Top Ten Biggest Hackers on Roblox

The Top Ten Biggest Hackers on Roblox

1 1x1x1x1

Let's go, let his heart go blacker,

This sound like the perfect hacker name. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

2 loleris

What game did he make?

He is such a hacker - IHateOnions


3 piiggg
4 PlaceRebuilder
5 Niklis
6 Taymaster
7 NotSoNorm
8 Daxter33
9 DrBacon2
10 John Doe/Jane Doe

They could hack the whole game at Anytime!

Squinch get hacked

Not real. Just a joke - SnoopDoggedyDog

They are test users ring a bell? John Doe,Jane Doe,and ROBLOX have the same join date,they are just making sure games go right! - AnnaRoblox

The Contenders

11 LOLimthemaster
12 Jareddlvalzev
13 Kevin Mitnick

He Can Hack Into Anything...He Is The King Of HACKING!

14 Kid_N0ob


15 The Community
16 HackzReloaded
17 Dracoswordmaster

The MAIN culprit of the 2012 April fools incident.

(real hacker not a myth)

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