Top Ten Most Interesting Family Guy and American Dad Episodes

The Top Ten
1 And then There Were Fewer (Family Guy)

I LOVE that ICONIC episode.

"Miaow Miaow Miaow" Jillian trying to talk to a cat

A perfectly done murder mystery comedy, I love it. - Songsta41

2 Black Mystery Month (American Dad)
3 My Morning Straitjacket (American Dad)
4 Operation Tears of a Clooney (American Dad)
5 Killer Vacation (American Dad)

AD Sucks, family guy is better - RockStarr

6 Vacation Goo (American Dad)

Stan should divorce Francine!

Francine should get beaten up.

Francine is such an IDIOT in that episode. Every time when Francine sees her family members doing something wrong, she calls them out for mistakes (mostly Stan) and they apologized. But when Francine does the same thing and gets called by her family, she doesn't own up to her mistakes, NEVER apologizes and blames on other people. She is just as worst as Stan, except that Stan is very remorseful. This episode makes me HATE FRANCINE. In my opinion I Lois Griffin a lot better than that bitch (though Lois has nothing to do with that episode).

7 Killer Queen (Family Guy)
8 Tearjerker (American Dad)
9 Spring Break Up (American Dad)

The classic mid life crisis when Stan still feels like a student

10 For Black Eyes Only (American Dad)
The Contenders
11 McStroke (Family Guy)

Peter is an idiot for eating 30 (or 29.5) burgers!

Burgers are tasty but very fattening at the same time.

12 Petared (Family Guy)

Lois should have divorced Peter!

Peter is an IDIOT for throwing burnt oil in Lois face.

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