Top 10 Ugliest Colors

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1 Barf Green

It is a harsh color reminding one of Ominous bodily fluids and the color of illness. If one looks green one is usually very sick. It is a color that does not look good on every skin tone. It also reflects on the skin making the person wearing the color appear ill. Blue green is a much friendlier color. A yellow green gas has the element of Chlorine in it and Chlorine is poisonous as a gas. A mamba snake is yellow green and also poisonous, so are green tree frogs. All the more reason not to wear it.

Yes maybe BARF Green is bad. But the colour GREEN is amazing! For proof, go and see davakoh's comment on Top Ten Favorite Colors. Scroll down to position number 3, Green. And my opinion is not a loner. Just check it out. Whoever put Green TWICE has issues. Honestly, from space, the land that we are LIVING ON looks Green. Who loves football, American Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, The Olympics? Their pitches/fields are GREEN!

2 Pink

Pink is a horrendous color. I absolutely DESPISE it. I don't even think I could put into words how UGLY it is. I hate how people view it as a feminine because it SUCKS! It should be considered that ugliest color in the world! And I REALLY HATE the name too. It just sounds like a dumb dainty thing. I find it very offensive to be related in anyway, because girls shouldn't be thought of weak and small, just because stereotypic people think pink is a girly color. I just hate seeing it and being thought of as weak because of it just makes it even worse. I don't understand how ANYONE could like this gruesome color.

3 Yellow

Poor yellow. What did yellow ever do to deserve so much hate? Yes it's bright, but what's so bad about that. If yellow didn't exist, the sun colour would have to change!

A lot of gross things have yellow in common. Mucus, cheese (which I, for one, cannot stand), urine, insect eggs, wasps (although, I like black), rancid milk, vomit, earwax, bad porridge, just to name a few. So a lot of yellow things just look gross. Someone I know has a yellow car. Whenever I see it driving along, I picture a massive sneeze of phlegm and puke about to splatter me!

4 Chrome Yellow

It looks so ever pretty, like a shade of gold! I love yellow, and it rocks. Yellow totally rocks, I don't know why you hate it so much. It's like gold but paler.

I hate this color it's the worst shade of gold I hate it so much I wish it never existed

Yellow is a disgusting color and deserves to die a horrible, slow, and painful death

5 Dark Brown

Please people. Dark brown is a beautiful and natural color. My hair is dark brown. My eyes are dark brown. Don't think of it as poop or mud or anything like that. Some poop is green or light brown or in a pigeon's case, white. Anyway, enough about gross bodily functions, think about the positive things in life. Chocolate, Hershey's. Some people use that color to decorate the interior of their homes. My point of view is different from others.

Well this is the color of a lot of people's hair including my mother's. Poop is not a good reason for it not to be a great color. This is a little offensive... it's a very natural color. As said before, think about chocolate, wood floors, cinnamon, pecans, walnuts, and there are a bunch of other things, too, but I am not going to list all of them. Also, brownies...

6 Puce

Puce is the French word for flea. The color is said to be the color of the bloodstains remaining on linen or bedsheets even after being laundered from a flea's droppings or after a flea has been killed.

How can you NOT vote for (or is it against) this awful color?

I just like the colour because it sounds funny But anyway, it is quite a weird colour. I hate it SO much but it's worse than other colours.

Ew! The word even sounds gross! Just like pink! Yuck! I don't get it! It makes me think of ear infections!

7 Mold Green

This Color is one of the worst! I hate this disgusting Color so much!

Uh, I once had mold growing on some dried orange peels.

Mold is disgusting. My brother had breathing treatments because of it

8 Olive Green

Ugh... I hate it. It makes me think of puke. What was the purpose of this color? Who is the idiot that thought this color was such a great idea!? Whoever it is, I want to slap them.

It's really not that bad! It's kinda pretty! I don't like Olives but I like green. What's wrong with it?

I hate Ovipets for making this ugly useless colour a dot pure!
I hate every user supporting this ugly colour!

9 Orange

Orange is the least elegant color. Think of prison uniforms and the roofs of Howard Johnson's. Orange looks good on African Americans and other very dark-skinned people. It looks horrible on everyone else.

Anytime I look at light orange for a while I get a headache because it's too bright and wax-like. It's a terrible color, even if I think dark orange is better because it's darker. This color just needs to be used 99.9% less.

It's gross because it's everywhere... Road cones, road signs, construction vests... It is so overused. Plus to me, it's kinda like orange can't decide whether it wants to be red or yellow... It can't make up its mind.

10 Beige

Beige is one of my least favourite colours. Even the name is unappealing, reminding me of a cat retching. It is a pale, indecisive colour with undertones of vomit. It is alright in the correct situations: in sand, on a faun, or in a sentence describing what 'ugly' really means. This may partially, however, stem from bad, bad memories in a long car-ride in a rented beige van. The smell of fake leather pressed up against me, invading my nostrils... The shouting was load, intense, and then the car skidded off the road, into--what other colour? Beige! --grass. I really though we were all going to die.

The Contenders
11 Peach

Not liking a color is not the same thing as not liking a race. Not liking a color is not the same thing as not liking a race. Not liking a color is not the same thing as not liking a race. Also, any color will sound repulsive if you put "mold", "barf", or anything else inherently disgusting next to it.

12 Dark Orange

Dark orange or burnt orange just gives me the creeps.

13 Dandelion

A very ugly color only old ladies wear.

14 Blood Red

I think the human body is interesting so when I see blood it just seems natural to me so I don't really care about blood so when I saw this I was like no just no so yeah that's my opinion!

Anybody who hates red should get eaten. Red is the color of blood, among the many things that keeps your body going.

You do realize we need red right? It's a primary color. Also, it's intense, which I personally love.

15 Applesauce

It's not the best color, but I don't think it's the worst.

Delicious for the mouth, but not the eyes.

16 Blue

I hate the color blue so much I wonder how anyone likes it. I'm on the internet right now trying to understand why people could like such an ugly offensive color. my favorite colors are brown grey black white and red in that order. I've never worn anything blue or owned anything blue. I've recieved blue gifts and I cannot lie and accept them. I just hate it too much. just looking at blue makes me irritated. the irony is I have multi colored eyes that are mostly blue and I'm very proud of them. but not because I like the way they look but because others always compliment me on them.

17 Rust

It looks like a rat face, rust water is even nastier. I hate going out and looking at something that is the color of rust. It makes me want to puke. It usually looks like doo doo

Rust was the color of a bitter medicine I had to take when I was a kid. Ick. Once I saw some shoes that were that exact color. Made me want to gag.

I think rust is a really nice deep and rich color. Turns out I like most of the colors on this list but I have to say beige is the best so far.

18 Hot Pink

I think it's okay, personally. It's way better than other bland shades of pink. But, really, I don't think girls like it. They only like it because all other girls say they like it or they want to set a status for themselves as girly girls, but by doing this, they're just setting stereotypes right, which is wrong! You should be your own person. Don't let your friends force you to like a color you don't care for. Just because you're a girl, doesn't mean you have to be girly. Too many girls are girly anyway, in the same way too many boys are, you know, boy-ish. If your personality is like that, fine. That's okay. But don't you want everyone to know who you are? To remember you as someone who wasn't afraid to be yourself? Just think about that.

19 Gray

This color is so bland and depressing. Everyone says blue is depression, but look at grey! It has nothing special about it. Think of crisp reds, royal blues, happy greens, and then theres gray. NOTHING! Be honest, I think there isn't enough color in the modern world. If you look at all the cars, almost all of them are black, white, or grey. We must add more color into our lives.

I love grey! As an eye color, if it is the right pale color. Darker greys may not be as beautiful, but this color is superbly amazing.

Gray is a beautiful color, a mixture of black and white, a mix of everything and nothing making the color we know as gray. And believe me it is a good color

20 Purple

When I opened this list it was shocking to me how far down this color is. Purple is the worst color ever. I tried making peace with this color and view it in a neutral light, but it is just the absolute worst. if an object is purple it is doomed to be ugly. I deeply wish I could hue shift every purple in this world to blue, and I wish people's eyes would be opened to how much of an eyesore this color is.

I don't like most shades of purple. Especially Barney the Dinosaur purple. Plum and lavender are ok. My mom ruined purple for me by dressing me in pink and purple until I was old enough to refuse to wear it anymore. So. Many. Horrible. Outfits.

21 Light Brown

This is such an amazing color, Milk chocolate!
Also its one of the best hair colors, just the perfect shade of brown.
How could you hate this color?

Think chocolate. See there you go - not so bad now, is it?

This is the color of people's skin. Y'all are being racist and rude.

22 Dark Fuschia
23 Red

This is one of the best colors, why it is on the list? Take it OFF!

It is also my favorite color

Curse this hellish, disgusting excuse for a "color".

I hate red. It is authoritarian and aggressive.

24 Lime

Lime is such a nice color! It's bright and fun! It's not my favorite color, but it's still a really nice one. NO HATE FOR LIME

It's so bright. That's why it's good.

25 Black

Bro this is my fav colour. Why is this on the list? This is the problems with the top tens. For example, they put blue as number 1 on the best colours list, and yet it's on the most ugliest colours list? What's wrong with you toptens? It's great but makes no sense of these things! Black was 5 on the most favourite colour list, and 9 on the most bueatiful, so how is black on this list? Get it off now. No I'm serious. GET IT OFF NOW.

Black was my favorite color as a kid because I felt sorry for the black crayon. No one ever picked black to color or write with so I always did. I still like black, although it really isn't a favorite anymore.

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