Top Ten Cutest Names for Baby Girls


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361 Carmen-Leonny

Be quiet you bully that's my sisters name and she has cancer so zip it

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362 Angelyna
363 Aj

I wish my name was Aj

364 Riley

It's a cute name, I know a Riley and she is very fun and loving! She's also pretty and is very kind and has nice manners! Riley is a great name to name your child!

That is my name... It is a fun name to have because you can spell it all different way. You all have alots nicknames

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365 Miha

In my opinion it is the best name for a girl.

Such a unique name!

366 Erin

This is my sisters middle name

That's my best friends name

367 Cordelia

It's a sophisticated name

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368 Penny
369 Miles

Miles is a beatiful names like hundred miles
That is my best friend name and my friend

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370 Tracy
371 Kiana
372 Hanna

I LOVE this name it is also my name

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373 Mackenzie

I CANNOT BELIEVE this wasn't in the top 10. It is such a cute and cool name!

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374 Elloise
375 Tayla
376 Luca

My BFF's name! Awesome

377 Nya
378 Codi V 2 Comments
379 Lilly-Ann
380 Laila
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