Best Call of Duty: Ghosts Weapons

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21 Minigun V 1 Comment
22 MR-28

Underrated, absolutely unstoppable

V 1 Comment
23 EBR

A real monster at putting people down at any range as long as you are prepared

The MK14 EBR has the highest damage in its class this allows the weapon to be an sniper rifle with the strong barrel. But it can also used as MK14 an modernized version of the M14 and this weapon is a beast

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24 Vepr

Add quickdraw and ready up, rush everything in blitz and is almost a complete troll. It already has the fastest aim time (MTAR in second by far.) This is what you want in blitz (And maybe trolling! )

This gun is amazing. Should be at least in 15th place.

I don't care vepr is definitely the best

25 Ameli

The Ameli is basically an assault rifle that's jacked up to a much higher performance. It's accuracy is extremely high, range is great and with a scope and its steady fire rate, you can basically treat it like a semi automatic and still gets the kills in 3-5 hits no matter the distance. Even the honey badger takes 6 shots to kill at long range. 3 seconds to reload(without perks) and holds 100 shots in each clip. An amazing weapon

Attached silencer to ameli, to overcome his ability burst fire.

26 IA-2

It's a good marksman rifle if used right, normal ammo capacity like the other marksman rifles, I say the recoil is moderate as well. (except the MR-28)

27 Tac 12 V 1 Comment
28 M9A1
29 MK32
30 MTS-255

Awesome gun, best for charging

31 SVU

Best gun get about 30 kills a game with it I prefer silencer and iron sight

V 1 Comment

High fire rate, I like this gun

I love this weapon

33 Maverick A2

This is the absolute best sniper rifle in the game...I use it with the Crome barrel and variable zoom lens... With this it has a one shot kill everywhere except for the right knee cap and below.

34 MK14
35 K7

This gun was an amazing choice for a stealth rushing class, which was basically the only well to get a KEM strike while playing solo in Ghosts. It had one of the best SMG silenced ranges, and the iron sight was clean for its purpose.

It has hight fire rate and kills fast. I love this gun

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36 .44 Magnum

This is my Favorite Handgun because of the one shot kill at a close to mid range combat.

Okay its not the same like the other revolvers from Call of Duty it is an reload per shot. But it is really fun to use go with an tactical knive and kick some asses with this weapon!

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37 Chain S.A.W V 5 Comments
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