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1 Black and Red

My favorite color combination! :)
However, I really think this one looks great together. I mean, what's not to love in this? Everything is so perfect!
I can't even look away from a person wearing this combo! Wohoo!

Black an red are so if you like black and red than guess what we are making black and red necklaces for the low price of $5.50!

My 2 favorite colors!


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2 Black and White

These are my 2 favorite colors! Sometimes some people don't think of the most obvious colors that may also be the most commonly used! To me this is quite a good match. Thank you!

now why can't people be more..

The color of the past, the hue of memories. That is the best description I can give to the most trendy color combination: black and white, of course!

Best comb. ever.

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3 Gold and Black

These two look DARLING together. What's not to love. Black makes gold not so bright and gold makes black look less goth.

Just try it out and you'll see for yourself why this combo is so awesome!

Its very bold and great

Why do these two colours look so good together? It's a mystery not even God can figure out. - UnlawfulMatron

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4 Black and Purple

purple is amazing
nd black makes it all the much better

People say these don't go, but they so do

but then again anything looks good with black... - Alla

Perfect together like mac and cheese

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5 Silver and Black

This color is very suitable to me

Gorgeous. Black goes with everything and silver makes it pop. It's magical and sparkly. Beautiful

I think they look really good together. Very pretty

Depending on how you put them, they can look very regal or fun and bright. This is definitely my favourite colour combination

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6 Blue and Orange

This combination might sound risky at first, but when you try it out, they happen to look pretty good together. Each one of them has something that the other lacks, one is warm the other is cold, one is fiery the other is waterish and both are strong enough not to get dulled by the other. - saaarsdej

Bears Colors Baby! It always is a good color combo because you can put them together on anything! Why do you think the Bears and Broncos have their colors blue and orange?! Because its an awesome pair and cool colors to dye a piece of hair with

Two great colors that go great together! They can be both a light-hearted fun color-combination or a serious professional looking one depending what hightlights and shades you wish to combine together. It's extremely versatile and just looks good.

As for black & white... Those technically aren't even colors.

My 10u AAA baseball teams colors

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7 Black and Blue

I ts better than blue and white and why is black and red number 1 not good not good

Blue is my FAVORITE color and when it's with black it just makes it look even more beautiful

These are my 2 favorite colors they go beautiful together! My boyfriend also loves these colors Go black & blue!

I like it a lot

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8 Purple and Blue

While red is a royal color, both purple and blue seem more royal...ish! Anyways though, purple is definitely 100% my favorite color in the whole universe, violet (dark purple) is especially nice! I would say that blue is probably my second favorite color! But I REALLY LOVE dark purple combined with dark blue - they are truly magnificent together! Who doesn't think purple is the most beautiful color? Amethyst Crystals are absolutely the most breathtaking site in the world, in my opinion! I love them so much, that if I ever get rich, I'll have an ENTIRE room, made ENTIRELY out-of Amethyst Crystal! It would be sooo shiny and sparkly - a must-have! To have something made out-of these EXPENSIVE gems, especially a room, you would have to have THOUSANDS of dollars! Can't any of you see a room like this? If I got this dream room, it would be my relaxation room - I would sit in comfortable chair and listen to my favorite music from Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario World, and Lord of the Rings - ...more

Purple and Blue are great colors together! You should really try putting them together sometime!

Purple is my absolute favorite color and blue looks nice with it!

I was amazed when I found this great combination in the top 10.

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9 Gold and Silver

Sparkly is my favorite. If I could I would have everything In my house to have those colours

Gold and Silver... both metals that look sparkly together!

Love it the metals are great


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10 Green and Black

My favorite colors together! Looks wonderful together too! I think it's really really stylish but not too flashy.

Awesome! Green is my favorite colour and when you add it with black it makes it stand out! I have a wardrobe of green and black! Black gives it a darkness and green gives it a strong, fizzy pop!

Green and black are so pretty. Trying to draw nature at night, use black, green, and bronze! You will not regret it! By the way, if you see a ranking that said they loved black and red, and another about bruises, that's me. I am obsessed with putting black side by side with other colors. Heck, I even like pink when it's side by side with red or black.

I love these colors together

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11 Blue and White

Yea it's awesome, I was a Mummy with Blue And White color bandages for halowween once, I won the MUMMY CONTEST OF 2003... YEA - SmoothCriminal

It has that perfect blend of dark and light! Its appeals my eyes. The blue gives it a pop as the whit calms the eyes down with that perfect blend. It is just the perfect blend of colors. It appeals the eye in a scrumptious manner!

These two are meant to be together, there like the Romeo and Juliet of colors. They come from two different shades, yet combine with each other perfectly

I love this combination! It loos fresh and good!

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12 Red and Blue

These are my horse showing colors and they go really well together especially on a black or bay (dark brown with black mane and tail) horse. Should be number one

These are my 2 favorite colors and I think they go well together. Red is a warm color while blue is a lighter one and the just look nice together - Cartermd

Definitely my favorite. A light blue with a bright but low key (oxymoronic) red is awesome to look at. I painted my room blue with red doors and my bike is also red and blue with hints of black and white.

They really suit together and I really like using them together or next to each other. You guys should really try them out and see what it looks like and how they suit together. It looks really great

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13 Brown and Orange

Just the best combination for nice logo

First I tried light brown and orange and it looked good then I added black and it still looked good.
Second I tried dark brown and orange and it looked good then I added black again it looked good but I prefer light brown, orange and black.

I like this color combination a lot because it reminds me of fall.

Yeah.. just like autumn and thanksgiving and pumpkin pie all in one

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14 Green and Yellow

It's a fascinating colors that resemble nature color, I mean, who doesn't like nature that is peaceful and quiet? And what I meant of 'nature color' is that green is trees and yellow is the golden sun.

I love yellow and green but blue and yellow also look good together - hermione_granger

Packers prove this looks awesome as they ride into the Super Bowl in the best color combination ever

It Matches well

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15 Neon Green and Neon Pink

Love this combination I tried it before, amazing and it blows you off the picture from its outstanding colors that make it bright, there are many other color combinations I recommend such as neon green and neon blue which in the middle makes greeny blue!

It's looks amazing when you put these two colors together. It makes everything stand out so perfectly. It's a wonderful combination.

I used to make things out of duct tape, and I always used these colors! Everything just looks so good when it's neon green and neon pink, JUST AWESOME!

Really bright and just make you smile with that fresh minty green that opens you sense to the nature around and that sparkling pink that reminds you or the cool wind sat by the sunset. I really love it 😍

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16 Black and Yellow

Number 17? Wiz Khalifa would not be happy. - yaygiants16

Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow.

Black and yellow black and yellow yeah you no what it is everything I do I do it big

Yellow black, yellow black, yellow black,
Yellow black, yellow black, yellow black

Ooh! Black and yellow! Let's shake things up a little.

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17 Silver and Blue

Think this sounds fab! I am having shellac soon and decided on silver and going for ring finger nail in a different colour... Blue is tempting!

I like silver paired with a dark blue or indigo. I'm actually thinking about these colors for my wedding!

I think these two colours go GREAT together. With the dullness of the blue and the jazz of the silver

No thanks

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18 Red and Yellow

When I think of red and yellow together I hear the red is ketchup and the yellow is mustard.

It seems yellow calms red down so it gets rid of the effects red gives off. Both is very relaxing on the eyes

There is a lot of things that reminds me of these two colors together like the Mcdonalds colors and if the red was maroon and the yellow was gold then it would remind me of Griffindor from Harry Potter.

It good to go together

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19 Green and Blue

When green and blue are together it look really nice also it reminds me of our beautiful, natural planet Earth.

These are my favourite colours and they remind me of my Favourite football team the Seattle Sea hawks.

I've done green and blue and they look nice but I also did light and dark green and blue and it looks nice too.

They are so beautiful together. These are one of my favourite colours together.

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20 Pink and White

My bedroom is pink and white and I think it looks really cute. Also my room has mint green curtains with strawberries and apples and butterflies on the curtains from when I was a small kid :) those colours look really cool and if you want to decorate your daughters room, I suggest using pink, white, amd mint green. also use darker shades of pink.

I feel the same way as the valentines and besides if you mix red and white you get pink. Also I think that pink and white are like smooth colors and that would look beautifully together.

Everything that you find in my room in pink white. The colour of sweet love in my opinion.

While pink isn't my favorite color, pink-and-white sounds perfect for either an jazzy outfit or a nice bedroom. Pink gives it a sugary, peaceful tone with the neutral white to balance it out. Plus, if you combine them, you get a pale pink. ~Mistyrain

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