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21 Debtmerica

I had many questions and made many calls to Dan throughout this process. He always answered all of my questions in a manner that left me feeling assured and comfortable with this program.

22 End High Debt

End High Debt is a very good debt settlement company. I got a very good service from there. End High Debt settle my debt to less the balance and save a huge money for me. Now I am very happy. It cares customers well. It is one of the best debt settlement company in USA.

Thanks a lot guys for all the help you bestowed on an old lady like me. You guys cleared out my 20000 debt within 12 months and that too I dint feel the pain of the monthly payments even. I feel free these days and my credit is also good. Once again thanks a lot.

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23 Pinnacle Law Group
24 Ooraa, Inc.

After losing my job I was only left back with unpaid credit card bills of $50000. I was not able to understand what to go ahead and do and was just thinking that I was stuck in a dump of credits. That's when I saw the OORAA add on T.V. and thot of giving it a try. The girl Sonia helped me a lot and answered all my queries patiently. They put me comfortable that too without any kind of interest. Its been 8 months working with them and they already settled 2 of my major cards. I just feel so free now. Just wanna thank Sonia and all the others who are still helping me in clearing my debts. God bless you all!

The people at OORAA Inc are truly miracle workers! They settled my $24000 Bank of America account for 24% and my $5000 Chase account for 27%! I feel free like a bird as these bills were really creating a lot of mess in my life since along time. They also taught me how to keep my payments good in the near future. Thank You OORAA for everything.

One of the best debt settlement company to work with. Great customer service. IN almost 24 months I'm debt free! Feeling like I'm on cloud nine.

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25 Complete Debt Solutions

One of the best company, their fees are the lowest, and they do most of the work. I was $80 000.00 in debt and Complete Debt Solutions managed to reduce my debt from 80 000.00 to 25 000 and within six months I was debt free.

No upfront fees, free credit repair and your debt reduced by up to 80%. Complete Debt Solutions is the only debt settlement company that put more money in your work. We work for you, not your creditors.

26 Nation First Financial

I have enrolled with this Debt Settlement Company and help me save thousands of dollars. They settled one of my account at 30%. Now am debt free and starting rebuilding my credit score. Thank God, I found Nation First Financial before I declare bankruptcy.

They really helpful. It's really amazing that they can settle lower than 40%. No wonder because they are certified by BBB. I am now stress free and debt free in just 2 years. Good job to all of you! Thank you so much!

27 Global Debt Freedom
28 Preferred Financial Services

Great company they really saved me a lot. I also wasn't sure if I should have declared bankruptcy and they helped me so that I didn't have to do that and I am so glad that I did debt settlement.

The Staff at Preferred Financial services in Andover, MA are truly amazing! They settled most of my credit card debt in just under 2 years. I paid about 35% of my total debt amounts which was just about $17,000. Preferred Financial you are definitely the best! The thing I like the most about them is that they have literally been in the business of settledebt for almost 10 years.

29 ClearOne Advantage
30 US Credit Team
31 Debt Free Company

Just want to thank you guys for all the help you'll gave me. Owing a debt of $80000 was like impossible to pay back. And then calls on top of calls from all companies and collection agencies. And then have judgement was like the cherry on the topping. Later I heard of Debt Free company from a friend of mine and thought of giving it a try. They are really superb. They answered all my queries and helped me a lot in understanding the program. They put me in a 48 months plan with easy installments. And now after 18 months with them, my 3 cards are paid off and my judgement account is no longer with me. I do not get calls anymore and I am living a free life now. All thanks to Debt Free Company. You guys truly made me debt free.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to Adam and the staff at Debt Free Company. I was in debt and it was more than I could control. I called them and was greatly relieved when I found I could receive help. I was stressed and frustrated during this time and thanks to them I was able to pay off my debts. It just feels awesome to live like a free bird.

Thanks again.

Just want to thank you guys for all the help you'll gave me. Firstly explaining the full program, then sending the rep at home and finally the customer care, all of them were very helpful to me. Its been 8 months being into your program and you have already settled 2 of my cards with good percentage. Its just more 15 months and I will be fully paid off with all me bills. All credit to you'll. Thanks a lot Guys.

32 United Credit Consultants
33 Financial Rescue LLC
34 McCarthy Debt Lawyers

National debt attorneys experienced in negotiating your debt with the law behind them. Over 100 locations across the nation. We meet you in person for a free consultation.

35 Debit Settlement Group Inc

So, you finally get your debt paid off and... You have negative credit for 7 to 10 years. Why not get your debt settled, paid off and the negative removed at the same time. Your back in the game and you have good credit. Now... That's Awesome.
Check them out... They are the best! - Esteembuilder

37 Settle4Less

A completely free and virtual way to post a one-time settlement payment offer of 30% your total due without negotiation or speaking with anyone. You only have to provide your name, email, account #, and last 4 SSN to post your offer. You are never charged a any fees by Settle4Less.

38 CareOne Credit

I've dealt with this debt consolidation period a few times and have always been helped thoroughly. I highly recommend!

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