Top Ten Most Interesting Branches In Science

If you want to find some interesting topics in science, here you go.

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1 Astronomy

This is my favorite scientific branch. It's just so fascinating! The universe is HUGE!

Black holes, planets, asteroids, etc. - CatCode

Astronomy deals with space which is really fascinating and fun

To learn about something like the universe... what else do you need?

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2 Human Anatomy

As much as we study about our own species, we'll never know everything. - CatCode

3 Microbiology

As an undergraduate studying microbiology with the dream of entering research, I can safely say that microbiology is quite possibly one of the most fascinating branches of science. For all of the knowledge we have about the behavior of two interacting black holes or the reaction between Cl gas and Na metal, we still lack even the most basic understanding of most of the complex microorganisms we encounter every day.

There's something about studying those "little mysterious creatures" that just opens a whole new unseen world of wonder.

The study of tiny little mysterious creatures that may or may not be beneficial. - CatCode

My favourite branch and interesting branch ever

4 Geology

Actually, this is very boring. I've only had to take one geology class for my major and it's very bland. Maud Pie: "Smooth and round, asleep in the ground, shades of brown and grey..." *snores*

Rocks can be hard, rocks can be soft. We can even eat some of them. - CatCode

Rock is love rock is life - CerealGuy

5 Botany

One of the biggest providers for life. - CatCode

6 Neurobiology

Neurobiology and psychology. Something I love and consider myself pretty good at, because I think its really important to understand everybody, and only studying human behavior will teach us that. It's easy for me to put myself in another's shoes, and that has helped me immensely in life. The mind is amazing! - keycha1n

The human brain. The most wondorous of all parts of the homo-sapien. - CatCode

7 Engineering

Engineers made the phone/tablet/laptop you're using. Engineers built your ceiling fan (most likely). - CatCode

8 Medicinal

Curing diseases, this is a very important part of science. - CatCode

9 Physics

The whole world is just physics. Most interesting and easy with a wide variety of topics

So hard branch of science

The father of every other branch.


10 Marine Biology

They're just animals, physics is the interaction between matter and energy

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11 Cosmology V 1 Comment
12 Quantum Mechanics

It's the best thing, if you wanna further, you gotta know Quantum Mechanics. It's the reality

This will blow your mind!

Those who have never heard of it read it sooo... fascinating

13 Chemistry

Others are impossible in absence of chemistry

Like to learn

14 Psychology

The study of the human mind and more! Beyond interesting, what's not to like? Very beneficial as both a science and a social study, so many branches as well. Should be among the top at the least. - Coltonbarrett4444

Study of the human mind and more! Beyond interesting, what's not to like? Very beneficial as a science and social studies. Should be among the top.

I love Psychology! In fact, I'm planning on being a psychologist ( since I was 6 years old! ) - Pony

Humans are limited also is the brain and how we think, physics is not limited.

15 Biology
16 Biochemistry
17 Astrophysics

I would not say like best because it's naturally occurring subject so, This subject is far beyond this list!

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18 Horology

Study of time

19 Life Science V 1 Comment
20 Epidemical Studies

The science of stopping an outbreak to destroy all forms of life that would theoretically destroy all of science would.probably be called the most vital and important brach of science

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