Top 10 Reasons Why the XFL Can Succeed

The XFL is back again! Almost 2 decades later the once active NFL competitor is revived from the dead. Can it succeed? That has yet to be determined, but it has a brighter upside overall than its predecessor in the AAF.. Previously I talked about why the XFL could fail however here’s 10 reasons why this new league could work
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1 Stable Financial Situation

Unlike its AAF counterpart The XFL seems to have its finances more in order. Owner Vince McMahon funded his revived league through his second company, Alpha Entertainment and raised its capital by selling a multitude of his shares of WWE stock. Forbes lists McMahon's net worth at $2.6 billion. If this league fails money won't be an issue

2 Strong Media Partnerships

McMahon has partnered with FOX and ABC/ESPN, who will broadcast the 2020 XFL season and make it easy for fans to watch. Unlike the AAF which didn't really have a lot of options to watch the games. What's significant about this partnership is that both networks carry the NFL (FOX carried Super Bowl LIV) and provides a significant amount of our yearly college football viewing. And with the season starting the weekend after the Super Bowl, the XFL is hoping to latch onto that audience who may still be craving football action. This is a huge advantage over the original XFL and the AAF.

3 Different Rules

The XFL has twisted the formula a bit. Instead of kicking a field goal for a point after a Touchdown teams can choose to attempt a one-point, two-point or three-point running or passing play from the 2-yard line, 5-yard line or 10-yard line after scoring a touchdown. The XFL also eliminated coaches' challenges of questionable calls in favor of a dedicated instant-replay official. The Kickoff is also different where there's no running start but once the ball is caught players may tackle or block.

4 Strategically Placed Teams

While I do wish there were more than just 8, The Teams are located in very strategic places. New York and LA are large Markets that always manage to draw attention. St Louis is getting another pro football team after the Rams kind of screwed over the city. Washington and Tampa will have some new hope for their football team as the Redskins and Bucs have been disappointing again. There's also plenty of places to expand. Memphis, San Diego, Orlando, Chicago, San Francisco and so on..

5 Oliver Luck is a Good Choice for Commissioner

Luck is proven football mind and this may be the best decision that McMahon has made thus far in rebuilding the XFL. In the original XFL, McMahon was too hands-on with everything and when I say that I mean literally anything from the day-to-day operations to the game broadcasts. He even used WWE employees in some positions. This time, however, McMahon has given the football operations to Luck (Andrew's father) who has hit the ground running. He has a proven track record of success and has put together a long resume of various decision making positions in both the pro and college ranks since retiring from his pro career in 1986.

6 More Innovative Broadcasts

The XFL will plan to innovate in the broadcast. Instead of a staged interview at the end of the first or third quarter or during halftime, we can make it much more organic and a natural part of the broadcast," said Brad Zager, Fox Sports executive producer, executive vice president and head of production and operations. "They just scored a huge touchdown, of course you're going to hear from the quarterback, and of course you're going to hear from the coach." Also in the broadcast they will be more accepting of gambling while the NFL is a bit more cautious about it. This alone may draw in more potential fans. XFL president and COO Jeffrey Pollack said in a statement.
"We are bringing a spirit of innovation to our game and fan experience, and our television partners share this approach, We want what our fans want, and many of our fans enjoy legal betting on football. Integrating the point spreads and betting lines into our broadcasts will create a more robust viewing experience that deepens our fan engagement and connectivity."

This is something that will make fans more connected to the sidelines and the game itself. A really smart idea that could go a long way

7 Sufficient Time to Prepare

Unlike the AAF which felt rushed the XFL had time to prepare. They announced the reiteration of the league in 2018 therefore there was more time to make a plan. The AAF was announced in October 2018 and began in February 2019 overall they were so desperate they ultimately failed. This XFL had 2 years and so far seems to be a much better product. Coincidence? I don't think so

8 Viable Alternative to College for Players

In the NFL, you are required to stay in college for at least three years. With the college athletics landscape becoming increasingly interesting, there may be opportunities down the road for juniors and seniors who believe that a product like the XFL is a better environment for them than remaining in college. In short, not only can the XFL serve a purpose of providing a professional development platform for players on the cusp of NFL-level caliber, but it can also become a breeding ground for younger elite high school players who feel that the XFL is a better final training ground before graduating to the NFL than college.

Think of this: if you're a high schooler trying to make it to the NFL, this XFL league may be a better stepping stone, with slightly higher level talent and the added benefit of getting paid at the same time.

9 Faster Paced Than the NFL

Kind of going along with the New Rules item the XFL is trying to be more fast paced. The New Rule Changes will make the games go faster and be more high scoring. One significant change is a 25 second play clock compared to 40 seconds in the NFL.

10 Big Name Head Coaches

All of these head Coaches have had some success on the gridiron in the past. New York's Kevin Gilbride won two Super Bowls with the Giants,DC's Pep Hamilton has coached the likes of Alex Smith, Jay Cutler, Andrew Luck, and Chad Pennington. St. Louis' Jonathan Hayes spent 16 years as the right-hand man of Marvin Lewis with the Cincinnati Bengals, Tampa Bay's Marc Trestman is a respected play-caller and quarterback coach. Dallas' Bob Stoops built the Oklahoma Sooners program into what it is today, while Los Angeles' Winston Moss is known for his defensive acumen after nearly two decades as a key NFL defensive assistant. Houston's June Jones has engineered high-powered offenses in the NFL, CFL, and the NCAA, while Seattle's Jim Zorn helped build pro football in that city. That's quite a list of achievements and that's just scratching the surface

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