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41 Kendall

A girl at my school named Kendall is really weird gross and mean

! I love the name Kendall, if I could change my name, Tegan-Ella, to Kendall I would!

I so LOVE this name! I'm going to name my child Kendall one day


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42 Elizabeth

It's a really beautiful name its cute nice and sweet sounding at the same time

I love the name Elizabeth. My best friend's name is Elizabeth. I've known her since kindergarten and we have been inseparable ever since we became friends.

I like this name because it's my bff's name and it's really cute I think it's one of the cutest out there.

It's my older sisters name -_-

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43 Kera

The name kera is from the T.V. show called Austin and ally

The name kera is from Austin and ally

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44 Rachel

It is a really popular name and really strong, powerful word.
It's also kind of cute when you go like "Rachel, Rachel come to Mommy! "

Rachel is MY name! OH YEAH! It's so cute!

I like this name for a couple reasons. 1. It si my name 2. I think that it is a very nice name for a girl

It's a really lovely name
I liked it

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45 Emily

THATS MY NAME! It was the most popular name in 2002. Emily is awesome! Also emily is on my fav number, 17!

That is my name and I like it alto but I think that it should be higher that 77 I can't believe that people think that candy is a better name that Emily come on

So Adorable and fits a lot of personalities! Nickname: emmie or em


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46 Brooke

Cousin's name. Friend's name. Moving on. Where's my name? Not to sound selfish but I can't find my name on a Coke bottle and nobody else has my name with the same spelling that I know. Once again. My name is Jayda and people need to start naming their children Jayda more often! - JHLover321

I know a girl named Brooke who manipulated and lied me and my best friend. I'm glad because I haven't seen her since June 2017. - KianaLexi

It's cute Hayley's a cute name too but I like Brooke more

Brooke hyland

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47 Linda

That's my grandma's name

48 Crystal

I love the name Crystal, it reminds me of Crystal Bowersox (a favorite of mine from AMERICAN IDOL! ), and it has many nicknames. You can be a "Crys", a "Cris" or anything you want.

Aww gotta love it

Fave character I ever made up was called Crystal, and I think it's cool because there's something about the name Crystal.

Sounds like a hooker name don't do it!

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49 Lia

Don't know why but I love this name. So cute♡!

That’s my name! I can’t believe it’s on here...and at 49! I feel proud of myself - lovefrombadlands

50 Connie

This name is so cute and even if it is uncerwli it is pretty. Plus it is my name all my friends adore it and when you tell them this name they will love it to.

Like how would not like this name it may not be poplur but I love it and its my name my god mothers dol is called connie and I choose it

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51 Lily

This is number 1 look up there should not be 2

My name is Elisabeth but people call me Lily after the flower and Lilybeth

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52 Rosalina
53 Sarah

Are you kidding me, I know about 9 Sarah's and my name is Sarah. I do love it and I think that's why so many people have it.

Simple and pretty, also means princess. Haven't known hardly any Sarahs growing up which is good because that's my name, and have been told it's a pretty name by many people.

I am so scared of the name Sarah it's a long story

My name

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54 Adelyn

I kinda like modern names more but this one's pretty nice

In love with this name

It's so cute and I love the nickname Addie - PinkCarrot567

55 Zoey

Love this name so much

This is my little cousin's name and she is manic energetic but so cute!

It's kind of a unique name for a girl and its also my best friends name

Zoey is just a name that will fit anyone :)
Nice, mean,
Energetic, lazy, any of those! I just voted Faith cause it sounds so pretty.

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56 Avery

Super girly! Very cute for a little girl

I love this name and it always makes me think of birds... Different spelling than aviary but similar I guess

This is my nieces name and I just love it

I love it! Will use it For my RP!

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57 Tess

Super cute girls name, really like it because it sounds so cheerful. I also like Tessa.

This sounds more like a nickname

I really like this name its unique and adorable!

If I had twins and they where both girls, I'd name them
Zoe and Tessa

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58 Kyla

Kyla is my daughter middle name her name is Aniyah Kyla Tannce

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59 Faith

Faith is a powerful name. That's why I love it. Why is it number 23? If I ever have twins, I will name them Faith and Hope. Because they're both powerful.

This is what I'm going to name my daughter such a pretty powerful name.

Faith is a wonderful name. It is beautiful and it shows kindness and respect.

Faith and Hope? Aww, so pretty

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60 Adeline

My name is Adeline and when I was little I thought my name didn't mean anything then when I I was maybe 9 or 10 I now think that it did mean something so I kept it

My name and its amazing it is also very unique

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