Top Ten Mental Illnesses People Should Stop Throwing Around

Used to comment about how people joke and ultimately diminish the pain on part of the sufferers and the illnesses that so affect their life. No, I have none of these... To my knowledge. But its been getting on my nerves. If you wouldn't joke about cancer, or polio, don't joke about a mental illness either.
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1 Depression

Sad to know that there are people who think it's a joke or take having it just for attention. Having depression isn't aesthetic or cool, there are also other types of depression if people didn't knew.

Very few people I know who say they have depression really don't. I out of most people would know. My father has depression, not depressed for a short period of time but for the rest of his life. I have depression. My father has depression. My grandfather ahs depression. I am starting to think it may be genetic. This person I know, gonna call her E for privacy. E came to me one day and told me she had depression she showed me a scar on her wrist, sure enough it was from self harm but the way she said it didn't seem right. And besides you don't just tell people you have depression. My dad had to explain to me that I had it. I told him I felt different and sad, he sat me down and explained the whole thing to me. Also you get these people who where black makeup and act gothic and suicidal which they're not, they for some reason think it's cool to be depressed and let me tell you it's not.

For some reason lots of people think it's cool or awesome to be "depressed". It is not. People who walk around boasting about the cuts on their arms and their morbid poetry are not truly depressed; people who are actually afflicted with this terrible disease do not wave it around as something to be proud of. It is not okay to fake it, nor is it okay to make fun of people who are devastated by it. It's a terrible, heartbreaking condition and we should be helping those affected by it, not imitating or making fun of them.

People are also so prejudiced against it. they think that it is nothing more than feeling sad. They think that it isn't that bad and suicidal people are selfish. They throw that term around so much as a joke. I hate it so much. "Stop being depressed" is as stupid as "stop hallucinating" to a person with schizophrenia (also something I probably have) or "stop having tumors" to a person with cancer. My brother wrote a school paper going on and on about how suicidal people have no reason to be depressed. That made me hate him.

2 Mental Retardation

ADULTS use this word. My aunt wants to be a therapist and uses this word for everything. She's going to offend many people and will fail her job as a therapist if she can't learn the truth soon. People at my old charter school were taught many times about retardation and still use it. Horrible, HORRIBLE thing to throw around! SERIOUSLY!

It's thrown around far too much, in schools especially. Kids need to understand that it's not a joking matter and shouldn't be used as an insult. It's like people who use the word "gay" to mean lame or stupid. It's not okay to use the word "retarded" as an insult; for God's sake, it used to be a simple medical term!

A lot of the kids at my school call each other retarded. I have a feeling most of them don't even know what it means. I don't usually say stuff like this, but it's one of the saddest and worst things about this generation ( back then it was a medical term! ).

The word "retard" is considered offensive, but idiot moron or imbecile isn't lol. When idiot means people with profound mental retardation(0-24 IQ), imbecile means people with moderate to severe mental retardation(30-50 IQ), and moron means people with mild mental retardation(50-75 IQ).


quotes from people I know part 2
1. Ugh Disneyland is cleaning the people who work there are OCD!
2. Gage I kicked out my brother so I will not die he has an iq of 0-24 That means he is OCD
3. Wait when you were a kid Gage you liked Caillou from age 3-5 you have OCD no more of my friend you are.
4. Minecraft is OCD
5. Roblox players have OCD
6. You are a my little pony fan You Have OCD

My brother does this calling me Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. I want to punch him in the face after he does this to me. I do it in the air once I get away from him when he does this to me. It is that bad. I have bad OCD. I always have to stick to a certain schedule or else I freak out and expect the worst case scenario to happen (I also have Anxiety), I always obsess on whether I closed all of the tabs on my computer before going to bed, those "OCD TRIGGER" picture drive me crazy, I can't have my webcam not centered on my face, I wash my hands whenever I get sticky stuff on them, after using the bathroom, before eating and even when they smell bad. After a shower, I don't wash my hands so that I can keep the smell of that soap on my hands rather than tainting it with another smell. Same with doing anything at all that would taint it. I also have to have plans before doing anything or else I would freak out. Sorry, my ADHD made me say all of this. I like to talk. Ok bye

quotes from people I know
1. I'm so clean I'm OCD
2. I'm not just sure Gage. I'm OCD positive
3. It's spring cleaning so that means I gonna suffer from OCD so I will not clean
4. Don't pet the meatloaf because you are lonely you'll get the horrible thing called OCD!1!
5. AAAHHHHH I am running away from Andy Gage. He is scared of germs that means he has OCD I will be affected and die AHHHHHH!
6. Oh no I turned color blind I might have the deadly disease called OCD!

I am 13, probably have schizophrenia (or another type of psychosis) and probably bipolar disorder. I don't have OCD but I don't understand why people get all concerned when the hear about my illnesses, but don't when others talk about their OCD. They have mental disorders just as much as I do.

4 Autism

Having Asperger's is a HUGE disadvantage. I also suffer depression, and almost suffer OCD and social anxiety. I always am made fun of for living, or roaming this planet. I have a weird last name, and suffer from loud noises. Heck, it took me 15 years to admit this, but I used to be afraid of flushing public toilets. I've even attempted suicide because of this. It doesn't help with the fact that people call it a disease.

I HATE IT when people use autism as an insult.

1. Many leading figures have had autism, such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison. Without them, some of our nation's greatest inventions and discoveries would have not been accomplished.

2. Some autistic people are highly intelligent, especially those with high-functioning autism.

3. It is just rude and unpleasant for many people.

I have autism and it's very hard to live with, even in it's mildest forms. Sensory hypersensitivities and communication issues end up producing meltdowns when you least expect it. Many people don't understand it, yet once I'm overwhelmed, I lose control of my impulses. It takes a few days afterward to calm myself down again.

Yeah, this bugs me, cause my mum works at a special school.
I myself do not have autism, but a few minor sensory issues (with crowds, closed/dark/noisy places, fast movement near my head) and it irritates me when people self diagnose, or 'diagnose' others.

5 Psychopathic/Sociopathic Disorders

It's only the low-functioning psychopaths that tend to commit crimes because they are stupid. I am high-functioning and couldn't care less to go out of my way to steal some money from the store or kill someone.

Yeah, people need to stop calling their abusive ex-boyfriends and girlfriends sociopaths and psychopaths,". They are way more likely to be neurotypical and neurotypicals can be jerks too. Actually most psychos and sociopaths don't event go around commuting crimes. I know someone who is a diagnosed psychopath and he isn't violent, just shallow with no empathy. He doesn't manipulate people and could care less about forming deep bonds so he keeps to himself. He is an attorney for immigration.

As of 9/27/19 it has been exactly 1 year since Shane Dawson's 2nd episode of his documentary series "Mind of Jake Paul". Filled with misinformation, stigma, and pointless imagery. I wonder how it affected the ignorant teenagers who watched it. Probably thinking their family members, friends, and themselves are sociopaths or that if they were one they are totally unchangeable. Shane, please don't make something like this again, EVER!

This condition is downright terrifying, chances are, you aren't a psychopath, and the people you're calling psychopaths, are probably not psychopaths. And Sherlock is probably not a sociopath either. Yep.

6 Bipolar/Manic Depressive Disorder

My teachers say my state is bipolar because the weather changes.

And apparently my friend is bipolar when she has her periods...

Well. I don't know anymore. They don't know anymore. Changes of emotions or changes of weather does not make anything bipolar. Or anyone.

Bipolar doesn't always mean the illness. In fact, the first definition for bipolar is as follows: Having or relating to two poles or extremities.
So yes, it can mean weather, emotions, or whatever. Where do you think the illness gets it's name? From that definition.

"Throw it around"... IIf anyone throws it around and makes it a fashion must-have, it's the ignorant celebrities, who haven't got it, but obviously feels left out because of it.

Apologizing in advance if I show a complete ignorance to any of these mental illnesses! But I believe these are the same?

7 Schizophrenia

I have schizophrenia, and have since the age of four. I remember when I was a little girl, screaming and crying for my parents because I was seeing scary images in my room and hearing voices saying they were going to kill me. I remember at age 9, after I moved away from my best friend, she was standing in the corner of my room, smiling at me. I hear voices in languages I don't understand. At school, I hear my mother calling my name. I turn around and she's running up to me, wanting to give me a hug. I blink and she's gone.
Can someone please tell me about treatment for schizophrenia, because this is getting out of control, and it has been for the last eight years.

Well it isn't thrown around much. Just the opposite. We use it to define people. Why does everyone focus on Syd Barrett's illness instead of his music or John Nash's illness instead of his mathematics for example? I probably have it and the hallucinations and delusions and other things are so horrible. It's a living hell.

I haven't heard it thrown around necessarily negatively, but people use it as an adjective in ways that I just don't understand. I've heard, "My music taste is schizophrenic" and "This band's lyrics are schizophrenic" and even (to describe one band's genre in particular) the phrase "schizophrenic pop" which I do not appreciate at all (glorification of a terrible mental illness).

By far one of the most terrifying illnesses I have ever read about. The very stories have been keeping me up at night. It doesn't mean someone has multiple personalities, in fact, I Googled it because I didn't understand what it was in the context of slang. Just... No. It's a debilitating condition, and it's awful.

8 Anorexia/Eating Disorders

This is problably the most glamorized mental illness. There are people who consider themselves to be 'pro-ana' there were sites dedicated to EDs and how to make them even worst. There are many people that think EDs are a choice. In my country people are tought that anorexia nervosa is ONLY about seeing somoene fatter than the real you when you look in the mirror.

I'm not anorexic because I'm skinny. Someone is anorexic if they are purposefully starving themselves in order to lose weight, achieve a body goal, or simply to gain a sense of control in their lives. Not okay to toss around to anyone who is skinny!

I used to have binge eating, possibly because of my anxiety and depression reaching near enough breaking point and I found food comforting. I hate it when the internet jokes about any eating disorder. It isn't nice.

I'm sick of Anorexia being tossed left right and centre, it is serious! You can get sick, or die from this!


I just realized I have this, and if it really weren't for homework, I would be getting bad grades. I have all the symptoms to this. I can sometimes be really hyperactive for some random thought I have in my head. I often have a hard time concentrating in class, I often distract myself with objects or just daydream too much. I have a hard time following instructions that I have to ask people. I often forget important things, like my homework(I end up doing it in class). I am a huge procrastinator and usually start projects I don't finish. And I often can talk and interrupt others sometimes.

As a child with ADHD, I believe I can speak on behalf of all of my brothers and sisters who suffer from this disease, which will forever be in the shadow of more serious but less common mental illnesses.

All my life ( to this point) I have been told to sit still and pay attention, that I don't have to talk, that I should go to bed at a specific time. I have to try so hard to do the things listed above that it wears me out to the point I don't want to continue to wake up in the mornings and drag myself to school, I want a day or two extra to rest, a day or two extra that I am aloud to stay out of my seat and don't have to glue my eyes to the board and teacher, a day that I can stay up until I feel like going to sleep. It starts to make you go insane, staring at the ceiling in the dark, no noise, and I stay in my bed laying for hours on end, tossing and turning, reviewing my day and seeing If I had made anyone upset or said a joke that was taken the wrong way, if I did, I would ...more

This disorder is horrible. I don't have the Hyperactivity part although, I have the AD part. I constantly forget what I needed to do when I enter a room. I take medicine, thankfully. I wish children would get diagnosed with it in the 70s or 60s.

This kid in my school has this, and he has this daily routine of complaining how everyone hates him, and points fingers who hate him (blaming poeple who hate him or blaming himself for something he didn't do). He also gets so mad all the time. He acts like a strict parent. I feel bad for him. Stop joking about this!

10 Borderline Personality Disorder

I was recently diagnosis with this, along with having bipolar disorder and anxiety. When describing this to my friends and family they think I'm crazy, although they were fine with me saying bipolar. I've been asked if I hear voices or have different personalities. By ex boyfriends I was known as the crazy ex but that's because part of my bpd is fear of rejection. Although I'm tired all the time, I'm pretty good at hiding it. I do wish they would change the name of this disease.

I don't know why, but this has become very popular lately. It's a truely awful disease and gets a nasty reputation as "crazy ex girlfriend syndrom". Men can have it too! People make so many assumptions as if bpd makes a person an evil liar who manipulates. Even psychiatrists avoid bpd patients. We can't get better if you stigmatize us!

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11 Anxiety Disorders/Phobic

I hate this. Only a few people I know have this. My mom, brother, not my dad because I am too scared to tell him because of his reaction, my second and third best friends know this (I also have OCD, that's why I have an order), and one girl who I trust. We are not dating. My brother always tells me to do certain things and he knows I have this and he calls me a wimp if I don't do the thing that he wants me to do. For example, go into the basement of my house at night, (that place scares me. When the light is off, I wait at least 5 minutes before going down there after I turn the lights on.) and he called me a wimp because I didn't get something that he wanted.

I can't believe those females who pretend to have mental disorders just to look cute, there's nothing charming about having an anxiety disorder, it literally ruined my life!

Sometimes people think that they might have social anxiety because they are very shy. This is somewhat understandable. However, you should research before claiming to be socially anxious. It's terrifying and makes school and just life in general near enough impossible to like. I am a nerd. I like lessons and learning stuff. But my anxiety.. UGH!

I always hope nobody notices me, yet at the same time, hope for someone to notice my suffering and comfort me in some way. I want to talk. I want to share my opinions. Yet it's impossible for me to. I can't just go up to someone and talk. I can't make real friends. I can barely even talk to the friends I have. They barely feel like my friends anymore. They're just blended in with everyone else. I barely show any emotion. I am scared that I seem cold and scared that I seem like I show too much emotion. So I mostly show nothing at all. I must look like a damn robot. When I eat at lunch time, I fear that I am eating too much. I just get ...more

I'm in elementary and I always hear this being thrown around. "Yeah, I have anxiety, I always freak out when I have a test" no, that's just you being nervous. As a person I have anxiety attacks and kids just laugh along and say "yeah, I get them all the time" no you don't.

12 Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is pretty serious guys. I've had panic attacks before and trust me, it's not cute. It's serious. It feels like you can't breathe and like everything is happening all at once. It's hard to explain but trust me, we. Are. Not. Cute.

I'm so sick of every 21st century born teenage girl diagnosing themselves with this condition after a 60 second Google search and just because it's the trendy health problem to have at the moment.

I hate people who fake this. I actually have this and I can tell a lot of teens do not have the symptoms of this disorder. Social Anxiety is NOT a trend

I had my brain scanned from an fmri and it was positive for social anxiety. I hate that it's romanticized.

13 Down Syndrome

I remember when I was in fourth grade and there was this little boy in one of the preschool classes who had down syndrome and he was the cutest kid ever.

Many believe this is the same as autism but it's not. I hope anyone who has this lives life to the fullest and never feels invalid.

I know a least 5 people with Down syndrome and one of them is my crush.

You have a crush on a down syndrome person. That is weird.

14 Asperger's Syndrome

This isn't a bad thing, you know. I have it and it generally doesn't interfere with my daily life too much (apart from anxiety when going to different places around the school, and I also lack affective empathy). Likewise, it isn't a good thing to have. I don't have anything to make up for my Aspergers, it's not like I'm a savant or a super-genius or anything. But some people will never learn.

Remember that nickname others give this syndrome? Yeah. This isn't very severe, but when combined with other problems (especially #2! ), this can be a serious problem.

They are cool people. (But I cringe at the nickname for them which involves donkeys and a type of pastry..)

15 Dyslexia

I have dyslexia, it's annoying, I can't think like others. I haven't told anyone although I was diagnosed years ago. I have heard about other kids in my school who have got bullied because of having dyslexia. Before I was diagnosed my parent and teachers just thought I was slacking off, but at least now they know I just can't do the work

16 Tourette's Syndrome

I've suffered from this horrific condition since age twelve. I'm bullied, mocked, and have little friends because of it. Not to mention the physical and emotional pain. Tourette's is NOT funny.

This is nothing to joke around about. People get embarrassed, yelled at, etc for something they can't control.

If anyone who made fun of it would experience it for 1 day, they would stop being rude

17 Misophonia

I have had Misophonia for almost all of my life. I used to yell at my sister for eating or doing any thing that annoyed me. I also used to think that it bothered everyone so I would try to do things really quietly. If I tell this to any one they say that it is not real or that I can deal with it. Some other people when I tell them say oh yeah it annoys me when people do that too. Most of the time they are lying. one time I went to great wolf loge with her family and there people were snoring. It was crazy I was going insane. I went out side on the little balcony that we had and lucky me the air conditioning that was right next to the balcony turned on. that drove me crazy. I couldn't find so where quiet to be and I started to have a panic attack. Curling up in a ball and rocking my self back and forth. if you tink that you have this think twice less than 200,000 people in the world have it.

Where do I start?

This is horrible. I have to listen to electronic or lounge music to prevent something getting triggered. My singing trigger happens rarely though. Chewing is my worst one. A TV show once triggered it. It's absolutely awful. So to tie it up, it's not that nice.

18 Schizoid Personality Disorder

Actually there are some benefits of having a schizoid personality, like a good control over your emotions

19 Hypochondria

People are told to stop being hypochondriacs if they get a little bit worried about their health once or twice. That is not hypochondria. Hypochondria, or to use its medical term hypochondriasis, is a debilitating mental condition. I have suffered from it for I don't know how long now. For me it ranges from mild to severe. Imagine being frozen to the floor crying because you're sure you're going to die soon, and you're pretty much imagining a bad swing of hypochondria.

I have this and it's ruining my life! I always think I have some some deadly disease that will kill me in a few months. When I had a headache I thought I had brain cancer and when my legs started to twitch I thought I had als.

I have this in a very severe form. I become so worried that even the slightest pain makes me think I have cancer or something.
I wouldn't even wish this on my worst enemy!

20 Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Not every person with this disorder is evil. It exists on a spectrum and some people have more severe symptoms than others. It is caused by childhood trauma and abuse too.

21 Pedophilia

@V-Curve They mean making definitions of pedophilia that isn't actually pedophilia

22 Dissociative Identity Disorder

I'm surprised I was the first to add it. This is a rare disorder, but horrid nonetheless. For the people who think it's all cute and pretend- stop. It's not. It's something people can't control and have to be ready for it. No medication can 100% stop the personality transitions. So don't fake it.

23 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
24 Gender Dysphoria
25 Dyspraxia
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