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101 MrWoofless

He rarely cusses. He is funny and isn't really that inappropriate.

Loves him #rob has no job! Cool man clean and should be in top ten

You are amazing

Woof is bae and doesn't cuss
his videos are super chill and awesome

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102 Grav3yardgirl

Doesn't play Minecraft but is a hilarious person. Has a series called "Does This Thing Really Work?! " Where she tests as seen on T.V. products. Never swears

I love her but I don't know why she's on this list if this is a Minecraft YouTubers list...

She does super make up tutorials and makes me laugh every 3 seconds

She is coo coo!

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103 Keralis

He does every now and then say inappropriate things but has only cursed in his first 50 videos. - Curtis_Huber

Keralis is quite mature and he also helps people learn!... how to build, that is.

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104 NettyPlays

She never swears of course because stamps is her brother but he has swore in his earlier videos but anyways I watch everyday she is amazing get to a million subs

I think Netty Plays is a great place for beginners of Minecraft to start with because she is kid friendly and she can teach you real Hardcore survival skills.

Doesn't swear and she is funny

What her brother is stampy cat

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105 Taioo

Plays Minecraft music and it sounds so like it.

Plays a lot of music on the piano

106 Mr. Squid

Never swears and is really funny and needs subs

Pewdiepie is ahead of Mr squid! Nononono Pewdiepie cusses 24/7. Mr squid never cusses and I liked his videos a lot! He should be more popular and Pewdiepie should be MUCH LESS POPULAR.

Don't watch his early videos he cusses on thougs but other wise he's kid friendly!

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107 Super Chache 39

His puns/jokes/whatever you want to call them are the best. He makes me laugh so hard that I end up crying lol

Chache is a really funny guy that loves bacon just like me he is very friendly.

He uses a funny accent that makes kids laugh sometimes and never curses

Never swears and is really funny

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108 TheRocketCarrot

He only sweated in one of his videos! He's really funny and awesome recommended age is 7+

I'm voting for him because I like his videos and he is my friend in real life

He is a super awesome YouTuber! He makes wacky and child friendly videos! I am 13 years old, and I still laugh at some of his videos! Kids would love this guy!

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109 stampylongnose

On his old videos he swears but I think 2013 to now he doesn't and is totally kid friendly

This comment has NOTHING to do with stampylongnose. Lol

I thought I saw him at #1?

Stamp's second chanell

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110 Lionmaker

He is Not a pervert, but an amazing and caring person to all of is fans.

He might be a pedophile but who cares right?

I love this guy with full heart

Best pedi commentator by far should be higher

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111 HeyItsAtty

Amazing YouTuber so child friendly she is amazing just celebrating 200 subs 14-10-15

A very small YouTuber but so child friendly does mc pc and is so friendly in general I would definitely recommend her

112 Slow Mo Guys

They are epic and do really cool stuff that looks epic in slow motion and never heard them curse

Super cool and they do all sorts of tricks

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113 Smallishbeans

Joel is funny and cute, but I'd say his viewer age bracket is 10+ (I'm 13) Joel should definitely be above at least 90-100 YouTubers on this list

He is awesome and does not swear he also dates LDShadowlady

Unlike jack septicemia no pewdiepie, Joel doesn't swear so much in his videos and he is so nice and cute, one of my favorite male YouTuber.

I just gotta say he is so nice

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114 Toonfirst

Toon first is amazing I watch every video and he doesn't cuss or do anything inappropriate

115 SquiddyVlogs

I do like David and the good thing he does not swear

I love you and stamps aspecially bulidibg tine building tine who eill win and who eill fall find out when we break the wall its building time infsct I'm watchibg you right now

116 Petezahhutt

Family friendly, never swears and when he does pus warnings at the start of his videos.

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117 FinsGaming

Really kid friendly and makes lots of cool videos from time laps to Minecraft videos

118 ReNDoG

The absolute nicest of them all. Really treats his fans with respect and understands that there are many young children watching his videos!

Now I want to watch him 2 seconds later Hey wait a second HE doesn't SWEAR!

119 CavemanFilms

Only says bad words by mistake or when relley mad and that hapebs around 100 to 200 videos relley funny plays with antvenom super good for any who likes Minecraft go cave

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120 MrGrumpyCheese

He's not a popular YouTuber and he doesn't upload regularly because of school work (I know him in irl) but overall he his really nice and funny

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