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61 Gamer Chad

Amazing Youtuber! Needs to be way higher on the list!

Hi best youtuber keep it up

He is an amazing youtuber.


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62 Little Kelly

Little Kelly Is A VERY Kid Friendly Person And Does Daily Videos

Why are typing on a website if you're so young

My brother watches her videos

You are the best I love you so so so so much

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63 DanTDM DanTDM

He is the best YouTube's out there. I have never heard him swear.

He has swears in the creepypasta mod

He is awesome! - MiniMe53107


My son watches this channel all the time. He is 7. I have watched with him and like they bleep out cuss words. Great channel should definitely be higher on the list!

Fgtv is my friend

Fgteev are the best. Their over channels as well as this one are the best. They have inspired me to play games that I thought I would would never ever EVER play. FGTEEV ARE THE BEST MOVE THEM UP TO number 1 OR I WILL NOT BE A HAPPY HUMAN WITH WOLF BLOOD!


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65 Ibxtoycat

Probably one of the most underrated you tubers of all time. I've watched his videos for a long time, and his streams are epic. He may however play some non child friendly games like Call of Duty however he mainly does Minecraft videos which often are quite informative. He also gives you quite a bit of news about updates, so you know what to expect. Finally he has got several worlds, including his main super flat world filled with loads of cool pixel art and loads of experiments. SO WATCH HIM! P.S: I don't think he has ever cursed from what I have been seeing

He is in fact kid friendly and unfortunately underrated though helpful

He has a channel where he makes educational videos about geography - pineliek

66 ACTennisAC

Awesome 13 year old or 14 year old who reviews awesome build
he never swears and I downloaded his maps - DarkNightMoon95

67 Grapeapplesauce

Grape's videos make me smile every time I watch, HE NEVER swears.

Grape's goal is to spread positivity, and he does just that by keeping his videos kid friendly. He always puts a smile on my face.

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68 Graser10

Always awesome and funny videos, and is 100% clean! (Except when specified in the title, for the rusher videos)

Grazer is grate he is funny and loves Minecraft

Grazer is a funny robot guy I think he should be in the top 10

Amazing youtuber almost never swears and beeps it out when he does or when somebody else does in the video such a good youtuber really funny!

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69 MrCrainer

Yes I just say all yes

Awesome YouTuber. I couldn't imagine YouTube without him. Never cusses and he is quite hilarious. I love his videos.

I like Crainer, why isn't he higher?

I didn't hear of him till my friend told me about him. Definitely not a FAMOUS YouTuber but still a YouTuber

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70 AshDubh

He is funny and plays with lots of other people on this list. He only swears a little bit, but not very often and nothing too bad.

He should be higher in the list

The best uber around with no rude content or commonterry just grate videos that grabs your attention


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71 Markiplier Markiplier

I think even though Mark has a ill temper and a habit of saying bad words, most of the time he refrains. He also does acting in some YouTube skits which are very funny and kid friendly.

Pewdiepie is the worst for friendly. If you think he is even a bit friendly he and mark should not even be on this list

Cuss words, cuss words, cuss words. That's all he ever says.

Mark and Pewdiepie (And Jacksepticeye) Should be at the bottom of this list. ill send you 20 days worth of hate email if u don't repost this! (JK but seriously)

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72 Charlottie197

ChooChoosGAMING's girlfriend and very co-operative. Loves her fans and nice gaming :D

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73 Dollastic Plays

If you get used to her high pitched voice you'll find it's well worth your time. She has an entertaining roleplay too!

Dollastic is not as popular,but she is a cool person none then less.

Awesome youtuber who showed me a lot of things.


74 MineplexOfficial

Never ever ever ever swears I watch him a lot REALLY KID FRIENDLY! I really suggest him and he should be in top 10

He is always kid friendly never Curses and bleeps out his friends curses. He does Minecraft and is awesome!

Incredible YouTuber, (known as ParkerGames now) can make me laugh when most other YouTubers can't. He never curses on his videos, and is VERY kid friendly.

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75 PrestonPlayz

I love his factions videos I think there the best!

I love this guy and he doesn't swear.

He never swears ever

Prestonplayz is NOT kid friendly at all! He shouted out the F word in a video we watched today... & no, it wasn't "fudge". I replayed it & watched it again to be certain. It was very clear that he shouted out F***ing

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76 ddude2345 V 3 Comments
77 Lachlan-Minecraft and More

Lachlan is a hard one, I have been watching him for a long while now and his content is a little mixed. He only really swears on his second channel, and even then rarely. He is definitely pre-teen friendly. I would say anybody who is mature enough for his Minecraft channel is fine - even though their is nothing bad at all on his channel that is so bad that young children are unable to watch, his main channel is fine I would say.

Only says the word he double hockey sticks

Should be higher,he is really funny and does Minecraft videos with"the pack"

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78 Bigbst4tz2

Bigbst4tz2 should be first because he is very child friendly and never swears not one bit.

This guy never swears and he is awesome

He should be way higher

I watch all of his videos and he does not curse at all he should be higher up. Also why is he below skydoesminecraft Bigbst4tz2 should be # 6 and sydoesminecraft # 131

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79 GamingWithJen

She never swears and is really funny, and she is always with her husband pat, who is in the top ten, so she should be as well!

Love her she's mostly busy helping Pat in his videos but she just posted a new one kid friendly

I love her seen every single video, but does not post as much as pat

I love Jen she is always redy to start her videos and funny I love Jen she's Tort me to start a YouTube chanle when I grow up

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80 OMGcraft

This channel is great because not only does he inform new players, but I have learned too. And I joined during the PISTON UPDATE. In BETA. Yeah. - mattstat716

His guide is good for people who only started playing Minecraft

Seen most of his videos and they are good because he doesn't cuss

He's good for new people to minecraft and good for good people at it awesome CHANNLE he says some cuss words but good CHANNLE

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