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41 The Grace
42 Tiny G
43 Rania

Rania is so unique and all their members had vocal training. They don't deserve the hate they get

I'll just waiting for a comeback

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44 Lovelyz

They are all so pretty and talented. I feel like they deserve a lot more fame and attention!

They deserve to be popular

They all can sing. And all of them are visuals, they are queens of acapella too, and their ballad songs are on point, people are missing a chance not staning them.


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45 Oh My Girl

Amazing talent - YOUnique253

46 Jewelry

They were all have a beautiful voices specially yewon I like her so much

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47 D-Unit

Amazing vocals and visuals. Their style is one of a kind. They are cute and fierce at the same time and if you listen to their actual album you'll realize that they have amazing singing and rapping talent. They can dance too and are true stars. Underrated and poorly promoted, they deserve our support!

Deserves way more attention! They are so talented!

48 Two X

I like their music. They are really hard working and the deserve to be on the top 20

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50 Park Hyo Jin
51 Pungdeng-E

This band is so good they write songs from the heart.

52 CLC

I like their songs because. It comes to heart and I like when they are dancing

53 Bambino

Definitely have moved into the top 10 by now. They have put "sister group" Laysha practically out cold on the canvas & out of public view. Definitely rising to top & YouTube Fancams view probably more than Exid or any of your top 10 here

No way they should be down here. Take a look at views of member Eunsol alone. In less than 1 yr they have put "sister group" Laysha out face first on the canvas (in terms of audiences & volume of noise at their concerts), made a name as great dancers & are rising fast on Exit & the rest.

54 April

I really like this girl group. They are simple and cute!

55 Pocket Girls
56 Asala

I love tara and miss a jiyeon and suzy

57 Bob Girls

I love their song no way too bad that they disbanded

58 Wings

This Band are Best.

59 Laboum
60 Sonamoo
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