for the point of view, the HOHs will each pick one houseguest to play in the HOH.

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37 Diamond POV Competitions

Pretty simple really: (1) Replace the Golden point of view and BoB comps with a Diamond point of view comp. (2) All house guests will participate instead of six. (3) This will last until there's 11 house guests left (2 finalists/9 jurors) then reset back to original format.

A Diamond point of view winner can remove someone off the block AND decide who the replacement will be.

38 No H.O.H for you

If you win the power of veto then you are unable to compete in the next H.O.H.

39 Coup de Grace

Not to be mistaken for the Coup D'etat...this power gives one houseguest the ability to take himself/herself off the block AFTER the votes are cast but BEFORE the eviction takes place. The person with the power also names his/her replacement. This power is only good for use in the pre-jury. This, however, doesn't guarantee said player an automatic jury spot if used early on in the game (i.e. the first 2-3 weeks of the game). The Coup de Grace can only be used on oneself.

40 Glass Box

In order for this to work, we would need to restructure the inside of the house.. But this is assuming that we have full creative control. There would be a giant, see through, but also soundproof glass box in the middle of the house, and each week 2 people are sent to the box.. They are not allowed to leave the box. There will be beds, toilet, etc. in the box. The people in the house cannot compete in point of view that week but they also cannot be nominated, replacement nom included! So essentially they are safe for the week! The person that sends these 2 will be determined by a competition that the whole house, including HOH, participates in. Whoever wins sends whoever to the box. The winner can also send themselves if they want. It adds new strategy cause it makes people think " do I want to send my 2 enemies in or do I send myself and my enemy to bury the hatchet"etc. Forgot to add, people in the box cannot vote for the week but can compete in the next HOH

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