Top Ten Bowser's Castles In Mario Kart Games

Bowser's Castle is a classic track that appears in every Mario Kart game. Which one is the best? You decide. Vote now!

The Top Ten Bowser's Castles In Mario Kart Games

1 Wii Bowser's Castle

Best bowsers castle ever.

Awesome This Is By Far The Best MK track

I like how the different parts of the castle have slightly different music; and when you fly off the slanted bridge at the start and fly into Bowser's castle (the door is a giant Bowser head and you fly into the mouth) you hear an echoing laugh that belongs to Bowser himself; and it is Bowser's way of saying "enter and die, fools! " Overall rating: 10/10 stars

This tracks was so good, the turns are tight, a huge robot Bowser witch is really hard to avoid, thwomps, fire. I can't say how proud I was when I got 2.47:32 on time trials for here

2 GCN Bowser's Castle

This course is just plain awesome, the fire, Bowser, spinning fire, lava, this has it all. My only complaint is the halls that lead to the big Bowser are tight and fun, but a little drab.

Music and overall design is great. This course is just simpley awesome.

Track Design: 8/10
Uniqueness: 7.5/10
Difficulty: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Replayability: 8.5/10

Overall ranking: 87/100

3 N64 Bowser's Castle

This one is badass. The song is creepy and sets the tone for the race. Also the right difficulty

The reason I'm voting for this one is because it gives you everything the castle's got to offer. The enter entrance with the fire-breathing Bowser statue, the drive through the castle with all those pesky thwomps, the courtyard, the bridges, and my personal favorite, the drive up the side of the castle. The music gives this castle a spooky setting, along with it being in the middle of a sea of lava. It's not very hard, but it sure is my favorite Bowser Castle!

4 Wii U Bowser Castle

This tracks runs a very close second to Mario kart Wii, the course is hard with turns pengelum, fire, hang gliding, boulders, lasers. This would have been better than Wii's but my two complaints are the rock Bowser is easy to avoid and the track is short.

Excuse me? EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. My butt is literally booted out of the universe because of this track.

And I thought the Wii's fire spitting robot was good. I was overwhelmed.

That colossal magma Bowser is just eye candy

5 DS Bowser's Castle

The most underrated, yet awesome track, Bowser castle of the ds is my favorite because of sharp turns and the best thing that log AMAIZING

This one was way better than MARIO KART

This castle was okay. The thwomps and sharp turns are a blast, but there is elsewise no real challenge except the huge log to stay on for a shortcut. There is also drab straightaways. All and all, a so-so track.

YEET my classic favorite I❤️ MKDS and this track is one if the coolest tracks in the game

6 3DS Bowser's Castle

Dude. It's still a good track. But I agree.

Can somebody explain this to me? The tracks is short, there is almost no challenge, the underwater sections slows the race down, the shortcuts aren't really shortcuts, and No big Bowser? Come on Nintendo.

7 SNES Bowser Castle 1
8 GBA Bowser Castle 3
9 GBA Bowser Castle 1
10 SNES Bowser Castle 2

The Contenders

11 SNES Bowser Castle 3
12 Wii U Grumble Volcano

This not in a bowser castle but it could be hard - trains45

It technically is "Wii Grumble Volcano", though. - POWERStarz2004

I like this course, but it isn't even a bowser castle. - greenshyguy

13 GBA Bowser Castle 4

An AWESOME challenge why is it so low

It's THE bigest castle in 2D

14 GBA Bowser Castle 2
15 Bowser Castle Arcade GP

Although castle wall is good, I prefer this one more.

16 N64 Bowser Castle
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