Top Ten Black Ops Zombies Weapons

The Top Ten Black Ops Zombies Weapons

1 Thundergun

Can save you no matter what. Just a huge shock wave of godlike power and a quick reload.

The Thundergun is an amazing wonder weapon, one of the best ever in fact. Immediately kills every zombie withing a 90 degree angle. Respectable ammo, very balanced in that aspect. This gun is a "SAVE ME NOW" wonder weapon. If you have any sort of trouble, zombies are surrounding you in a corner, the nova 6 explosions are about to kill you, etc you just blast the good ol' Thundergun and the hastle is all over.

The Thundergun's only weakness is it's lack of ability to spawn drops. If you want a Max Ammo, you need to use the ray gun or Galil or RPK or whatever which is just impossible on round like 40. Glad they gave the Thundergun the drop ability in BO3

If you haven't been to high rounds you don't know how good this is. It may be scarce on ammo but you can kill a full wave of zombies with it on any round. It's a need to make it to the high rounds. Try and make it there with a ray gun and no thundergun. Good luck

Obliterates all the zombies in an area with one shot, even on rounds 50 and up. Has saved me and my teammates from certain death many, many times.

2 Raygun

Although in this case it is a close competitor to the Thundergun, I believe that this should sit on top as the best gun on black ops. The main difference between the two is that the raygun has a more suitable magazine for zombies. It's just as powerful if you know how to use it. Overall this gun overtakes the thundergun and the zombies! - Drumsequence

Known to be the most powerful weapon ever in the game. Including Black Ops 2. In World At War, the weapon sucked as HELL.

Man, I love thi... Oh no, zombies coming... Loads of them... Wait! I have a raygun and just pack-a-punched it... (raygun shooting sound)... Whew... That was close. Oh yes... Man, I love this gun.

If you get to round like me you beater hope that some one has a ray gun and someone have a Thundergun because if not you will die fast

3 Galil

The laminator (upgraded version of galil is AMAZING. The non upgraded is still pretty good too. but don't pack a punch until you have ) bullets and are in a struggle. Also it has the best damage per shot of any full auto gun in zombies

Fast and does much damage.
Also has the most ammo has a assault rifle.
Great gun upgrade.

It's an LMG in an assault rifle's body. This thing is nuts.

The best

4 HK-21

HUGE magazine size and decent reload time. It doesn't work as well in later rounds, but it's still awesome for points then.

The hk is good at the start but towards the long rounds it gets worse and worse

This gun is so overrated it just sucks...

It is a strong gun with a lot of ammo and bullets


I just love the look of it and if you pack a punch it, it not only has a cool name, but tears through zombies. If you have the thunder gun and RPK, you will last very long

Should be at number four. It has a higher firing rate than the hk21 and three times the firing rate and power of the mp40. But seriously, why is the mp40 before the rpk? Obviously you haven't tried to use the mp40 past round 8. The rpk, galil, aug, raygun, thundergun, and monkey bombs are about the only guns that do anything past round 15. Rpk is one of the top guns in the game. Can't beat that firing rate and 500 rounds!

Before getting Mule Kick I always attempt to get RPK and Ray Gun, the RPK especially once upgraded around round 20 will help you survive and make points. Overall the gun is one of 3 guns I aim to get before I get my 3rd

This gun is outstanding because of it precision shooting


Actually I love this gun I think it deserves the number 1 spot.

My second favorite gun in zombies next to the gail

It is a very accurate assault rifle

It’s brilliant, a headshot machine

7 Monkey Bomb

This is super useful for saving a downed teammate or getting that bunch of zombies away.

Though supply is limited and it takes a couple seconds to take effect, no weapon slots are needed and it temporarily negates all zombies (except dogs).

Great for when a person is down

Helps lure zombies away

8 Commando

I love the Commando I use when I play Shangra-la and it is a beast of a gun. It really makes me sad that is only at 8th place. I think top 5 at least. Its got good iron sights and aim. Its got quite a bit of ammo so that is another good sign of this gun. The predator is a beast gun. Now imagine that gun with Double tap 2.0 from Call of Duty BO2 that would probably be one of the best guns in all of zombies besides wonder weapons. This is just my opinion.

This is better then the AUG by far

Fast and easy kill

This is jeasus in a gun

9 Ice Gun

I love slowing pentagon thief

10 Wunderwaffe

This gun is amazing but shouldn't be on the list. Only way to get it in black ops 1 is have the veteran version of the game or on an Easter egg in Call of the Dead. - tacomilk

Should be #4 before the galil

Love gun why so low rate

Wonder weapon

The Contenders

11 Ballistic Knife
12 Mp40

Can buy ammo for it, deals enough damage to get by. At late rounds, only this and wonder weapons are worth using, along with traps.

This gun is my best friend. Have ALL zombies map to date and I know that this gun is effective especially on Verrückt and Kino der Toten. The PAP version on the other hand is a complete letdown

This is the best wall gun in zombies and maybe the best non wonder weapon il tell you why... 1st you need to have double tap once you get double tap the rof is good, you can buy ammo for it off the wall real cheap so ammo is never ever a probably, and has assault rifle damage. this is one of the few guns that are better non PAP because non PAP you can refill on ammo for only 500 points, but the PAP version of the mp is only 34 more reserve rounds and only get a liitle tiny better rof and damage so you are better off with just non PAPing it

13 PPSh-41

Imagine if you gave this double tap. Puts out 4 ray Guns worth of damage per minute. WHY IS THIS NOT AT THE TOP

Proven to be the most powerful gun in zombies history...

Why is this not at top? Such a good gun, amazing.

Yeah it is the best and it hold a lot of ammo

14 SPAS-12

I love the spas 12 but when it’s PAP the spas 24 is nuts, full auto+high damage+ no aim

15 Ray Gun Mark II

Who ever made this list is a retard

This gun should be in 5th place because it is AWESOME!

How is ray gun on the list but not this?!

No Splash, Still Zombies Bashed

16 Zeus Cannon

Should be on top, kills more zombies and has more ammo.

This is better than thundergun because it has more damage

It's the thunder gun pack-a-punched

Why is d thundergun in first and this in #16?

17 Famas
18 Gersch Device
19 Ancient Bows

Should be number one, when you upgrade it with the wolf upgrade

Lol literally should be #1 storm bow is way too op

If you know how to use it...

20 Wind Staff
21 Wave Gun
22 Bowie Knife
23 Winter Howl

I don't think this should be in this list ( Sorry to all Winter howl fans). My reason is it is just a freeze gun that cannot even kill the zombies and will just slow them down

This gun would go in 3place why because this gun is the best gun in the map five

My favorite weapon! I love this gun so much! Shame it's only in Five

And its in the bo1 version of verukt

24 MP5k

Should be lower. Mp5k was the second worst smg in bo1. Don't mistake it for the bo2 mp5 which was pretty good. We are talking about mp5k from bo1 which was so bad that instead of a wall weapon it should be a troll mystery box gun. Good for points I can't lie about that but if you are looking for a killing gun anything is better than this

I don't know what you guys think, but it should at least be number 5. It is a great gun for surviving in zombies. You can buy ammo if your running low. Its an amazing gun in general

25 M1216
26 Smr


27 M16

The best gun in the whole game is the m16, yeah it might do little damage itself but upgraded it raises hell

The best weapon by far without having to upgrade. Unlimited ammo for 600 if you do bundles of zombies in the theater.

28 Claymore
29 Vitriolic Withering

Can save your live and hard to die
Better than thunder gun and the ray gun
(Not the wave gun though! )

30 AN94

You can camp with this thing until 30, and use it effectively until 50. For a wall weapon that is awesome - zombefied115

Good gun off the wall, should probably be higher up with the commando as it's a wall weapon with, when pack-a-punched, the same capabilities as nearly and LMG

31 Scavenger

A sniper that fires explosive rounds and kills all zombies in a 15ft radius even on high rounds and its not on the list?!?!

32 Awful Lawton
33 Crossbow

It blows up any zombie by it its great if you train the zombies

This pack a punched is a monkey bomb launcher.

34 Python

it's so overpowered, it's 2 shot kill in very high rounds. Plus, the pack a punch version (the cobra) does not play around.

The best pistol. I mean, the reload is slow, but that doesn't make it not awesome.

35 M1911

Best for points

It’s a beast paped

36 Dragunov

Great gun little recoil and does large amounts of damage I am surpised it is not at the top 5

37 Bloodhounds

I get round 1 million with this gun

38 Olympia
39 Thompson
40 Paralyzer
41 M14

Good starter weapon,good weapon for points

42 CZ75

Good as the python

43 AK-47
44 MG42
45 Blundergat
46 Kar98k

Best gun in my opinion, takes load of zombies down at round 50, no problemo. Honestly should be #1. Almost as good as the SMR.

47 PPS 42
48 Hellion Salvo

If we're going at guns from other games... Why not, this was the best one on BO4

49 Stakeout

Very good gun to buy up until round 13, upgraded it is solid till about 22.

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