Top 10 Football (Soccer) Leagues of 2015-2016

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1 Premier League

The most dramatic and most unpredictable league of all it is hard to predict a perfect result as you never know what teams will finish where. I mean la liga is great but Barcelona or real madrid usually dominate it with like 95 points but the premier league is unpredictable. Who would have thought leicester city a team who finished 14th with 41 points would be top with 60 the following season and Chelsea the champions to be struggling. The premier league is so incredible and definitely the most exciting of all la liga have better teams but the premier league wins as it is more exciting.

Remove the word soccer from the title immediately

Best league with the best atmosphere no doubt on that. All clubs play with the fighting spirit. Very exciting game.

Most Unpredictable League...period..!

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2 La Liga

Has arguably the 2 best Clubs in World. Real Madrid and Barcelona. Expect some amazing stuff from this lot, they pack players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Iniesta, Xavi, Bale, Modric, Suarez and so many more! So The next thing is... Messi or Ronaldo?

"Top" is such a subjective and personal world, so without defining it, this is an exercise in fun. I see La Liga having more teams dominate international competition than any other league over the last decade. This is a fact, given all multi-league tournaments. I like the comments people make about EPL being "dynamic" and "you never know what will happen", but to me that does not show "TOP" alone. And La Liga has plenty of that if you look at its history. Perhaps dynamicism could even be a sign of a crumbling infrastructure, mismanagement or overmanagement, or a sign of the way that money works within the system (extreme example: American NFL franchise and budget restrictions). Perhaps not.

La Liga has plenty of "Cinderella Stories" where a town of 27k, Eibar, can make it to the big leagues and take on the world's powerhouses. Getafe goes from Division 7 to the top division in 20 years, and some teams recruit ONLY from their ...more

Barcelona is the best club in the world because they have the best trio in the world Messi, Neymar and Suarez. Messi has the dribbling, Neymar has the skills, and Suarez has the shooting.

La Liga is THE most dominating football league in the world. THE BEST CLUBS BARCA AND MADRID BELONGS TO IT with the best players MESSI and RONALDO. And after all El clasico is the most viewed game after FIFA final...

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3 Indian Super League (ISL)

This league is coming up fast, with Zico managing one of the clubs. It is a real positive sign for the growth of soccer in the second most populous country on the map, India.

The league is in it's second season and the quality of football has increased tremendously over the previous season... With a combined ISL and I-League in the offing in 2-3 years timeline... This league is sure to make some heads turn in the coming years... if not the best in the world but one of the best in Asia for sure...

High average viewers, though it started a year back
It stands in case of T.V. viewers and average match turnout showing, this is the fourth football league in the world

Great emerging let see... further...jai hind...Bharat Mata ki jai

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4 Bundesliga

Like La Liga BBVA, they arguably have the best Club in the World, Bayern Munich. This league is top class, it feature superstars such as Robben, Ribery, Reus, Muller and most definitely the best Keeper in the world. Neuer.

Why this league placed at number 10? Come on, it should be placed at least number 3. There is no doubt that Indian Premier League is one of the best league in the world but it is not as great as other leagues at Europe. Bundesliga is the best!

Best ever than every league

I am an Indian. Indian super league is like 3 years old, a baby still in its diapers. Lol its ranked 3rd, over Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, etc. which are world class leagues having teams that has been runners up/winners in champions league through many years. I just cannot stop laughing. I mean Damn, you need to be a fool of highest order to rate ISL better than these leagues. Seriously please someone tell me this is a big bad joke.

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5 Serie A

Serie A will always be Serie A. Sure they suffered a decline but players are starting to return. I would love to see Christiano playing in Serie A he would be a 20-25 goals per season, and paying for each one of them.

With Juventus in top form and great teams like Inter, Napoli, AC and Roma. This league will Blow your mind!

It must be a second best league of the world

The best liegue cose juve

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6 Ligue 1

With teams like PSG who never fail to Impress and money happy teams like Monaco and PSG once more, who won't enjoy it? Look out for the Zlatan!

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7 Primeira Liga

This league is one of the best when it comes to Competition. They bring Benfica, Porto, Sporting and a whole lot more! This league has some slick skillers like Quaresma and Nani, and player like Ronaldo where born into this league.

Benfica rocks

Exciting and very technical football, with enough drama between Benfica, Porto, Sporting and even Braga to keep you entertained all season. Traditionally a launching station for some biggest football players in European football: Ronaldo, Figo, Deco, Pepe, Futre, Falcao, Rui Costa, James Rodriguez, Paulo Sousa, Eusebio...

Its really the best way better then Indian super ligue

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8 Eredivisie

With Players like Jasper Cillessen here, and teams like Ajax, PSV, and Feyanoord. Its right up there!

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9 Liga MX

One of the best leagues I have seen with great players and great team that have done the impossible. Like the chivas vs Barcelona game everyone thought that a Mexican team had no chance vs a Spanish league team and the result was chivas 4 vs Barcelona 1. Also some great players have gone out of teams like chivas for example "Chicharito" Hernandez which played in some of the most prestige teams, there is also Andres guardado, angel vela, etc players that have bin making a change in Europe. Let's not forget the biggest rivalry of this league that is CHIVAS vs AMERICA I rather watch this classic of than the Spanish classico.

This league is really one of the greatest in the world. It might not have the best players in the world or anything, but the quality of football you see here is amazing. Watching club America play is like watching Barcelona or Real Madrid play.

One of the best leagues in the world. It has so many great players and has very high audience, many of the games are played with intensity. The quality of these players, plays, and goals will really make you want to tune in every single weekend

Club america is the best

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10 Süper Lig

Great league good players. The fans and support is fantastic pasion is football

It should be in top 5 leagues

So much hidden talent...

Great Clubs, passionate fans, new stadiums, world class players!

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11 Russian Football Premier League

Great league and fun to watch, lots of unrecognized stars only downside would be some racism

Russia does not have good clubs it shouldn't be in 7th place

With Teams coming at you like Zenit, CSKA, Spartak, Dynamo and Lokomtiv, who would wanna miss out? And be careful because HULK SMASH!

UEFA rating speaks for itself.

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12 Ukrainian Premier League

It has Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kiev. Legends where born in this League. Willian, Fernadinho. Make sure to keep an eye out for Shakhtar Donetsk, they Bring top players like Srna, Bernard, Costa, Taison, Teixeira Pyatov and lots more!

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13 Absa Premiership

It is simply one of the best leagues, which show cases true entertainment for the football lovers! It should be in the top 7 at the every least.

There are like no good African world class players also barely anyone watches it at all

Best league in africa. Surely we should also be in the top ten in the world

Absa premier league is authentic

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14 American Premier League

Who in the world calls Major League Soccer by the name "American Premier League"?

Gaining for sure, kaka, Gerard, a.cole, de Jong although older still effective players. I don't think this league gets enough respect, not quite in the top ten but definitely very close 11 spot for sure.

The Top League in the US soccer has a long way to go to win the hearts of the American people but it is gaining traction. With new clubs entering the mix, clubs bringing in international stars, and the US becoming more and more competitive each year in international play the MLS will get there it's just a matter of time.

MLS please. It is hard enough for this league to get attention.

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15 Major League Soccer (MLS)

MLS deserves a crack at the top 10. Drogba himself said that the MLS cup is harder to win than the premier League. Traveling around england doesn't pale in comparison to traveling the US. In 5 to 10 years when people realize how dangerous American grid iron football is, MLS will be a top flight league world wide.

In terms of talent in quality, should absolutely be in the middle of the top 10 somewhere. Has better attendance and better players than most of the leagues listed here.

Everything from results on the pitch to attendance, competitiveness, and quality of players indicates that MLS should be near the top of these rankings. I wouldn't go any higher than 7th, but somewhere between that and 12 is completely reasonable.

The worst league ever! People say that the MLS league is so good because David Beckham is in LA Galaxy, but he only came to america to retire and make money by being in perfume commercials!

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16 UEFA Champions League

This is the best tournament. Not league.

Idiot put this up here, just cause it says league in the title doesn't mean it's a league it's a tournament

There is lots of good teams is champions league but Barcelona IS THE BEST

The best league in Europe, has the best teams. All of you who say it is not a league are just BPL fanboys

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17 Brazilian League

Brazil has the most disputed league, with at least 6 to 8 teams with high potential to win the league at the beginning of the season.

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18 Persian Gulf Pro League

Best league with great attendance

One of the best league in Asia similar to Italian league there are more than 5 clubs fight for league title until last day of league and with exciting derby between estighlal vs perspolis they have most number of fans in Asia and even sepahan the most successful club in Iran

What a great and dramatic league

just ss

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19 A-League (Australia)

Great league! Go City!

Beautiful country, beautiful league...

Good league go phoenix

I am from Bangladesh. It is my favorite leauge

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20 Scottish Professional Football League

Best rivalry in the world (Old Firm) as well as 5 other rivalries which make it in to the FIFA top 50 footballing derbies: Edinburgh Derby (Hearts V Hibs), Dundee Derby (Dundee V Dundee Utd), New Firm (Aberdeen v Dundee Utd), Rangers V Aberdeen, Highland Derby (Ross County V Inverness)

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