Best Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Weapons


The Top Ten

1 AK-12

This gun is awesome

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2 M4A1

It's not even in the game how can this be #1 what

This gun isn't even in the game! How is it number 2?!

30% of the weapons on this list aren't even in the game

3 Honey Badger

Free silencer, great mid short range gun. Can get some long shots off.

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4 Remington R5
6 Vector CRB

This should be number one. Amazing reload and amazing accurately and fire rate.

This is the best for pretty much anything you play

The best gun ever when you get it in gold

7 L115

This rifle is the best one ever!

8 ARX-160
9 G3
10 EBR

The Contenders

11 MG3
12 Maul
13 .44 Magnum
14 SA-805 V 1 Comment
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