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1 Ichigo vs Ulquiorra

This was the best fight ever!

Best fight with lot of emo in it. Certainly one of the gtratest fights in all time anime history. - admister300


Ichigo vaste lordos form is awesome

2 Kyoraku vs Stark

Stark was awesome!

We get to see shunsui's bankai

3 Ichigo vs Byakuya

This fight was so awesome, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen

4 Gotei 13 vs Gerard

Gerard is just too op

5 Ichigo vs Aizen

This fight was so awesome! Ichigo finally shows his amazing power, when he fights Aizen. Sadly Aizen doesn't die, but who cares! This was Ichigo's best fight.

Best fight in anime history - admister300

Best anime fight of all time.
Great graphics
Great powers
Fought between two great charactets.
Ichigo showed his greatness in this fight.

6 Ichigo vs Grimmjow

Man how could this be in no #8. This fight just rocks. It has very intense action and awesome chemistry between Ichigo & Grimmjow.

This not the place for this fight.
It should be at#3. Those characters were awesome, powerful, and dark,... And it was a emo fight too.

Easily the best fight! I mean the final fight since there is 3 fights! and aizen vs ichigo is nowhere near good as this!

This was really what we were waiting to see from ichigo ever since his first "Ban-Kai! " Just imagine how hard Ichigo could have potentially wrecked Grimmjow if he hadn't needed to save Orihime from those damn elbow-missiles he had. It was a brilliant climax to finally see Ichigo mastering his inner demons. Just one bit:
"It'd suck if my mask broke? Don't make me laugh! That's my line, Grimmjow, what would suck is if you released that form! " ohh, *shivers*

7 Kenpachi vs Nnoitra

Let's face it, most of the fights on this list we knew the obvious victor, but this fight...i actually thought Kenpachi would die. - Got6steelers

Let's be real here, Nnoitra put up one hell of a fight even when Kenpachi lost his eyepatch. to be honest, It's pretty sad that Nnoitra lost because of a goddam kendo stance..

8 Mayuri & Nemu vs Pernida

Really showcased more strategy while keeping the action of previous battles. also we got to seen nemu fight!

9 Hachi & Soifon vs Barragan
10 Gin vs Aizen


The Contenders

11 Kenpachi vs Ichigo

This is one of the first great fights of bleach, the first time Ichigo actually fights a captain and isn't just curb stomped like the first time he meets Byakuya. Ichigo makes great strides in this fight and you get to see how amazing he is.

12 Byakuya vs Tsukishima

As short as it was, I really love this fight. I've always had a soft spot for good tacticians, and this fight truly is a great battle between two great tacticians. Tsukishima, I feel, is the best antagonist in all of Bleach. He's the first and only villain in the series that I've hated; that has done truly evil things that make me hate him, and that is the markings of a great villain. - Meredy

Byakuya is such a bad ass in it! HE PUNCHES A HOLE THROUGH TSUKISHIMA!

13 Yoruichi vs Soi Fon
14 Byakuya vs Koga
15 Ichigo vs Ginjo

Great animation in the anime. Cool designs for both characters. Decent choreography for the fight. Wasn't a fight to save the world more of someone who had to be stopped. And the mystery behind ginjo albeit an annoying one is still interesting to me.

16 Hisagi vs Findor
17 Gin vs Toshiro
18 Kenpachi vs Komamura/tousen
19 Uryƫ vs Mayuri

Wish Uryu had more fights with high-tier villains.

First time we saw a Gotei 13 captain get f**k ed up. It was also awesome to see Uryu look like a rival to Ichigo. - Got6steelers

20 Rukia vs Douko
21 Byakuya vs Zommari
22 Szayel Aporro vs Kurotsuchi Mayuri
23 Tier Halibel vs Hitsugaya

I liked how the elements where used in this battle so yeah

24 Uryƫ vs Haschwalth
25 BG9 vs Soi Fon
26 Gremmy vs Kenpachi
27 Rukia Kuchiki vs Aaroniero Arruruerie

Epic fight! Mental and physical warfare waged

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1. Ichigo vs Ulquiorra
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3. Kyoraku vs Stark
1. Kyoraku vs Stark
2. Byakuya vs Tsukishima
3. Gin vs Aizen
1. Ichigo vs Ulquiorra
2. Ichigo vs Byakuya
3. Ichigo vs Aizen

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