Call of Duty: Black Ops


Black Ops offers more than just exciting campaign mission, but also gives well-written storyline about Alex Mason in the peak of the cold war, mission by mission, I understand the campaign is not just action, but also dramatic, and contain great plot twists, really standard for any Call of Duty games

I didn't really expect to like this campaign that much. While I was intrigued by the Vietnam stuff, I thought the flashbacks would ruin the story. To this date, this is the Call of Duty campaign I played the most. Everything from the characters, to the settings, battles, soundtrack, and historical references blended well into a fun and engrossing story with complex choices, deep characterization and a fantastic plot twist. The only thing I ever hated about this campaign was beating Executive Order and SOG on Veteran (*shivers*).

I hated this campaign! After the masterpiece that was Modern Warfare 2 and 1, I expected much better! Resnov is one of my favorite Call of Duty characters! When he returned in this game, I thought it would be one of the best ever, but then... PLOT TWIST - He isn't real! what! So, not only was Resnov all a hallucination, but he ended up being a communist (realism, I guess)! No! The villains were laughable, Menendez was far better, my favorite being Makarov, and the graphics were garbage! The gunplay was nice, the level Vorkuta was awesome, and the flashback with the Nova Six gas was phenomenal, but compared to Black Ops 2, and even 3 since it just came out, there's better moments in those games than this one, especially Black Ops 2 (story was written by Christopher Nolan! ) What makes this game great, in my opinion is the Multiplayer and Zombies, zombies being the best thing about it. The story, however, is not... sure, but, for me, the plot twists did more to ruin the story rather ...more

A true call of duty masterpiece. Unlike this generation which features futuristic and advanced graphics and game play whilst the story line twist is awful, this shows not only how great the game mechanics and the story line is, but how the game creators and staff cares about the players.

Having played almost all Call of Duty games until the futuristic crap, this one is a very easy choice for me. Many people I've seen on the internet go for the CoD4 but it's utterly because it was some kind of a revolution back then (and also of that Pripyat mission). Thinking back now, Black Ops campaign makes CoD4's look so dull. Even that moment alone in the tunnel Swift says "what is wrong with you" and it drops a doubt inside you and eventually you find out truth about Reznov, it was so ' terrifying to know at the first time. Not even mentioning it had some historically controversial topics like the Nazi bio-chemical weapons, the Kennedy assasination, Vietnam, the Bay of Pigs etc. perfectly associated with the storyline of the game. Both the missions and the weapons you used being very much varied(not repetitive) in the game was also a huge bonus. (10/10)

This was the first Call of Duty game I played (still played all of them though), and it set my expectations for the Call of Duty series really high. So when the garbage of Ghosts and BO3 came out I was really disappointed. Honestly Call of Duty should make another storyline like this that ties in with historical events, and operates at a personal scale in WW1 or the Iraq War or something.

This campaign has the best story, It has some badass characters. This is the best Call of Duty campaign by far. - Cimendaro

Hell ya I called it as being number one this is the best campaign ever and the zombies perfect not the best in the series but it's good for being one of the first one's to have zombies

This was easily one of the worst campaigns. Such a cliche. Every Modern Warfare campaign smashes this. People who are voting this don't understand gaming,

I'm a big fan of spy and political thrillers and I thought the cold war era was really well used in this call of duty, it's not really original, but it kind of makes sense, which is more than most of call of duty games can pretend to (once you're out of WW2)

What Black Ops' campaign does offer is a story that takes you to some of the best eras and locations for a unique gameplay experience woven around Cold War and Vietnam history. There hasn't been such a bold display of historical FPS since. - Deckard

By FAR the best Call of Duty campaign. Reznov is the biggest badass in the series. Even better than Call of Duty 4's!

It's awesome just awesome anybody voting against this to needs play to play it again

It was so tricky to find out what was going on, but really, that's the fun of it. Playing during the Cold War was something I couldn't get enough of, and honestly my top four campaigns are Black Ops Call of Duty 4 MW2 and Call Of Duty (2003 Original)

The story is awesome, every time I play it again I get so much nostalgia feelings!

Awesome storyline, great characters, you can't not love everything about it

The soundtrack, the movie references, the sheer talent of the voice actors.

I don't think its good att all because I think it looks bad

Your character actually gets a voice in this game, so...

Best campaign I'm yet to try bo3 but this is top class

This game is what kicked it all off

Well black ops is that type of Call of Duty I like. Because is connected to Cold war and there are not enough games with that. Not to mention the campaign with killing Dragovich in the end and stopping Rusalka from deplying NOVA6 GAS. In the other hand bo2 campaign is way worse than any campaign.

Call of Duty BO campaign was awesome story wise and gameplay wise.No other Call of Duty perfected the gameplay and story like black ops 1.

Good game, good campaign, good multiplayer and good zombie. Embarassing fact: I can't pass round 5 on zombies

Yeah, the campaign is the best out of the whole Call of Duty Franchise. - RedneckZ