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81 Sulli - f(x)

For me Sulli has everything because she is one of the beautiful kpop girl, a shy type person and most of all she is very kind-hearted. Some people think she has a bad attitude, if she has this attitude why is it that the SMent confirmed that she is rank no.5 being kind-hearted. She has a nice, cute and good personality. She loves her fans so much.. She's not overacting like others and will not fight for who judged her.

So if one will tell she has a bad attitude. You are so very WRONG!

Sulli, has a very adorable personality that's why some of kpop artist admires and choose her as their ideal type...

Sulli, had a nice personality and very kind person

Very beautiful, cute, sweet, adorable, cute eyesmile, sexy, kind, lovable and nice

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82 Park Ji-yeon - T-ara

She is really nice



Unnie sa rang he yo... QUEEN'S VIỆT NAM

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83 Yang Yoseob - Beast

He is such a sweet idol, always looking out for b2uties and spoiling our damned asses with comeback information and feeding us good photos! a tru idol

84 I.M - Monsta X

He is just so nice and the face that he got along with the members so fast prove that he's personality is just superb

I.M. has such a good personality. I met him last summer and since he can speak English he talked to me. For real I.M. is such a cutie. 'cause he knew that I was there only for meet some of my idols he gave me hug and he was so polite.
He's an angel

85 Hyoyeon - Girls' Generation

She's the mom of the group. She always tries to brighten the atmosphere with her funny jokes. And she's also humble, judging from the amount of friends that she has.

She's nice, down to earth, funny, and is an amazing dancer.

Her personality seems genuine. She cares a lot about the members. She is talented but underrated.

She should be at top 10,not here. She give everyone positive energy where ever she goes,always make everyone smile,give confident to the one need it.

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86 Jonghyun - SHINee Jonghyun - SHINee

He always makes me laugh, he is such a likeable person. I wish he was higher!

He's the one member to love his fans the most and share his daily life with them during Twitter and SNS.
He also appreciate his fans that he sat down with them talking like friends-talk.

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87 Victoria - f(x)

Kind hearted, always taking care of others. Lovable personality.

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88 Kim Hyun-A
89 Yugyeom - GOT7


Even thought he's the maknae, but he always care about the members. He once said that GOT7 is him. Plus, in real got7 ep5 hidden camera, he cried because he thought got7 would end there, because the hyungs pulled a prank on him and acted as if they were fighting. Even the leader, JB, said YuGyeom is kind hearted kid :) Yugyeom, fighting! GOT7, fighting!

90 Jung Ilhoon - BTOB
91 Yoo Ara - Hello Venus

She is so pretty & cute

92 Sunmi - Wonder Girls
93 Chunji - Teen Top Chunji - Teen Top

Chunji is a great singer and is always happy and shows his love towards his fans and is always taking care of his members.

Chunji is always nice to everyone and he takes care of his members really well also he should be ranked higher

He's always looking out for the group, and he's so grateful and loving towards fans

94 Hongbin - VIXX
95 BAP - Zelo / Choi Junhong

Zelo always bowed to other people, rookie groups, senior groups... cutest and kind maknae

96 Park Jung-min - SS501 Park Jung-min - SS501

He is very true charater

97 CNU - B1A4

I like his smile and the nice way of speaking!

CNU is super sweet and is always respectful towards his sunbaes and doesangs

98 Xiumin - Exo

He rarely talk during Exo showtime but he secretly protect the member! As an exol, I'm proud of him.

99 Nam Woo-hyun - Infinite

This man is such a precious gem to the group. While Infinite is well known for their fan service, this man shows love for his fan as many ways as possible. His personality and ability to 'click' with Inspirits is just amazing.

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100 Lee Changsub - BtoB

His just too cool. He doesn't pretend to be something he's not and just always true to himself. Plus he's voice is simply amazing!

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