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41 Moegi

She deserves a place on the 1-10 section because she has to deal with konohamaru all day

42 Karui

Oh my bad.. She is a powerful kunoichi. Pretty, too!

Yeah I find her cool. :) her eyes are like tiger eyes.

43 Mirai Sarutobi

She is a great daughter for the sarutobi clan. She looks like a male but she is actually a female. The only part that I actually saw her was in the manga praying and saying goodbye to his father, sauna Sarutobi.

44 Aiko Uchiha

Why there is no pictur3?

45 Karura

Karura is awesome imean she was one of the best mothers on the series. she despretly wanted to protect her kids plus she was very kind. I don't know if anyone noticed but she kinda looks like matsuri they're just alike I think

46 Kin Tsuchi

She bad bra

47 Haku Haku

Haku is a male. He may look like a female but Haku is an male

He is most, best, super-ultra mega BEAUTIFUL! #

More feminine than orochimaru

48 Izumi Uchiha

She has the MS and she can use izanami and lots of sharingan techniques

49 Matsuri

She is one of my favorite. She is the only sand kid who would be taught by Gaara. Even though she is not strong she is still adorable

She is very hit but she should be more higher

Not my favorite but like her a lot. While everyone feared or hated Gaara, she was the only one who chose him to be her sensei. He becomes kazekage, all girls are swooning including Matsuri and people hate her for it. She has the biggest right to be his number 1 fangirl

Matsuri is definitely like karura not sakura I mean yeah sure simular hairstyles and sometimes she gets hasty but that's only when she is defending her friends I mean just because she is a filler that doesent mean she isn't cool I mean afterall she said she will protect gaara from danger right and karura said and does the same thing right? So why down a girl who protects and defends her friends and her man too. Go matsuri

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50 Kasumi
51 Rinmaru
52 Yoshino Nara
53 Hanare

Hanare is my favorite character in naruto and I wish that she and kakashi are married

54 Sana
55 Yome
56 Himaki Uchiha
57 Ameno

Yeah a filler character but I like her.

58 Fuso Uzumaki
59 Miina
60 Yakumo
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