Not only do they have good songs, they've got good moves, good and catchy choreography like Gee that everyone who's into kpop would know about. The members are also down to earth, have great sense of humor and are great role models. All members are multi-talented. Some can't sing as well as others but they can sing better than an average person and they've got other areas they're good at to make up for that, for example, acting and variety show skills. They're all really pretty. I think some of them did get plastic surgery but they were pretty even before that, plastic surgery only enhanced some of their features but it didn't really make that much of a difference to me.

I love SNSD! They are so sweet and have very good voices. I love the fact that they are, like, completely innocent and cute. They should be loved all over the world because they are seriously the best KPop Girl Group ever! Wanna see them? Check out songs like Gee, Hoot; or my personal favorite- Oh! LONG LIVE SNSD!

I've watched tons of girl groups' performances throughout the years and SNSD caught me. They caught my eyes almost instantly as they did with my heart. Not only do they steal my heart, they keep it securely together with millions other which they collected worldwide. I simply love how strong they are on stage, putting aside everything and give their all in every performances. No matter how hard the choreography is, they simply do it with all their hearts. Their personalities are beyond amazing.
Who would've thought the charismatic leader, Kim Taeyeon is actually the dorkiest human being on earth?
The Ice Princess, Jung Jessica is actually really warm and funny. She's the biggest troll ever and yet she's still lovable.
The aegyo queen, Lee Soonkyu is the most adorable thing I've ever seen. Her smile makes me go gaga!
The heart-melting eye-smile of Hwang Tiffany is one of the reason I fell in love with them.
The Dancing queen, Kim Hyoyeon is the funniest person ever ...more

SNSD are the main reason I got into kpop. They are beautiful no matter what antis say and they are incredibally talented. They act their true selfs infront of the camera and are the nine beauties of South Korea

Snsd... Been following them ever since 07. These girls are the best when it comes to sisterly bonds. One reason why I've kept to being their fan and haven't drop them yet even though there are so many girl groups out there right now. One reason why I keep to snsd is because their teamwork and the bond they have with each other. They work hard to get where they're at and that's an amazing feat. Even though they're seniors to many groups these days, they still have a mindset of a rookie group, wanting to improve every single time. I guarantee you kpop fans that you'll never find any other girl group like snsd ever in kpop history. They'll be hitting their 5th anniversary soon and I can't wait to see them go on with their 6th. Of course what I wish for right now for my girls is to see them date and experience what a normal 20 year old adult girl should be experiencing. Seeing and knowing that my girls are in a relationship is one thing I want to start reading in the near future. SNSD ...more

My number one group, I'm addicted to them.9 girls with different personalities. They're talented and it's like everything is a piece of cake for them, they can change their style so easily. I love the fact that they're versatile.

Right now it's SO NYUH SHI DAE! Girls generation.. They r so popular.. You can know it through their mv on youtube. So many views.. Even their sub group tts achieved more than 20 mil views.. How great.. Daebak.. Snsd fighting.. Waiting for your comeback 2012.. Smtown fighting.. Wanna vote for fx too.. :-)

I really like SNSD. I think every girl in SNSD has her own unique style, like Hyoyeon's tomboyish ways, Yoona's honest yet prettier than a picture charisma, Yuri's in-your-face sex appeal and of course, maknae Seohyun's pure innocent charm. I think that's what makes them stand out. Every girl is different. Sure, people complain that SNSD has way too many members and some members don't get any exposure, but I beg to differ. Firstly, yes, they do have many members, but that's what really draws attention to them, especially when they're all dancing in sync. Secondly, yes, I do agree some members don't get as much exposure as the rest, but no, each and every one of them has her own personal career as well. From Jessica's fashion line, to Yoona's dramas, each girl does get exposure, just maybe not as much as other members. Some say SNSD only relied on their looks to get to where they are today. To that I STRONGLY disagree. Have you seen Hyoyeon dance? Have you heard Taeyeon sing? Have you ...more

You're talking about Korea and Korea's top girl group. Go around and ask in the streets of Seoul. You'll hear only ONE name. That name is "So Nyuh Shi Dae" aka SNSD.
Their fame, unmatched
Their status, unreachable
Their popularity, immeasurable.

These are some of the few words that can be used to describe the The one and only, Girls' Generation.

The mere mention of this name causes fear in all rivals. They avoid competition, they hide, they wait till our girls are done. Which makes sense since there is literally no way you can ever hope to survive in a competition with these 9 girls and their loyal fans.
SNSD and Sowons are one.

It is very evident why Girls' Generation has been the top Kpop girl group since their debut. The hard work and effort they put in, in addition to their talents, have proved that they are capable in this industry. People who deny that they can't sing, dance or act are liars who hate on these 9 beautiful girls.

I don't understand why people or antis bash our girls because they have done plastic surgery. Let me see, who in this kpop industry does not do plastic surgery?

Yes, SONEs can get very defensive at times, but look. If someone else starts bashing your idols although their fame was earned by the idols themselves, as a fan, the first reaction is to defend his/her idols. If you guys out there did not bash SNSD for their "ugliness", "plastic-ness", "inability to sing or dance". Come on, that's just plain accusation.

You can say I'm defending SoShi, but it's obvious enough that Girls' Generation worked their asses off to get this "no. 1" everywhere, and they ...more

The girls are not only restricted to beauty! They are the best group because they have put so much effort on practising their dance steps and their vocals and everything! They are not only loved by Koreans--- there are sones everywhere in this world! They are 9 girls with 9 different personalities which you must find something that you adore! Though they are loved by a lot of people, they are still humble and modest and that is why we should love them! SNSD DAEBAK!

I've been watching a lot of Korean variety programs for 3 years now and back tracking on a lot of old episodes too of kpop idol appearances and I've noticed out of all the girl groups mentioned here, the ones that were most fun to watch, diversity of personalities wise and how they interact with each other... Girls Generation members has been the most fun/funny to watch. And I don't just mean as a single group on a variety show. It could be just be 2 to 4 members from the group making an appearance with other girl group members and they still seem to outshine others comedy wise or competitive wise depending on what they're doing. The only exception is Goo Hara of Kara, she sometimes steals the scene every once in a while like in IY2. But then Sunny steals the scene back in their wrestling stamp match... Sigh, that was a wonderful episode, brings back memories of those two being so competitive in season 1 laugh out loud =P

They should be loved all over the world. They are the most honest girls I've found in K-pop world. They don't care 'bout they image in many T.V. shows and they do have talents and looks. Whatever the antis said, SNSD's still my number 1

Love them.. Always be.. Love them most among the other groups.. You are my number 1 girl group.. They are very truthful to anyone, they are also honest girls, that's why I love them.. Their songs and dance steps..

They're a total package. First thing you see is their beauty... These girls are extraordinarily beautiful, you get captivated by their looks & how pretty they are, they're almost like goddesses. As you dig deeper into knowing them you discover how very humble they can be, dorky... They're entertaining to watch yet heartwarming seeing how humble & down to earth they are. Other than that each member has their own distinct, unique, different & varying special talent, ability, & charm, it's like a whole bundle of many interesting things to discover, from singing, dancing, acting, modeling! Other than that, their music is great, catchy, addicting. I love them & they'll forever be my favorite girl group overall, nothing can replace them b/c of how much they've inspired me. FOREVER A SONE~

The growth of their performances since 4 years ago until today really shows that they improved a lot. The vocals and the dance moves are all great.
Each one of them supports and covers each other. It's not like who is better or what but they just have to be 9 together! SNSD!

SNSD is born to win. Do you know that why 2NE1 is way topper than SNSD in this category? Because most of the voter are come from those male groups' fans. No offense! This is the fact. If this poll includes all the boy groups, the result won't be like that. And, the gap between SNSD and 2NE1 are just 1%! SOSHI JJANG!

SNSD is the Korea's Number 1 Girl Group! They have a unison in their performance! They have the pretty looks, hot bodies and amazing talents which makes you love them! They are indeed 9 Angels who will conquer the world! SOSHI HWAITING~


SNSD. So Nyuh Shi Dae. Girls' Generation. Our nine girls are truly very talented, and are always trying to make themselves better. Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun; these are the names that will always be imprinted in my heart. They have gone through to much and I will always respect them. They truly deserve everything that is good in this world. Forever a SONE!

I really love SNSD, they are multi-talent, It's not important that some of them is plastic surgery but their talent is really outstanding in singing dancing and great in music instrument.

SNSD is considered one of top tier groups in South Korea. They not only have a massive fanbase, but also general recognition of the South Korean public. They are also one of the best group in Asia due to their immense popularity. SNSD not only has a huge fanbase back in their home country, they also received immense support from their intertional fans. SONEs are all over the world. From US, Canada, Austalia, Europe, China, Japan, Middle East and even Africa etc. After successfully entering the Japan music industry, second largest music industry in the world, they are slowly and surely entering the US. They have signed with Interscope and invited to perform on The Late Night Show with David Letterman and Live! With Kelly. They have sold-out concerts in Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, US and many more.

SNSD is the best! There isn't any other girl group like them! They have everything, talent, beauty, unique personalities and fashion! They deserve the love of the world! Once you fall for them there's no turning back! GIRLS GENERATION! I LOVE YOU!

When you say it KPOP people will think about them.
All the member are versatile in different area of entertainment singing, dancing, acting and hosting.. Not forgetting modeling
I can say compare to other group SNSD is the only group that can fit all concept regardless cute, sexy, dark, bright etc...
They might not really be a epic rapping group like 2NE1 or Cute like KARA
But they sure do pull the concept out well instead of sticky to one like others...
They are pretty human being, other might say plastic surgery but you see no difference from their baby to kid to teen and now... How can them be plastic
Lastly al the member have unique voice...
And also Record holder of many kpop awards and chart winning

I am a fan of snsd, but I must include that most of the members had plastic surgery. And they are amazing; their hit song: Oh! Was on the k-chart for four weeks! When they release a new song, just wait a couple of weeks, and there you go! It's on the top of k-chart!

They are 9 individuals that are like a big family no matter how different they may be. All nine have their own talents but when they work together they make SNSD blow any other girl groups away. They are not only respectful to their fans but also appreciate all staff for their hard work. They are most known for their synchronization which is so amazing to see in their performances and how swift they make it look. I not only love many of their songs, I also absolutely love it when they sing in English. It makes one realize that they are not just a typical girl group and are even better than some of the artists we have in America today.