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21 Yachi Hitoka

One of the most underrated characters of the show. to be honest I judged her at first but she's one of the most relatable characters on the show. The fact that she had this anxiety thing around people ((mainly boys)) made me like her even more. She was degraded by her mom which made her feel negative about everything. I really like her.

22 Shirabu Kenjirõ

A true hardworker. Is totally relatable, also I love his design.

23 Sakuragi Hanamichi
24 Akaashi Keiji

He is a very professional setter that uses perfect logic. He uses very respectful words toward people who are higher in grades than him. Considered to be one of the youngest in the team, he is the main player of his team and is able to pull up Bokuto when he is in a bad mood and even the entire team.

I think he needs more love and NEEDS TO BE KNOWN MORE! And you can't say no to that pretty face - IWishSoHardSometimes

Literally, this boy is beautiful. Besides, I admire him a lot for being able to put up with Bokuto and his emotional waves. To add onto that, he's pretty smart and he's humble. He just needs love.

Total cutie and need to be more noticed
so cute

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25 Terushima Yuuji
26 Chikara Ennoshita

The most underrated character of this series. He understands his friends and is very relatable. - AmythestDiamond

27 Kiyoko Shimizu

Tanaka and Noya would be mad if they saw this oml.

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