Top Ten Biggest Roblox Noobs

There's a whole lot of noobs out there in Roblox but these are the biggest.

The Top Ten Biggest Roblox Noobs

1 piiggg

He follows me every ware I go in Roblox but he got banned - IHateOnions

Wow he is so gay on roblox

2 DrBacon2

After piiggg got banned this was his new profile -_- - IHateOnions

3 RKing


4 Hothead101010

In Natural disaster survival there was a fire and he jumped into the fire lol - IHateOnions

5 loleris
6 1x1x1x1

He was a madman - IHateOnions

7 Noob

My friend was with him and he didn't know how to move - IHateOnions

8 YoImAPoop

She should Be number 1! - IHateOnions

9 ILoveSeals
10 Taymaster

Rip off of a game - IHateOnions

The Contenders

11 nmerdo
12 johntrains07
13 BarneyDora

Noob and a troll.

14 Mewandskitty
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