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81 Aleha

Aleha's Welsh. It's not common but it's great

82 Brittany

My cousin's name except she's not a baby

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83 Daniella

Love this name! You can call her Dani for short! It's super FUN to say because it ends in DaniELLA.

My granddaughter, however her name is spelled Daniela

My mom's name is daniela

This is how ima name my baby gal

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84 Bridgette

My aunt who is absolutely the most beautiful woman, is named This. But spelled Brigitte. I'll forever love this name it's so stunning.

My brothers girlfriends called Bridgette

This is my name, I love it!
It is a name I'm not ashamed of as an adult.

Bridgette mendler

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85 Lexi

I want to name my baby girl lexi

The name lexi is from ant farm the T.V. show

Amazing name love it


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86 Charlotte

I like this name but I like Scarlett better

Charlotte is the best name ever!,

I love this name

No matter, Why is it 72? :( I put the name, Charlotte on my MC RP!

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87 Brianna

Love this name! I know someone in high school (I'm in grade school) named Brianna, and se is pretty mug my idol! She is a total tomboy (like me), who loves the outdoors, nerf (when she was younger), and awesome stuff like modern warfare and Call of Duty and battlefield. She is awesome. I love her and her name! Such an epic name!

My name is Brianna and I love my name...
If you r having a daughter name it Brianna and spell it this way to
This is a very popular name and it is a very special name to name a girl.
I am only 11 years old and I know 8 other Brianna's
That's how unique and cool this name is.

Love it if I ever have a daughter I would name her brianna

I love this name! And it's Brianna I'm in high school my name is Brianna, so pretty,smart,intel
legent and all the good things
that can compare a good person.she is so awesome and so kool the ever kool kid that hater her ever lime with her fisrt when I hear the name Brianna I through that it just a name that person say to form they intelligent.
my name is Brianna and I love my name and they called me Bri Bri for short.
I am 13 year old and I attend East Rumiveldt high school.i know 25 other Brianna and they as kool as I'm
if I had a sister and a daughter I would name them Brianna.Also if I had a brother and son I would them Brian
Brianna is a very popular name and it's a very speacil name

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88 Molly

My daughters name, I love it!

My name is Molly and I absolutely hated it until I red this

Molly is not cute or gorgeous it is just simply ADORABLE!

Molly is cute I love babyes so adorable from pamela

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89 Maria

It's so cute most of family name is maria and I can't wait to name my daughter maria in july

I think Maria is a cute nice girl name, plus, my name is Maria.

My friends name is Maria. I also think it's a great name

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90 Stefanie

Love it my name is it to but spelt stephanie cute my mum cousins and more have either stephanie or stefanie

Adorable my mom is named Stefanie

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91 Remi

I used to know a boy named Remi and I always thought it was a cute name, I never thought to use it as a girl's name. I love it.

Very unique name

92 Torri

I love to watch the show victorious and the main character's name is torri

:) it is cute but people don't like it that is rude

Its in a video game (Undertale)

Tory tori torry torri torie u can spell it many ways

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93 Mary

It's short, and a very simple name! Not at all
Like Kimberly or Beverly etc.

94 Taylor

NICE TAYLOR I got tickets to her 1989 concert in the 8th row

Taylor is a really cool name

I am a Taylor Swift fan so I love this name

My name is ALSO Taylor, but spelled Taylar! There are too many Taylors in the world. Spell it my way, please, somebody!

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95 Georgia

Gorgia is a horrible name it sounds fat

I live in Georgia!

I love this name😝

96 Camilla

There was a famous singer named Camilla, or her name was very close to that. The name is kinda cute though.

97 Bailey

I just love this

I love this name! It's SO cute espacially for a baby girl!


My 2 cusen is caledd tat

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98 Samantha

This is my name. I love it because it can be for a girly girl or a tomboy (with the nickname Sam). My parents picked this for me specifically because my mom wanted to have a Sam.

I've picked this name for a girl in a book I'm writing and I just can't part with it. I'm practically obsessed with it lol

I love it to because that's my name :-)

This is the best name ever!

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99 Lauren

Lauren is so cute and it's the best

I love this name it's just so cute I am gonna name my baby girl Lauren some day

This name is the best. It's cute and just perfect for any girl

This was my brother's first girlfriends name

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100 Melody

I used to have a friend named melody I used to tell her to make a melody and I would make the lyrics by the way she was really nice and pretty

Melody sounds like they would sing or play an instrument very good it is a pretty name

It is just simply ADORABLE!

Melody is a very nice name, Mary and Melody would be
Cute twin's names!

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