Top Ten Most Hated Cricketers of All Time


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1 Virat Kohli

He is such an angry, aggressive, disrespectful little man. He doesn't match the rest of the Indian team who all seem to be very likeable and respectful. He even looks angry when he isn't, perhaps it's those eyebrows!

Good player but crying baby on defeat against Pakistan...honestly its true

Never... Not at all how Kohli is at 2nd place... he shouldn't be in the list only - Neeoo

Ya he is one of the most hated among the cricketers in world for his attitude

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2 Ricky Ponting

I love ricky ponding

Man he is best

3 Shoaib Akhtar

Yeah I thought he was the most arrogant. When he got Matt Hayden out years ago he was carrying on like an imbecile.

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4 Shahid Afridi

He retires when he wants to trend. He was just selected in Pakistan Cricket team because they wanted someone younger than the Master Blaster God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar!

No in my opinion everyone likes him.. every single person I meet is a fan of shahid afridi

He always release pressure of Pakistan

Most Hated Cricketers of All tiem afridi

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5 Javed Miandad

Worst cricketer and worst personality.

I think you are really mad

6 S. Sreesanth

He is the most hated Indian Cricketer because of his fixing in IPL. - paasadani

7 M.S. Dhoni

Best captain...pressure releaser...captain cool...and most satisfying records as a middle order batsman and wicket-keeper batsman...i love him a lot...KING of CRICKET...the most loved and respected Indian player after Sachin...

Most idiot and hated person...

Because he is very selfish.So,he is the most hated player now a days..

The cricketer with most number of Haters!
Involved in CSK Fixing scandal but saved for the sake of Indian Cricket's dignity!

8 Herchelle Gibbs
9 Yuvraj Singh

He is Looking nice. Most handsome cricketer in the world. And where is Ganguly.

No Never... He gave India 2 World Cups.. Hr played 2011 WC with Cancerous tumour.. Hr vomitted blood on field but he still never gave up.. What matters when he's not in form in Wc 2013.. He's a Fighter..

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10 Kamran Akmal


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11 Naseer Hussain
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