Funniest Kit Names that Don't Exist from Warrior Cats


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21 Poopykit

Is he brown? Was he born in his mom's poop? I wonder how it felt...but it must have been gross...EWWW YUCK!

Poopystar...he must be a bad leader

Poopykit: "Mama where do kits come from? "
Some random mother who just happens to be his: "Well, most kits come out of butts, clean and nice. Problem was, with YOU, you came out as a turd. I soon realized you wee not a kit, but a part of a wonderful thing, called Diahrea. You're in the shape of a kit so we called you Poopykit.
wish I hadnt eaten that berry the med gave to me..." - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

22 SwagKit V 1 Comment
23 Memekit

Memekit is the only cat who has made friends with a dog.


24 LOLkit V 1 Comment
25 Conkit
26 Warriorkit

I can imagine his warrior name being Warriorcat. - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

27 Bosskit
28 Over90000kit
29 Foreveralonekit
30 Hungrykit
31 Wildkit
32 Turkeykit
33 Popkit V 1 Comment
34 Pigletkit
35 Pancakekit
36 Chocolatekit
37 Apprenticekig

What's a kig - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

38 Leaderkit
39 Dogkit

WOW dogstar

40 Kittenkit
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