Unlike some YouTubers high on the list, who use mild curse words often in their videos, Stacy doesn't use curse words. However, I have heard Stacy say several mild curse words before, but they are only mild, and are rarely used.

I have only heard her say crap once (very early in her channel) and I have binge watched nearly all her videos. I am formulating a list of child-friendly YouTubers for my language arts teacher's daughters and will definitely be including stacy

I love watching Stacy because she loves animals, reading and building in Minecraft. I love all of them as well. She recently hit 900,000 subscribers and she deserves everyone of us. She calls us potato flakes! In her series bookcraft, she has a new word of the episode every episode. She teaches us new words to describe things. She has a building team, so her world looks so cool. Sometimes she let's some of us on the world, too.

She never swears, Encourages reading, Expands your vocabulary in a FUN way, Very creative, Talks about not letting haters and bullies get you down, and is a HUGE animal lover.

I love Stacy and all her videos are the best. My baby sister watches and because of it her vocabulary and pronunciation of words are a lot better then they were before!

Stacyplays is a great you tuber and I have never heard her swear once in a single video. She is great for kids because she encourages reading. And she is very kind and sweet while competitive

Stacy is the best. She is great for all ages She never swears and always play kid friendly games with kid friendly YouTubers! I have to much to say I LOVE HER! It would suck if she were to leave!

Stacy is so nice and takes the time to take out cuss words out of her videos she is a amazing role model and tells everyone 2 read books she is amazing

Reasons why Stacyplays is great
*plays family friendly games
*promotes reading/proper grammar
*appropriate language
*has an appropriate sense of humor
*demotes cussing in games
*edits out inappropriate language
*cares for animals
*speaks clearly
*demotes haters
*awesome fans!

Okay. Where do I start? Stacy is fantastic! She is kid friendly, and the sweetest person in the world! The worst word I that I heard her say was, (only about two times). She is a dog lover/rescuer, and a great Minecraft gamer role model for kids!

Stacy should be #1 on this list! She is the sweetest person ever! She loves all animals and cares so much about everyone! She has never said a bad thing about others! She's the kind of person everyone should know!

Stacy is amazing if you kid loves dogs and Minecraft she's the one for you she is the most amazing person she never curses and a perfect roman ole thanks

I love stacy, I'm watching one of her videos right now. I love dog craft and when I watch her videos I always drink a glass of milk

She is such an amazing influence on children and would never do anything to affect them! She should be #1 because she's good for children but still entertaining for teens/adults without having Shane Dawson Language

She was the first person that I've ever subscribed to when I joined YouTube. We both share the same liking, dogs. - Pegasister12

Stacy has a very kid-friendly channel! I love her videos and she is usually so happy about her channel! She uploads nearly everyday, and always wants to meet her fans. She needs to be at #1!

She's kinda to everybody, doesn't swear, uploads family friendly content, and has such a great imagination!

Shes is the best she may scream but everyone gets scared and not once in my life had I heard her say a bad word and since my mom says I can't watch people who say shes perfect for me.

Stacy is amazing she inspires us all. We could learn something I think she is the best person to be on YouTube! I only watch her videos she does not swear! We are lucky to have stacyplays on YouTube!

I love her she always makes me laugh and she does the most best videos of all time I hope she continues the good work

I love Stacy. She is s so awesome and doesn't let anything get her down. She is positive fun and does not swear. She barely say crap and she has child friendly series that are all awesome. Plus she loves dogs and who doesn't? I LOVE STACYPLAYS. Keep up the amazing work

Stacy's a great role model especially with her series bookcraft where she encourages everyone to read along with her and getting people to read books they might not normally go for and trying new things. Also the word of the episode where she knows that most people might not know the word and explains it but also acknowledges that others do, so no one can complain with thing like
"I know what that word meant Stacy! Your not the only one with an expansive vocabulary! " Or anything similar so that is making things more open and all in all she is a great role model, encouraging reading, not swearing, Being positive but all at the same time being highly entertaining. I'm not sure why she isn't in the top five or number one for that matter but none the less Stacy is one amazing YouTuber and I hope that she sees all of our support if ever feeling blue like the countless times that she brightened our day when maybe it was cloudy!

Stacy is the best her series are so fun she doesn't swear she's awesome at roleplay and best of all she's a dog person stacy is my fave and she is awesome2 she deserves more subscribers. She's got 1 million and some change and she should get the Diamond play button. I was her 12 subscriber and have been loyal and watched every video since.

Stacy always cheers me up and makes me smile when my parents are fighting. She is amazing and such a good role model to look up to

Stacy strives to keep her videos clean, and she's really smart too. Her series are really well done!