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81 Seafoam and Mustard Yellow

I like seafoam but not mustard yellow... I think seafoam would go with pale blue, ice mint, white, pale gray, or dark gray. Mustard I think doesn't go well with cool ( by cool I mean blues, purples, violets ) but it'd go pretty good with... dark orange, ginger, dark yellow, shaded brown, or dark brown. Seafoam and pale gray makes me think of rain on the ocean or mint with small drops of dull dew on the leaves.

They go pretty good together!

My favorite color is seafoam but I don't like these colors together! I don't like mustard yellow.

Opposites attract am I right.
I just love these colors together and apart.
I <3 it!

82 Grey and Pink

Good combination

I hate it

Love it
Yep the best

83 Burgundy and Electric Blue

Wow. Not expecting this! It reminds me of lights on a race car at night for some reason...

What's burgundy?


its ok

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84 Turquoise and White

Nicest colours ever everything I own are these 2 colours. Brilliant together!

This is my favorite color combination and works with almost anything

Look great together if you don't belive me try it. I honestly think these are brilliant. My fave colours.

Really nice colors and are the same color of junior my pet budgie (:
Really nice colors as a artist.

85 Dark Brown and Light Brown
86 Brown and Black

Love it, thank you

87 Cyan and Magenta

Well, these two colors are both fitting on the color wheel. And since they are technically opposite to each other, they are supposed to be a good match up! To me, these are quite nice colors fitting together and would look quite nice on a project or drawing, just to make it vivid.

I don't even know what these colours are but they sound cool

88 Royal Purple and White
89 Periwinkle and Purple
90 Pale Pink and Navy Blue

Hi, I'm so relieved to see this combination as it's something I was thinking about. You have now made my mind up. I imagine it to be a classy combination for a classy night out.

Very interesting colour combo but I like it

- my two favorite colors
- they balance of each other a dark color and a light color

91 Silver and Purple

Why buy anything in any other colour these are brilliant in a sexy little dress. Noway would any other combos take this ones place...

! I over use this but it still give so much effect! I love it!

the best!

92 Purple and Orange

Please make this higher. They fit so together.

Love this combo...can't believe it's this low on the list.


93 Light Blue and Dark Blue

This is really good together


94 Red and Pink
95 Brown and Cream

They look so pretty together as they are put in any of the things

96 Lilac and Teal

I have them as my braces colors and they are agreat combination!

This is so pretty! I love these colors so much together! Light and medium colors are so nice together! These remind me of swimming in a relaxing pond with lotuses in it 💕💕

97 Gold and Lime Green
98 Blue and Brown

Make the blue a light one and the brown dark, you won't believe the justice they do to each other

99 Turquoise and Hot Pink

The colors of my room!

WOw... A gD combination

100 Purple and Lime Green

Best ever combination lime green gives freshness to depressing purple

Really good for a new type of camo clothes

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