Funniest Kit Names that Don't Exist from Warrior Cats


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21 Warriorkit

I can imagine his warrior name being Warriorcat. - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

22 Fsjalkit
23 Turkeykit

A brown, white and orange kit with wings and GIANT tail feathers
Turkeykit was raised by turkeys
So he says cluck cluck cluck
Turkeykit, Turkeypaw, turkeywing, turkeystar

24 Dogkit

WOW dogstar

One of the most normal names even though it's called funniest"
he sounds evil... DUN DUN DUNNN

Srry bout that...

25 Kitcatkit V 1 Comment
26 Memekit

Memekit is the only cat who has made friends with a dog.


27 Runtkit

Ok I've seen a lot of these and I think this is the most normal

Runt kit the runt of the litter

28 LOLkit V 1 Comment
29 Conkit
30 Bosskit
31 Over90000kit
32 Foreveralonekit
33 Hungrykit
34 Wildkit
35 Popkit V 1 Comment
36 Pigletkit
37 Pancakekit
38 Chocolatekit
39 Apprenticekig

What's a kig - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

40 Leaderkit
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