Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Weapons


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41 Revolver

Definitely a good gun until round 20. One shot kill until 30 with double tap. With jugg, double tap, and speed cola, your set until round 50. Oh, and pack-a-punched it helps a lot.

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42 Five Seven

This gun gets you killed 30 plus this is one of the best it gets you head shots like a boss one of my favorite guns

Five Sevens are my favorite pistol and if you get the Dual Weild they're even better. Especially 'Pack a Punch'd as Ultra & Violet.

43 Wunderwaffe DG-2

Shoots lightning and kills ten zombies without pack-a-punch! Can't get any better than that!

If people would look at the top ten, it bi2 only

Actually,there is something better
The wave gun can kill entire hoard with one shot and is better than the thundergun

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44 Acid Gat

The Acid Gat is awesome not only for it's power, but it also draws out the stupidity in zombies by making them stand there like idiots. It's good for a distraction item as well. - AirwolfKITT

It shoots and lures zombies and blows them up! This should be in the top 5

45 Kimat's Bite

It's the best staff and it has the most ammo put that with the fact that it's effective against panzer and you will love it

Just charge it up and blast all of the zombies in your path.

Kinda sucks. Weakest staff in damage. It's fun to use.

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46 FAL

It's great 4 a guy with a bad ass trigger finger(or modded controller),head shots and paped

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47 Scorpion

This is a smg but it kills fast and good at 25 plus

48 Zombie Shield

The zombie shield is the best here are three reasons: First of all it sends zombies flying when you hit them with it, second of all if it ever breaks you can always get another one from where you crafted it, last of all it protects your back from zombies behind you thank you forma reading!

It has drop off its not that great dor offense

49 Meat Grinder

This thing can really kill make it to round 60

50 M1216

I think it's pretty good for starter rounds. Automatic Shotgun. 1 Shot kills till like round 10. Pretty useful.

51 M14

Amazing with the deadshot perma perk, paped and with double tap 2 along with the perma perk easily headshots until round 26

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