Top Ten Cutest Names for Baby Girls


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421 Aquinnah

It's not ordinary it's something new. It means beautiful.

422 Haley

This is my name and I constantly get told it is a very beautiful name and I believe it to be so as well

Cutest name to ever be invented.

Best name ever I love this name.

Hayley is an absolute adorBle name! I would use it ALL the time.

423 Kiara

Kiara blush is my name

424 Ilene

My friends name is Ilene. Pretty name - Snowfle

425 Jewel
426 Diamond

This is great for a dog not for a girl

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427 Katelyn
428 Missy V 2 Comments
429 Eden
430 Zara

This name is adorable though it is my name

431 Shardinnay
432 Clara

I love the show "Doctor Who" and the name means clever and bright.

433 Lydia

It's my name. I personally think it's just okay, but I'm interested to see what you guys think. It's a very literary name. Sounds fairly smart. Kind of adorable.

434 Kendra
435 Marina
436 Khalil
437 Khaliyah
438 Arianna

This is my sister's beautiful name. - MyNameIsSavannah

Beautiful name.

439 Eliana

Very cute. Personally, I would add another L in the spelling. Nickname Ellie, love it

440 London

London is cute and unique and under used

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