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381 Leila

I love that name

382 Paige

This is a beautiful name and my newborn name is Paige Rose Henry its unique and by the way it means confidence and beautiful

That is a very happy/joyful/awesome name to have! p.s. The best thing about this one is that it is made of awesomeness!

Paige is my 5 yr old sisters name. It's beautiful. At first I didn't like it and I called her twinkles for half a year. Then I realized how beautiful it was.

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383 Eclipse
384 Kenzie

It means the fair one it also means cute and adora. Kenzie is a rare name but cute Kenzie is an AUSOME name. name your kids that

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385 Julianna V 1 Comment
386 Nina
387 Lexine
388 Jenna

I love it I love a girl named Jenna

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389 Elena

I'd prefer if it was spelt Eleanor as it's my name and Eleanor is just sassy, elegant and original however Elena is sassy too and unique so adorable

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390 Libby

I think libby is the perfect name for a child. The only thing is that people ask if their real name is Elizabeth

My bffs name. She is crazy. It really suits her. She has braces and her her sticks out. She loves cheese.

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391 Bee

His so many bullies on this website just zip it and accept people's names

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392 Lea
393 Mona
394 Elixa-Ann

I don't know why but I just love this name.

395 Imogen

It is a name for beauty and kindness

Mum was going to call me aurora a princess name but I was to cute

396 Isla
397 Felicity

I just think this name has such a cute ring to it!

398 Ainsley

I am obsessed with this name. I'm due in November and my hubby and I are trying to find a name and I'm so stuck on this name it's not even funny. He isn't fond of it, sadly.

My name is Ainsley (An-Slee) My name is really just annoying but I love it. nobody know how to said it.. but my favorite name ever is Christina.

399 Flannery

My older sister name is flannery it's means a Mexican dessert. haha but this name is just so cute. I am not trying to be rude but I really but like simple names. I love unique names. My sister was named after Flannery O'Conner I believe.

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400 Sheri

That's my moms name it spelt the same way

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