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21 Vikkstar123

His videos are awesome. Especially when he gang up with The Pack. He' just awesome. Including his accent. I'm delighted to see every of his videos.

He uploads daily videos and is very kids friendly, his pranks are entertaining especially when recording with his mine craft team, the pack. He has a great sense of humour and his videos include server mini games, parkour (he's great don't worry), challenges (absolutely amazing), modded lets plays and more

I watched one of his videos today and it was only 53 seconds in the video and he sai the bad word 2 times

Never heard him cusu

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22 Chimneyswift11

He is so awesome his Minecraft files are super cool, no swearing, and attack of the b-team is awesome!

He is epic and doesn't swear a lot (out of what I remember)

So good in Minecraft

I have never heard him swear EVER most kid friendly y outuber ever.

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23 petezuhhut

Brandon Says what so he is not kid friendly nah I'm kidding he is kid friendly

Rarely cusses, he is super good friends with Kenny and preston, when he says 's' he says sugar

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24 AntVenom

I have only heard him say 3 bad words out off ALL off his videos

WHY I HEARD HIM SAY F*** but he's still my inspiration for Minecraft.

Doesn't ever swear and should be #2


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25 Meatwagon22

Who is he?

26 SethBling

Amazing, definitely child friendly

He speaks in a low tone

He never swears he is so chill most of the time he makes cool redstone content and he is AWESOME!

I like him because I want to learn to do redstone because I don't know how to, and he's really good

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27 Orepros

They should be number one. All their videos are kid-friendly/fun and they are very nice people who care about the community they created. +1 vote

Orepros make funny and entertaining Minecraft animations, my favourite ones being the ones about if something crazy was added to Minecraft

I love Orepros. They make funny Minecraft videos and it is more appropriate than Golden armour!

I've never see any swear words,only sometimes insulting words used by gamers. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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28 Mrwilliamo

He is cool what about deathkillerdoesminecraft that's me

He has really cool role play videos! He also never cussed

I have only watched a few, but he seems epic to anyone, never swears. What everyone wants in a YouTuber!

Not as good as blitz

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29 BajanCanadian

Mitch is the starter of the pack, a group containing some of my favourite YouTubers, which I am grateful for because when the come together they make a entertaining, child friendly group of young men that I enjoy watching


He only swears by accident he's the best at hunger games he should be way higher

Nooo he broke the no swearing rule he swears now! And I'm pretty sure he convinced jroms too

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30 Jeromeasf

I think Jeromeasf is very funny :D

I loved when he did the beanboozled challenge on bajan Canadian's channel.

I love when he plays with Lachlan they r cool especially with Mitch 2

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31 LionMakerStudios

Lion should be a little higher up there! His content is awesome and he is really child friendly. I mean, some people might find it awkward that he says "I shake my booty in your face" and that his fans have made that a thing but come on, most kids find that funny and it's Minecraft and it's not like he does that in real life. He never swears or says anything inappropriate and he interacts with his fans a lot! He is just pawesome!

Lion maker is epic at hide and seek, his survival madness,it is funny when he shouted"Shake my booty in your face" also he has get sense of hummer. He sometime has a good hiding spot in the bat cave. Hide and seeking because you can find new hiding spot when you are a hider. He should be in the top 5.

"shake my booty in your face"? he's more of pedophile than I thought! - Sunflowerswag

Lion should be way higher up there! Yes, I am aware of the strikes against his channel, but through all of the tough times, Lion has stayed strong and is really teaching kids what life is all about. He is purely an inspiration.

No way! He ended up posting inappropriate images and fooled everyone. He was in the news.

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32 Finnball

He is child friendly because he has three kids

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33 SimplyNessa15 V 1 Comment
34 LDShadowLady

LDShadowlady doesn't curse that much. She is awesome, and has really cute purple hair! Why wouldn't you want to watch her, she is amazing! And, is really cool. Rarely curses.

She does not swear. She does not just play Minecraft. She's not boring at all. I think she's awesome she's one of my favourite YouTubers

She's one of my favorite YouTubers to watch! She never swears and she is 100% kid friendly! I have no idea why she's under pewdiepie, he swears a lot, but ldshadowlady is 1,000,000 times better than him.


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35 LetsPlay V 2 Comments
36 MunchingBrotato

Munchingbrotato shouldn't even be on here! 1.he cuses 2. He post videos that are NOT for kids!

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37 PewDiePie PewDiePie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

He's so rude he should have his channel taken down

He is not family/kid/child friendly, he really shouldn't be on this list because he cusses in almost every single video and is very inappropriate

My dad has watched a video of him eating new foods, he said it was NOT family friendly and that he said lots of bad words although it is his channel and there should be an age limit for his channel for certain viewers

Worst youtuber ever

Not kid friendly he swears ALL. THE. TIME. He's rude and mean. I don't like him. Why is he even on here? Didn't you read the list?! "Kid-friendly youtubers" not "swearing youtubers! " - TubeGirl

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38 ASFjerome

He's started a whole child friendly thing now! I've only ward him swear once in a year, and that was on a horror map he said the S word.

He does not really swear that much and he's really cool so WHO CARES IF HE SWEARS A BIT

Friend of BajanCanadian. That means he's amazing, cool and funny. SO Kid Friendly.

He is way more kid friendly than pewdiepie

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39 Ash Duhp

Ash should be In the top 10 with his friend Squid because he never swear however mad he gets at a game. Plus everyone who loves Squid, loves Ash to. Ash plays many games such as Minecraft, Roblox and many more. Ash and Squid are a great team when it comes to gaming together. Plus, he is a Block of CHEESE. Who wouldn't want that?

Ash is good with squid because there are a team. Ash is almost good at parkour, death run is fun when he is around with cheese on his head. Build battle is good when squid is around because they link there ideas together and that is how they win.

He's a block of cheese! He makes funny jokes and makes videos people of all ages can watch. Your hearing this from a ten year old.

Ash does not swear

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40 Cooper Davis

He's so funny and the best

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