Top Ten Cutest Names for Baby Girls


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1 Lilly

My name would of been lily if I was female, looking at this list makes me want to sex change

Way better than chloe. chloe is the name of a brat!

My name is lily

This is my sisters name and I've seen a lot of girls named lily... Other people think this name is so cute, you should name your child after a flower its really cute

2 Chloe

My name is chloe who says I am mad you mad, silly coward

I love the name Chloe, on this T.V. game show one of the characters is named Chloe and she's actually one of my favorite characters

This, along with lilly, is one of the two names I would've been named as if I was born a girl :D

Such a cute name can't belive it didn't make the charts

3 Jasmine

It's a nice name my aunt's name is Jasmine

Love that name

I love princess names and so many cute nicknames

I like this name because it's a name of a flower..

4 Daisy

I love this name by the way it's my sisters name

I love the name

Daisies are the signature flowers of innocence. Nothing can really beat innocence when it comes to cute. This name gets my vote

I love this name it's so cute I would name my daughter this! - Cartermd

5 Jazzy

My name is jasmine, but everyone calls me Jazzy! I love it!

Someone from seven super girls is called Jazzy

This is a nickname 4 Jazmin or Jasmine it's so cute 2 say " meet my kid Jazzy come here Jazzy"

Jazzy is a very nice name. My best best friend is called Jazzy.

6 Ella

I was on a soccer team with an Ella once. She was nice.

I think Ella is a cute name because it is so pretty

Because this is my long lost friends name...I... I miss her a lot... - CRIES - I saw her in kindergarten! I haven't seen her in three years! Oh ella! I miss you! I MISS YOU!

My sisters name is Ella she's the sweetest person ever and always makes me laugh my heart out when I'm sad. Shout out to ella I love you even when we fight. ELLA I LOVE YOU!

7 Emma

Love this name!

This name always makes me smile, especially because of Stone.

Emma is my name and my mother thinks its ADORABLE

The name is beautfull

8 Amber

I love this name!

Amber is a lovely name it like the crystal amber it is just so cute

Amber is the most amazing name I could ever think of eventhough I would name my kid Kacey Or Brayden My dad's girlfriends name is Amber and I just love to say it!

So cute!

9 Lucy

Seems more of a INTENSE name

I love this name. It's sad that it's so common because it's beautiful and adorable. Anyone can spell and pronounce it which is awesome because no one can spell or pronounce my name.

I want to name my first girl Lucy

Lucy is my sisters nickname. Her real name is Lucinda. My name is Lillian, but people call me Lily. ALL real and nicknames are cute!

10 Hannah

Remove the H and were Gucci

It my name I love how I can spell it forward and backwards plus it's really cute

I love this name because it's so cute and small and fun to say

My Name is Hannah and I think it's the best name in history - Dreamformusic


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11 Isabel

Isabel is such a cute name her nickname can be izzy is belle isa

My name is Isabel. I love having that name. It's so beautiful - Ipositive

This is my friend's name. Only I just call her Izzy.

I totes love this name it is just like bella - iiiiiiiiii

12 Alexandra

Yay it's my name

I love this name, and not only because it is my name. I love it because it has cute nicknames such as Alex, Lex, Lexi(e), Al, and many more! Perfect name, and I love the fact that my name is Alexandra to this day~!

My name is Alexandra. It is awesome! People call me lexi. Trust me you ned to vote for this name. You also need to name your kid that nam. If your is more of a tomboy you can call them alex.

This is my name. The last duchess of Russia was Alexandra. Also, it is most commonly found among royals.

13 Gabriella

I am a Gabriella! Thank you all for your comments! It makes me feel so great, especially after numerous comments saying my names was bratty and spoiled sounding. I always think of Christmas because of Gabriel

I am so in love with this name because I think it is very. cute

It's a beautiful name and from high school Musical

I think it's a beautiful name. It sounds so graceful

14 Christie

This name is cute because its sporty and sassy. Perfect! Its got tons of different spellings too!

the reason I like this name is because it has fun, love and a very cute name

My name is Christine, close enough, right?

Christin is sweeter than Alexandra, which best form is Alek

15 Hallie

Vote for this one it's beautiful and if you don't go get bombed

Halle is such a lovely name to call a baby girl hail could be a nickname for it

Hallie is my best friends name. I like the two of our names together they just sound cool together. Hallie and Dakota

I have a friend name hallie her name is so sweet

16 Gracie

I am called Grace

I prefer Grace with Gracie as a nickname but Gracie is an equally cute name. - AudreyHeartburn

Gracie is a a VERY creative and random person. Mainly random.

My friends name is Gracie and she is one of the best people ever!

17 Charlie

It's a guy name to be honest

My name is charley and there is many ways to spell it and I really like it it is so unique

Cute nick name for Charlotte, but not a cute regular name for a girl - Magenta_Flame

From Good Luck Charlie!

18 Abigail

My friend is abigail

Cool name.I like it.

I really think this name should be first. My name isn't Abigail but I have a friend who's name is Abigail and she is really nice.


19 Kayla

I'm not liking it but its cool

My name yay

My name is kayla. I'm so look samrt because of my nmae

Kaylas are sooo cute.They have amazing knowledge.

20 Lacie

I have a friend named lacie but spelled lacy

I'm a bit biased thanks to Pandora Hearts, but Lacie is a beautiful name.

Love it! My name is Lacie


21 Anna

I HATE frozen because why do Elsa (that stupid princess) NEEDS to run away? That ugly princess... I feel bad for Anna she wants to save her live and then she is finally there AND THEN SHE NEEDS TO GO FOR NO Reason 😡

I hate Frozen, A stupid girl named Elsa who ran outside of her Kingdom for NO damn Reason! She just wants everyone to feel Bad for Her and For anna To risk her life to Save her! STUPID MOVIE

This is a cute name, and it means Thank you, I think

Lovely! Means, cute and beautiful. I think

22 Leyla

My best friends name is laila!

Leyla is the best name ever. I wish my name was Leyla... Unfortunately my name is Heidi and I have not yet encountered the name Heidi on this list. Leyla was my older sister's name. Although it was spelled Layla. It's still pronounced the same though. Layla was the most kindhearted person I ever knew. She was always on the positive side and she was never bored and I had never seen her cry in my entire life. I was jealous of Layla and I was mean to her and I said bad stuff about her. She was diagnosed with Cancer when she was twelve and she died shortly after her fourteenth birthday. I cried, I was always mean to her when she was nothing but nice to me... So yes, I was jealous of Layla. Especially of her name. I am eighteen now and I'm engaged and when I am pregnant my fiancee and I agreed to name our first daughter Leyla. CHEERS FOR ALL LEYLAS!

That is my baby cousins name... Lela Morgan Davis but she says wewa mowgan dabis I'm hailey shane davis

My friend's name. If you spelled it Layla, you'd have a song for your name! I would love that.
(The son is by Eric Clapton. Look it up on YouTube. It's a great song. )

23 Acrone
24 Evalynne

I love this name I am only 10 and call every one evalynne. The for accepting my option thanks

It's so cute cause if you shortened it would be Eve

I love it!

It's cute, sassy, and there can be lots of nicknames from this one name! - dylan

25 Isabella

I think that Isabella is a really pretty and kind nice name I wish my name was Isabella I think when I grow up I will name my daughter Isabella I also like the nickname bella that's such a awesome nickname!

I Am so sorry what happened to your niece because my two brothers passed away. now to the name Isabella: Isabella is one of the cutest name someone has named their child all of the girl names should be Isabella thank you for reading this post bye this was posted by Alexis

Bella in Italian means beautiful and Isabella has Bella in it and also my best friend is Isabella

Heh, From Phineas and Ferb, by the way, I really Hate that girl! She's Too Girly! But nice name thought

26 Tiana Tiana Princess Tiana of Maldonia is a fictional main character who appears in Walt Disney Pictures' 49th animated feature film The Princess and the Frog.

Such a unique name and it'll be perfect for my sim on sims 4

27 Belinda

Pretty cute but not amasing so... its ok


Ugliest name I've ever heard!

Only for a middle name

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28 Adrianna

The best girl name ever

Yay! My Name is hare!

29 Danielle

I want to name by daughter Danielle or Chelsea or Lexi or Gemma or Courtney or crystal or Imogen or Isla or Sophie or shayla

This is my name, and I love it.

My name is Danielle I'm 15 I love my name

Daniella is way better vote for it!

30 Cassidy

I know someone named this. She's pretty and is good at making people laugh and dancing. - funnyuser

I have a bud named Cassidy!

Cute name that the nickname Cassie works for!

31 Maddie

Maddie is my cousin's name who passed away last year due to car accident but she was fearless, brave, gentle, kind, wonderful, and brilliant, I would give anything to have her back - Swiftdawn

My best friends name is Maddie.LOL!

This name is pretty!

Maddie is my best friends name. It is adorable name. I LOVE IT!

32 Destiny

I love it it's my sisters name and she is so kind and smart but she is just my big sister I still love her even if she leaves me

This is my name.. It's beautiful

My name love it

I love this name it's so sweet

33 Stefanie


Love it my name is it to but spelt stephanie cute my mum cousins and more have either stephanie or stefanie

Adorable nickname is Stef

Adorable my mom is named Stefanie

34 Alannah

Great name. I really love it. This girl at my school is called Alannah but I think it is spelt differently E.G. alana. Nickname could be 'Al' or 'ana'

Its not a name I hear very often and its cute and different

My friend's name is Alana and I love this name! It's so cute!

Alannah of avail org

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35 Crystal

I love the name Crystal, it reminds me of Crystal Bowersox (a favorite of mine from AMERICAN IDOL! ), and it has many nicknames. You can be a "Crys", a "Cris" or anything you want.

Aww gotta love it

Fave character I ever made up was called Crystal, and I think it's cool because there's something about the name Crystal.

Crystal is a nice name and it reminds that they are precious

36 Tiffany

I wish I had this name. - RiverClanRocks

But I thought you did, but ut was just spelled differently according to your profile. - Anonymousxcxc

37 Grace


38 Candace

My daughter Opal watches this show called Phineas and Ferb. They have a tattletale sister named Candace. One day, Opal came up to me and said, "Mom, I don't like the name Candace. Don't name your baby Candace." So I did not and named the child Julie.

I just think its plain cute xx - CookieMonster

I really like that name it's pretty! It's name of my uncle's ex-girlfriend

YAY! My names Candace!

39 Eleanore

I wish it was my name!

This is my best friends name with an e at the end. She's so cool and I love her name!

40 Katie

My name is Katie! This is an adorable name. If you say this name in a chipmunk voice, it's so cute! My best friend has the same name as me but she spells it differently.

Its awesome if your name is Katie because you can change it to kay or kate if you get board of your name

My names katie and I love it so much! It just suits everything - tomboy, girly etc. perfect!

I named all my cats Katie in Minecraft that are orange!

41 Alayna

Beautiful name.. Love it

My name is alayna and it is so pretty! It means pressish sunraise

42 Natalie

Name that would suit a perfect girl. I would name my character this. It suits her. She has this black hair, bright blue eyes, and pale skin. She was also kind of a bad girl. ♡

Love it

My name

I have 5 Natalies in my grade and they are awesome!
Though when I say 'Hi Natalie! 'All five Natalies look around! It makes me laugh

43 Anabelle

I prefer it spelt ANNABELLE.

I HATE THAT NAME. I lovve joanna so much

Anabelle is a cute name. My friend's baby is called Anabelle, and she's an angel. She is cute and easy to adore.

Anabelle is a horror movie names. I would not pick that name. It will remind me of the movie. My choice is no. If you name this child anabelle. SLEEP with ONE EYE OPEN. She may become the next cereal killer. GOOD LUCK :( From: Pepsi and Unicorn.

44 Aleena

This is a nice name my friend has the same name

45 Kera

The name kera is from the T.V. show called Austin and ally

The name kera is from Austin and ally

Austin and Ally

46 Emily

THATS MY NAME! It was the most popular name in 2002. Emily is awesome! Also emily is on my fav number, 17!

That is my name and I like it alto but I think that it should be higher that 77 I can't believe that people think that candy is a better name that Emily come on

So Adorable and fits a lot of personalities! Nickname: emmie or em

Emily is my middle name it is so so so cute I also have this little friend called Emily she is as cute as a button.

47 Brooke

Cousin's name. Friend's name. Moving on. Where's my name? Not to sound selfish but I can't find my name on a Coke bottle and nobody else has my name with the same spelling that I know. Once again. My name is Jayda and people need to start naming their children Jayda more often! - JHLover321

I know a girl named Brooke who manipulated and lied me and my best friend. I'm glad because I haven't seen her since June 2017.

It's cute Hayley's a cute name too but I like Brooke more

Brooke hyland

48 Sadie

I just love this name Sadie and I should know because I'm only 9 years old turning 10

Love this name

Sadie is just a cute name. My aunt's friend's baby is named Sadie and my aunt's other friend named her 1st daughter Sadie.

Awww... Sounds like a Sad name for me 😥

49 Linda

That's my grandma's name

50 Lia

Beautiful name

Don't know why but I love this name. So cute♡!

That’s my name! I can’t believe it’s on here...and at 49! I feel proud of myself

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