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1 Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics (whatever you want to call it) is my religion and the supreme being that I worship is the true founder of Quantum Mechanics. Max Planck. But not only Max Planck, also Hendrik Casimir as well. Reason for Hendrik: He founded my most favorited concept of it all, the Casimir effect. And the fact that I'm an atheist, it's still my religion - Kevinsidis

Hardest = Most Favorite

2 Special Relativity
3 Astrophysics

Beyond human comprehension

It always has been my favourite


Integration of everything in Physics!

4 Cosmology

Could you please explain to me why this was left out? - PositronWildhawk

5 Classical Mechanics

Very practical even to someone that's not too advanced in physics

Machines, Levers, motion etc. very Interesting

6 Waves

Mega dope

7 General Relativity
8 Thermal Physics
9 Electromagnetism
10 Nuclear Physics

The Contenders

11 Sound
12 Fluid Mechanics
13 Optics
14 Electricity
15 Thermodynamics

Max Planck is involved in the works of the 3rd law of thermodynamics. I think I read that William James Sidis also constructed the 2nd law of thermodynamics. - Kevinsidis

16 Force
17 Black Holes Black Holes

If you twist worm holes, you bend space time.

I thought this was a different topic

18 String Theory
19 Gravitation
20 Amusement Park Amusement Park


21 Motion
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1. Quantum Mechanics
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1. Astrophysics
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3. Quantum Mechanics
1. Cosmology
2. Astrophysics
3. Quantum Mechanics

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