Top Ten Cutest Names for Baby Girls


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281 McKayla
282 Carlotta
283 Alaire
284 Amorena
285 August

I don't think ill ever get over this name

I met a girl in hospital called that and she was so cute

The most beautiful name ever love it

August and April? Or August and May?

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286 Robyn

It's my name and I like it - but my Dad always called me Susie orSusie Jane. Looks like Mum got the choice!

287 Kimran

That's my cousins name love it lol

288 Amanda

That is my aunt name and I think it's so cute to name your kid that

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289 Loretta

This is my mothers name. I love her so much and hope she loves it 2!

290 Pearl

Pearl is my birth stone

I love pearl, adorable name

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291 Vera

Vera?! What era are we talking about here, 1930's? - Britgirl

It's a beautiful name! In any Era!

Well if it means truth then the truth is it is ugly

It is like on house of Anubis

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292 Maryann

I love this name its cute

293 Alex V 1 Comment
294 Cassara
295 Gemma

It sounds so nice- I always think of someone beautiful and affectionate when I hear this name.

How is it not on the list already?

I think of a girl with super pretty blonde hair, who is very
Smart, when I hear this name

296 Bekka
297 Shallene
298 Hailey

This name is the best at all the names in this website!

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299 Kaila
300 Vea Angela

Angela is a cute name, but who is named
Vea Angela?

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