Hardest Rainbow Roads in the Mario Kart Series

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1 Wii Rainbow Road

This course is easy to fall off on!

Beautiful but deadly.

Fall off and watch your hard-earned place go higher and higher. The hardest ever.

I cannot even believe Blue Shells are allowed in this course! Oh, and if you crash into a railing with too much momentum, a gravity glitch happens and you fall right off!

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2 GBA Rainbow Road

This has to be the hardest in my opinion. The fact that the edges of the track are bouncy and make falling go by slower than normal makes this very hard. Also the Boost Pads will make you feel out of control and makes it easy to fall off of! If it wasn't for the Boost Pads than the SNES Rainbow Road would be harder than this! The retro mechanics do not help at all!

This should be #1. First of all Mario Kart Wii has good control mechanics and also the SNES Rainbow Road doesn't have Boost Pads or anything like that. I put this at number one when I was making this list for a reason. Let's get it back up there!

Reasons why this is harder than any other Rainbow Road:

SNES Rainbow Road: No Boost Pads that make you feel out of control. GBA's Rainbow Road has Boost Pads that make you feel out of control.
N64 Rainbow Road: Easier in every way. GBA's is harder in every way.
GCN Rainbow Road, DS Rainbow Road, Wii Rainbow Road, and 3DS Rainbow Road: Good control mechanics. GBA has bad control mechanics.

Playing this track feels like getting sucker punched in the gut, and at the same time someone kicks you in the balls (with shoes on). And after that, you get stomped on by an elephant. Then you get shot in the foot by Clint Eastwood. Then your hand gets run over by a dump truck! Then you get roundhouse kicked by Chuck Norris! Then a guy with a battle axe chops your fingers off while your other hand gets set on fire! Then you get hit by an explosion, sending you flying off a cliff, causing you to use your hand to break your fall! And then, on top of that, your head gets bitten off ...more

This is way too hard. How is Wii Rainbow Road number one? Wii and SNES Rainbow Roads are NOT harder than this. Mario Kart Wii has good graphics unlike Mario Kart Super Circuit, so Mkwii's Rainbow Road is extremely easy compared to GBA's Rainbow Road. All those retards keeps voting for Wii's Rainbow Road just because it's the first thing they see on the list. Also GBA RR track is extremely narrow unlike Wii's version which is extremely wide.

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3 SNES Rainbow Road

This track really separated the women from the girls. Every turn was at least 90 degrees and there were no guardrails. The ramps tempted you to shave as much off that last stretch as possible, only to fall to your doom. Swerving to avoid Thwomps slowed you down but those tempted to drive under them had to be careful of their timing. Every aspect of this track required total awareness.

This track is easy. Easy to fall off of.

This was the first course on the first SNES game I ever played. Boy, that set a tone!

My vote has to go to the SNES version mainly because it lacks guardrails throughout, it has thwomps trying to block your way, and it has 90 degree sharp turns. This puts your driving skills to the ultimate maximum.

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4 GCN Rainbow Road

Those sharp turns are too painful to turn through. And if someone knocks you off the track on the first lap, good luck catching up to those other people!

I had a lot of trouble with this Track especially on 150cc. It took a while to really master, but even still at times you could not avoid falling or being pushed off, going from first to last in a matter of seconds. With no railings and boosts on turns, this is definitely the hardest Rainbow Road

The spiral with the boosts is a death trap if hit a boost or get hit by anything

5 Wii U Rainbow Road

I remember falling off the track a lot when I first played mario kart 8 rainbow road

You have 5% chance of winning on this one.

6 DS Rainbow Road

This was hard on 150cc and 150cc mirror I got mario karted twice and fell from 1st to 8th place on the final lap and finished 8th place, the first time I got 1st still with 1st on other cups, other time I had to redo the cup to unlock rob when I did mirror mode, because of one 3rd place, when I did it the again I finished 3rd place on rainbow road

I thought it was going to be in Mario Kart 8 because the loops would have been a great place to use the anti-gravity feature.

If ever something hits you while you are in the loop section, instant death

I thought it was going to be in Mario Kart 8 because thr loops would have been a great place to use the anti-gravity feature.

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7 3DS Rainbow Road

Very simple, avoid the heavyweights (because they are op on this course) and drift good

The moon though

8 N64 Rainbow Road

You mean the bordered one with no obstacles?

9 SNES Rainbow Road (GBA version)
10 SNES Rainbow Road (3DS version)

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11 N64 Rainbow Road (Wii U version)

The chomps are impossible to avoid. Is there more to be said.

12 SNES Rainbow Road (Wii U version)

The fact that the thwomps make you not only spin out, but actually lose some coins is pretty annoying. And the one ramp that cuts off that one turn... I fall off more than I succeed. And the final ramp that stretches over the gap-- Forget it, unless you have a mushroom, and even then speeding into the 90° turn is absolute heck. It's a wonder why Nintendo even bothered to remake this one THREE TIMES!

13 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Not a Rainbow Road. - POWERStarz2004

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