Top 10 Hardest Categories of Lists to Make On TheTopTens


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1 Animals

Yes, it has some hard parts, but it's actually quite easy compared to other categories. There's still LOTS of ideas out there! - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Or you could do what PositronWildHawk did and make objective lists like smallest dog breeds. - Songsta41

They didn't take every idea, they just took every idea for a list people will actually vote on. - GhostBird

I think I only created one of these. I created the list of underrated animals. - RalphBob

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2 Books

You'd be surprised how many of these lists don't exist. Best fantasy books of all time didn't exist, so I created it. There a lot more ideas like that you could use. - Songsta41

Not hard. There are barely enough of these compared to other categories, so it wouldn't be hard. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I don't even like books - Nateawesomeness

I know,right? This list is on point! - frankjackson

3 Consumer Services

I am glad to move this above music. - gemcloben

4 Companies and Products

I have achieved quite some categories of lists. But surprisingly I don't even know when did I created a (or more) list of this category. - zxm

I've made one list on companies, and I wish I could alter the iems on it... - Turkeyasylum

Companies like Disney and Nintendo are easy,all the rest are hard - Nateawesomeness

5 Music

Not hard at all. If a "best songs on an album" list is made, you can just make a best songs on these two albums list. You can search for unknown bands and make a best songs list for them. Best riffs, best riffs on an album, best solos, the list goes on. I mostly make music lists, and so do most users. Music lists are the easiest lists to make. - Songsta41

The last time I tried making a music list, it took me a LONG time just to write a one-sentence description of one item. I'm not an expert when it comes to describing music. Not only that, every ideas are taken - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Really? Above food and lifestyle? - gemcloben

There are already too many music lists. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Television
7 Education
8 World
9 Lifestyle
10 Food

This is really hard especially when you have different textures and tastes.

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11 Miscellaneous
12 Humor

If you have a bad taste of humor, it would be very hard to make a list in "Humor" category. - 7357

This category is probably the easiest for me. - PianoQueen

13 Internet

To be honest, all you have to do is make a stupid user ranking list... - Turkeyasylum

Hard to make lists about technical programming, though.

14 Games
15 People
16 Movies
17 TheTopTens
18 Sports
19 History

Its one of the hardest kinds of lists to make. Cause history must be accurate. However, this needs most knowledge to make - zxm

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