Saddest Deaths In the Halo Series

Halo, it's a masterpiece of a game, and sometimes make you cry miserably over the loss of an amazing character. So, without further ado here's the saddest deaths in all of halo. NOTE: Mainly for the games, but if you want to include the novels or characters from FUD be my guest.
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1 Noble 6 - Halo: Reach

Literally was the only other person besides chief to be labeled a hyper lethal vector and as far as we can tell from lore a Head Hunter. These were Spartans who were proficient in killing high value targets on their own or in little groups in a stealthily manner. Also I'm sorry for all you Chief fan boys. He seems( by Oni ) to be more classified and his profile is covered in black ink. Also Holland used to call him is own personal Grim Reaper. He also made whole insurrection groups go dark by himself. Decide for yourself who was better

There will never be another character like noble 6. He is the only customizable character in halo. I hope bungie doesn’t try to replace him

Most badass death. His actions actually led to humanity's victory against the Covenant.

The reason his death is so sad is that he IS us

2 Sergeant Avery Johnson - Halo 3

We literally played with this man in Halo: CE, 2, 3 (and somewhat in Reach and ODST (and in Halo 4 as an easter egg)). One of the most badass and coolest characters in the game.

He is the greatest of all marines

Noble 6's death is overrated johnsons is underrated.

Whay did he go

3 Cortana - Halo 4

The Chief and Cortana, one of THE best duos in all of gaming, and it is now broken. The Chief has gone through a lot in his many years of service. The risk of earth being destroyed, the deaths of Johnson and Miranda, but he always held it together and shrugged it off. But when Cortana died, Chief actually went into grief, actually questioned his humanity, on who he really was. Something he should had questioned long before. Cortana was Johns only real friend. She always held him together, always helped him through his missions, and vice-versa. Cortana was the side of chief that had been long gone, and she made a man who was pretty much machine and gave him his morals that he never truly had. She actually convinced him that he was a person rather than a puppet of the military. When she sacrificed herself for him and Earth, Chief thought he had failed his duty to protect her. But she simply says that they both did their duties, to watch for each other.

I hated it when cortana died

Cortanas death I think took us all by surprise

This was just done so beautifully. The buildup and execution were absolutely heartbreaking, and the acting...THE ACTING WAS ON POINT. It makes me SO mad that Halo 5 ruined this moment!

4 Jorge - Halo: Reach

The Big Man was sentimental.
Keep them, He gave him to you. I'll honor him my own way.

He gave his life thinking he just saved the planet. We should all be so lucky"

He sacrificed himself thinking he just saved Reach.

he died for nothing a fleet comes out of slip space he died thinking he saved reach

He sacrifices himself for noble 6. YOU ARE NOBLE 6

5 Miranda Keyes - Halo 3

very sudden

6 Carter - Halo: Reach

I cried a lot when he died. One of the best Leaders in the Saga.

its sad because he sacrifices himself to save you but it was a heroic death but not cheesey

love the reach game y do they always kill off the best ...
let them rest in valhalla!

7 Emile - Halo: Reach

He was my favourite and sacrificed himself... truly a hero

Just a great/sad death

I loved him.He was such the hero.

his last words were " I'm ready, are you ready!

8 Captain Keyes - Halo: Combat Evolved

I never got to liking this character even in reach

9 Kat - Halo: Reach

the reason it's so sad is because it is so sudden not everyone gets a heroic death

10 Foe - Halo: Combat Evolved
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11 Sgt.Forge - Halo:Wars

Sad death, pretty underrated character in an underrated game.

one of my favorite characters dies heroically

12 The Rookie - Halo New Blood
13 Sam-034 - Halo: The Fall of Reach

its always sad when they die sacrificing them selfs

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