The Most Evil People In Roblox History

The Top Ten

1 The c00lkids

I have no reason I voted for them ;-;

What did he do that is so evil?

C00lkidd is awesome! - MichaelAftonUTTP

Coolkid is evil

2 Portugese

You mean brazillian? Because I don't see any mean portuguese people, brazillian mostly wear black,have "sAd bOy/GiRl" on their name, and when they see someone, they be like "ugh what you want" it's really annoying.

3 Germans
4 The Americans

North Korea said. - HelloMyfriend

Wait, what? - TheMuslimMemer

5 The FIlipinos
6 Perm Admins
7 Teenagers
8 The Chinese


9 Guest 666

He only wanted to be friends with everyone! They just had to bully him. They are the reason he is this way.


Look at his name and you will know he is evil.

He's so dangerous he will hack you

10 John Doe

pure evil

The Contenders

11 Hackers

Hack! - Stevenpenguin


12 The Adults
13 1x1x1x1

He is the most famous hacker ever

14 Piggy

Awesome character 100% - drooper

15 Little Kids

Much cringe such cheese

16 n00bs
17 TheRedLarry
18 EvanTubeHD
19 G0Z

Scary killer clown

20 666 the Devil

he is evil

21 HeArrived

He is so evil

he's a fu

22 The RFAA

the Bezd Chanl, BetterSkatez, KrazyGames, ETC

23 Luftballong

Luftballong called me a noob

24 Hydrow
25 JuliusColesV2
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