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61 Wooyoung
62 Raina

Her vocals is incredible!

63 Nana
64 Han Sunhwa
65 Yoo Ara

The lovely leader of hello venus, love you!

66 Tao

Oh Halo
Don't you love her
Who said you were as best as him
We fight together
And forever
Love you more than ever
Win the battle
Lose with victory
But he still rocks hard ass

67 Yook Sungjae (Btob)

He's got an awesome voice and he's a decent rapper even if he's just in the vocal line. Sungjae is tall, handsome, charismatic, funny, cute, and athletic. He can come off as the crazy 4D on but that's part of his charm.

He's a good maknae. He respects his hyungs (with some light teasing).

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68 Xiumin

He's so manly and he's cute in his height and love his personality and he is a protective hyung to all exo members

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69 J-Hope V 1 Comment
70 Exo Lay
71 U-Kwon

Hottest member of a Kpop group I ever seen.
Hope Block B will find a way to come back.
Love him his dance and his voice

72 Kim Myung Soo aka L (Infinite)
73 Kris (Exo-M) Kris (Exo-M)

He is amazing leader and great rapper ❤ and absolutely handsome

74 Lizzy
75 Minzy
76 Daesung
77 T.O.P V 1 Comment
78 Zico
79 Sunny (Girls Generation)

Sunny is sunshine. Sunny is love. Sunny is life.

80 Ren (Nu'est)

REN is my life. Love REN Love NU'EST so so so much, forever.

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