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41 Wanted

This is the fastest movie ever this brought up action movie in bollywood again mind blowing entertaining film

This movie is turning point of salman.

As per concept it's Ok but as per entertainment it is best movie ever and I would say best action movie ever made... It should bhe number 1 in the list... Just watch it once you will get to know why I'm saying rhis

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42 Dangal

I think that this is a inspirational movie and it should be a blockbuster becuse it has a great moral to the story and it is a true one and all other aamir khan movies have been successful and should stay like that because he has a really good sense of acting.

Best movie ever in the world. A film could not be made better than this. Very successful movie. Deserves to be on #1

Brilliant movie I have ever seen thank you very much aamir khan

Deserves number 1

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43 Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

a little sarcasm, a little stupidness and a whole lot of fun and romance - jamil_don

Very good movie it is one of my favorite movie, story is simple but the film is awesome, it was ranbir kapoor's first highest collection movie 65cr it beated wanted

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44 A Wednesday !

Neeraj pandey the best director of the 21 century. We really don't need cheesy item songs and nonsense jokes. All we need is good story and team of good actors to make a good movie. And this movie definitely proves that.

A Wednesday is the best thriller ever. it is far better than big budget Indian cinema.

Well, supreme & awesome thriller. Fresh

Naseeruddin Shah= Heath Ledger

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45 Punjab 1984
46 Chak De! India

Best acting done by SRK in a non romantic film. He deserves credit!

Shahrukh khan gives unparalleled performance. I cannot find any better film than this one if I want to watch again. All the new comers were also great. Fantastic movie!

It is the best among the best

Should be in top 10

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47 PK

Awesome and shows the ignorance of people

Best movie of the Bollywood

Superb movie... Nice story

It s d best one and it shows the reality which is happening in india

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48 Chokher Bali

My favorite film... Ever seen

49 Aashiqui 2

This movie is awesome...end made me cry a lot...o love favorite...

Mind blowing film with superb acting

Its a good and musical movi I like it very much. Thanks


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50 Deewar

Angry young man turns in to gangster.
Greatest story, Greatest Dialogues, Greatest Screenplay, Awesome Roles written by writer duo salim-javed. - Nadeem777

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51 Raajneeti

a film involving politics and relationships - jamil_don

The rise of a star in Ranbir Kapoor, Super direction from Prakash Jha and above all one and only Ajay Devgon... Simply smart movie

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52 Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

I love this movie. It is much better than 3 Idiots. I think this movie should be in top 10 movies of all time...
A movie which has every thing in it...
Music masti comedy emotions and mst imp it teaches us something really cool,...
In a great way
1 of the best movie of all time...

Sultan is perfect for mumbai

I love this movie it is much better than all Bollywood movie

Sultan mirzha is best role.

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53 Ta Ra Rum Pum

It was so sudden by the way it made me to remember those days

Not Cool It's Copy 1 Of Hollywood Films

This is saif's best film in his history... The best film in bollywood is tararumpum

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54 Swades

One of the greatest Hindi movies ever made. If this movie is not on the list, then, people have to give a serious thought about the quality of the movies they are watching.3 idiots at number 1?! You people joking? It may be an average movie but obviously not realistic. Swades must and should be in the top. Shahrukh khan gives his best performance in the best movie he has acted in. So guys, better wake up and start watching good movies because the quality of stories in Indian movies s already low. Watch swades and feel its influence.

Awesome movie... In the history of bollywood cinema.


Best performance that SRK has given till date. Ranks with Chak de India and Lagaan in terms of emotion and subtly powerful performances!

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55 Andaz Apna Apna

Undoubtedly the best comedy movie of all time! With some wonderful and memorable performances.. It has set a high benchmark for all the comedy movies! - mrgehani

Awesome movie amazing comedy my only in one favourite comedy movie (Awesome comedy acting salman and amir khan) please watch movie...

The best comedy movie of all time with a unique plot compared to the rest of the Bollywood movies and dual stars acting in it

The great comedy movie Amir and salman

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56 Dabangg 2

Salman is biggest star but media likes sharukh

Media don't like shukhan

Sorry Solman Khan Is Cool & Best 1 & Comdey 2

57 Housefull

It is a wonderful film I have ever seen. Akshay is really rock.

Why is this movie above rab ne bana de jodi?

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58 Gangs of Wasseypur

This is on 72nd spot. This is what's wrong with India.

The best revenge film. This should be in top 5

59 Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.
60 Baghban

One of the best movies I ever saw! I don't understand why it's on 57 place?

My all-time favourite... The message, music, has me crying always!

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