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81 Roddy Piper vs Mr T

When Mr T assisted Hogan it caught the ire of Piper, leading to matches at the first two Wrestlemania's.

82 Pat Patterson vs Sgt Slaughter

Their early 80's grudge matches were a thing to behold.

83 Bob Backlund vs Greg Valentine

In the early 80's they had a series of WWF title matches that were off the chart. Valentine came up short though, in his quest to win the title.

84 Verne Gagne vs NWA

Back in the 50's Gagne wrestled Thesz in three matches that ended in a draw. The NWA's unwillingness to have Gagne become their world champion led to Gagne starting his own promotion, the AWA. The two battled for talent and ratings for over 30 years.

85 Hulk Hogan vs Paul Orndorff

Two wrestlers that were bodybuilder types with simular backgrounds. The difference was Hogan had all the fame an Orndorff wanted to take it from him.

86 Ric Flair vs Terry Funk

Former world champ Funk feeling disrespected by Flair in an attempt to get a title shot, snaps an severely injures Flair. This led to arguably the best rivalry of 89'.

87 Terry Funk vs Mick Foley

Before they were friends they had several legendary hardcore matches.

88 Booker T vs Chris Benoit

Their best of seven series for the WCW T.V. title was epic.

89 Magnum T.A. vs Nikita Koloff

They had a best of seven series for the NWA U.S.title that was something unseen before.

90 Hulk Hogan vs Bobby Heenan

From the time Hogan landed in the AWA in 81' through the mid 90's in WCW, Heenan's #1 mission was to stack opponents in front of him. Anybody from Bockwinkel to Andre, he never wanted Hogan to succeed.

91 Ricky Steamboat vs Rick Rude

Their matches in the early 90's stole the show most nights.

92 Tito Santana vs Greg Valentine

Valentine took Santana to the school of hard knocks but Santana benefitted from it.

93 Lex Luger vs Nikita Koloff

Their late 80's battles for the NWA U.S. title led to Koloff wearing a neck brace for several months.

94 Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake vs The British Bulldogs

Their WWF tag team title matches were something of legend.

95 Ric Flair vs Barry Windham

They had some of the best matches of the late 80's.

96 Pedro Morales vs Don "The Rock" Muraco

A heated rivalry that led to the I.C. title switching hands a couple of times in the early 80's.

97 Dick The Bruiser And The Crusher vs Dusty Rhodes And Dick Murdock

Their AWA tag team title matches in the late 60's, early 70's were incredible.

98 Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

Their cruiserweight matches in WCW and WWF were so fast they looked like a blur in the ring.

99 Carlos Colon vs Abdullah The Butcher

Their brutal rivalry lasted two decades.

100 Wahoo McDaniel vs Johnny Valentine

One of the best in the 70's.

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