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1 Credit Score Techs

Credit Score Techs offers credit repair software for businesses of all sizes. Retain more clients by offering credit repair services for your client base! Online status portals for referral partners and clients! View and track dispute changes! Track credit scoring progress throughout the entire process! No downloads, no time consuming setups! Do the work yourself, or outsource it directly!

Credit Score Techs was the best solution for us to choose from. We used other platforms, but have been very satisfied with Credit Score Techs. We switched from HTDI because they locked us out from managing our clients because our bill was one day late being payed. HTDI is a bunch of crooks, and they had too much control over our credit repair company.

I have been in the credit industry for years. I've used other credit repair software's before as well. I really like Credit Score Techs because of not only the great solution that they provide, but also that they provide a no-fluff solution that really goes over and beyond. New features are released often, and bugs are fixed quickly!

I have been able to do so much more with my credit repair business since I started using Credit Score Techs. The private label helps my web presence, and is flexible for my company. I am able to upgrade as my business grows, but the price point is great for a business start up

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2 TrackStar

HTDI Financial is not just a software company offering a credit repair software, they are a full service credit repair operation and it shows in the development of this system. You can be sure they will continue to improve and add to this suite to keep it ahead of the competition. They are also open to suggestions with regard to features and if we see something that may work better or that we need, Dominic is always willing to look into it and usually develop and implement it within days. This is not a stagnant old tracking software, it is by far the best credit repair business software I have ever seen and I've seen most of them out there. Even the closest competitor doesn't have the features of the Tracker.

They have an unmatched system and is the only one that makes sense for any professional company. In addition I have access to a singular Account Executive who is highly trained in sales and marketing within the industry, not just someone who sells software.

Private labeled, logins, segregated databases, unlimited support... can't beat it.

They are also members of NACSO and help to enforce compliance within the industry with the assistance of a DC lobbyist.

Great job to Dominic, Brian, and the rest of the HTDI staff!

HTDI Tracker was the first credit repair software available. Every other system has copied its features and the HTDI Tracker still has 10x more features than its closest competitor. As I've said in many testimonials, if you're not using HTDI Tracker, then you're not in the game. In other words, if you're using any other solution than you have guaranteed yourself to make about as much money as just working at a regular job.

The owner, Dominic Campasano, is the most knowledgeable person in this industry. The system that he has created is unsurpassed and I've been using it for a long time. He has spent countless hours with me helping me understand the finer details. He's so smart, professional and has also founded the trade association for the entire industry. And did I mention he is Super Hot? Is there anything he can't do?

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3 Credit Admiral Software

Great software. The software is use friendly and the programmers left our no functionality. I would give this company 2 thumbs up. On top of that Matt is a great guy. He is not just looking to sell his product. He really is looking to make business relationships. We hear this all the time but never see it pan out. Well Matt has been extremely helpful with his knowledge of the software and the business. I couldn't imagine getting the same kind of support with any other company. Thanks!


These guys know credit repair and they have synthesized this information into an easy to use professional software platform. Their security is top notch and the product is wonderful!

Wow great software - these guys care!

Great software - tried the others then came to the best!

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DisputeSuite is one of the most advanced credit repair software systems for many reasons. I use them for my business because it allows me to draft, customize, & print client letters in about 8 minutes or less. Each clients' letters are archived for later reference. My clients can securely login to a portal to keep track of their progress 24/7. And if they were referred by an Affiliate, such as a Mortgage Broker, then the Affiliate can also keep track of the progress so that he/she will know when they can close their deals. All of this for a rediculously low price. And this is all only the tip of the iceberg. The people at DisputeSuite are insanely wonderful! And fortunately, that's just something you can't pay for. There are a few other great credit repair softwares out there but based on my own personal research of some of them, you just WILL NOT get the type of customer service you're going to get with DisputeSuite. OMG, and I almost forgot to mention the advanced education you get ...more

There's a reason why DisputeSuite is used by more credit repair companies than any other software- It's the no B. S. approach they take to business, and their clients. They don't waste time talking, they do things, they do everything to help their clients, AND what impressed me the most is they train and educate people who aren't their clients. Doing a simple search online I saw so many people saying nice things about disputesuite and Michael Citron, I can see why they're so happy, I've spoken and met other industry "professionals" and evaluated every solution, it's clear that DisputeSuite is the professionals choice. They have the most state of the art software- It looks the best, and that's what clients want and like. I'm hooked on DisputeSuite's service, and glad to be associated with them. No one in the industry truly cares as Mr. Citron does, and dedicates the time and energy that he does to the business. I called DisputeSuite, and was able to speak directly to the CEO, ...more

I've been using DipsuteSuite for nearly 2 years now. I switch from one of the others on this list (Mike said not to talk bad about anyone) but... before I switched I researched every company I could find on the internet, and I'm glad I found DisputeSuite. They have not only provided the best and fastest software on the market BUT they have also provided the most comprehensive business training solution available! No other provider or educator gives freely the information that DisputeSuite, and Mike Citron provide. They truly educate you on the most advanced credit dispute tactics while preaching and insisting on ethical behavior with clients and affiliates! Mike Citron and his team also created the first ever successful credit business training event- the credit bootcamp- Which IS AMAZING! At the bootcamp, I learned so many advanced disputing tactics that have helped me skyrocket my business and help me get amazing results for my clients! This is not just a software, its a culture and ...more

Simply the best! Thank you DisputeSuite for providing a list of large companies that use your software to us prior to us making a decision. That truly shows that your companies integrity! The fact that you have so many REAL testimonials on your website with full names, and company names is comendable, and the amount of large companies that use your software made it an easy choice for our company to switch. Thanks DisputeSuite

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5 CreditCRM

Edward Jamison and CreditCRM have to be the best in the industry. The program offers credit repair software, credit training and on going training and full paralegal support. In a business that doesn't have the best reputation, I can't imagine my sales would be anywhere near what they are without the expertise CreditCRM has given me.

Complete Credit Repair Business Solution including Support and training

Edward Jamison is a credit guru! He is the best in the credit world!

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6 CreditHealer

Simple approach to dispute letters

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7 Credit Doctor

Software designed for consumers but adapted for some very small businesses to operate. Another low cost solution

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8 Credit Repair Magic

Good Consumer Version- not designed or marketed to professionals

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9 CreditWinPro

I purchased the home version and it said it comes with 48 letters and it doesn't. The letters for each bureau are repetitive and poorly written. If I was any of the credit bureaus, I would always send the letters back as "Frivolous". Not purchasing anything else from this company.

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11 ScoreWAY Credit Repair Solution

The results from Score Inc has been tremendous

I had just started my company at the beginning of this year. After speaking to several out source companies I found Joshua and his team to be the one I wanted to work with. After seeing the results I know I made the right choice. The portal that Score set up has helped sign new customers and provided all the information needed to keep my customers up to date on the process. I highly recommend Score.

I appreciate the devotion of your entire team to your work. You are much attentive and knowledgeable about your service. Undoubtedly, Scoreway Solution is the best software to get succeed in the credit repair companies but your customer care service adds more star to this. And make this software solution quite easy to use.

Best Overall Outsourcing Firm / Turn-key System

This platform is awesome with and even more awesome training, support, processing, and IT team. They are available to answer any questions regarding their platform. In addition, the IT team is exceptional and can make any adjustments to your back-office, auto-emails, and advertising templates within their jurisdiction. The icing on the cake is their lack of greed to rob you blind, unlike most others. ScoreInc's pricing is the best on the Web with proven results!

Scoreway Solution Wow it has everything that I needed. Software, costumer services, outsourcing. While other companies offer this they are very expensive, With Score I paid little for a lot. I don't regret Signing with Score at all. Thanks Score.

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12 CreditRepairKitSoftware
13 Credit Repair VIP

I want to thank Daniel over at Credit Repair Cloud for recommending Brian and his team. I hired Credit Repair VIP's Dispute Processing Division to handle all the disputes versus hiring a staff... what an amazing investment. I also want to thank Brian for taking the time (hours and hours) to not only go over his services but to help me understand the industry, laws, pricing, etc... He and his team even did a Credit Repair cloud training for me and my team.

Above and beyond... thank-you again to Daniel and Brian and their impressive teams!

By using multiple options and applications they have managed to come up with an unmatched system in which to run a professional credit repair company.

The staffs knowledge blew me away and their focus on compliance, integrity, and professionalism was enlightening and unexpected considering my experiences with other so called "experts."

The best credit repair business software since 2007. - creditrepairvip

Credit Repair VIP is the big dog in the credit repair industry!

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14 Credit Money Machine

Definitely the best software that I've used for our business and I've used 3 or 4 of the software in this list.
- Co-founder, Aquarian Business Group, LLC.

15 Credit Dispute Pro

Territory Based online model-

Not a territory based model

The Credit Dispute Pro Tracker is an amazing tool to help maximize my efforts as a realtor.


16 UCS Tracker - Ultimate Credit Smart

This is pretty much the same as HTDI's system but their prices are much lower and they offer 1000 free leads when you use their system.

They are one of the first companies to offer private labeled software and dispute outourcing to credit repair companies. - billgluck

17 DisputeBee

DisputeBee is a credit repair software platform with versions for both individuals and professionals. It is the newest credit repair platform on the market.

18 ScoreCEO
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