Top Ten Kpop Songs With a Sad Rhythm

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21 Please - Kim Hyun Jung

Honestly, I like this song more than "Break down", I think Kim hyun jung proved that he is really talent by this song!

22 Severely - FT Island

I cried as I listen to it for the first time. This songs makes me feel sad. So I think, FT Island expressed this song very well. I also watched its MV and its really heartbreaking. I admire Lee Hongki's acting. Great.

Why I <3 ft island song?.. just hear & you can feel the pain from your past love.. before this I never know Korean song that can touch my heart.. this is very first Korean band that produce great quality song of Rock Ballad.. some of their song and lyric are inspired from a real love story.. their song expresses how difficult someone to move on from love.

23 Can You Smile? - Infinite Can You Smile? - Infinite

This Song Is really touching. And Sunggyu's Voice in this song is beautiful and the raps are amazing too this song is a really sad song. Sad and beautiful one great sonf

One of the saddest songs I ever hears.
It is really touching.
Woohyuns and Sunggyus voice are daebek but also the rest sings beautifully and touching!
Love it! :D

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24 Beautiful Liar - Vixx LR Beautiful Liar - Vixx LR

Beautiful Liar makes my heart break, it's so sad

25 Butterfly - BTS Butterfly - BTS

This song tells that they don't want to lose someone. Like if they let go of "someone" 's hand, "someone" will fly away and break. Like "someone" 's there but for some reason, they can’t reach it. Just like a butterfly.

26 Love Song - Rain

Actually love story is kinda sad too...

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27 Because I'm Stupid - SS501

The moment when he didn't get the lady and just watching her from far

It seems that SS501 was a big part of "Boys over the flower", their song "Because I'm stupid" is one of the most beautyfull songs in Kpop and world!

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28 Heaven - Ailee

Man, there so many songs I love on here. I wish I could vote for them all. This would be one of the ones I wante to vote for. I ended up voting for It Hurts- 2ne1. It would have to be my second favorite kpop song of all time. - kpopcraze

SO RECOMMENDED! A debut song and its just so god

I love her I fact I am listening to her right now

Heaven is really really sad. Heart-breaking.

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29 The Story Only I Didn't Know - IU

The song makes me extremely emotional.. IU has a really beautiful voice and helps listeners understand the story or idea to the song. Although I didn't understand the lyrics, I cried. This song was amazing.

Love it listening to it now I love iu any way... this song make me cry every time although iam not sensitive

30 Promise - Exo

It's just literally a promise. Really touched my heart when I first heard it because it reminded me of all the hard times exo had faced in 2014

Both Chinese and Korean Version have the most beautiful lyrics that it makes my cry all the time...

This song is really sad and even more when you think of the departure of the former members..

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31 If You - Big Bang If You - Big Bang

Truly definition of love and breakup

32 Even If I Can't Sing - Se7en

Park jin young is one of the best composers in Korea and he never make mistake in music;Beautiful song, beautiful melody and Se7en's beautiful voice, it's "Even if I can't sing"!

Se7en is an amazing singer, and amazing dancer, and has amazing vocals. He's just perfect. Who wouldn't want to be like him?
It's very rare to see an idol singing about his/her own experience like Se7en did in 'Even If I Can't Sing'. Probably one of the most inspiring singers out there.

I love this song but I do like Jbs cover on this in Dream High! That's how I found out about this song!

33 Tell Me Goodbye - BigBang

Just listen to the song, its so sad and the videoclip. Their voices are beautiful and I just can't... Just listen and see

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34 The Day Before - Nell

I can't listen to the song without crying

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35 Pray - Sunny Hill Pray - Sunny Hill

I think this song makes my day complete

Best music video and great lyrics..

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36 Sorry, Sorry (Answer) - Super Junior Sorry, Sorry (Answer) - Super Junior
37 Wedding Dress - Taeyang Wedding Dress - Taeyang

This song should be first because the guy's crush got married to another guy

Just... So good I can't describe it with words...

Beautiful song with an amazing voice

The song is so sad and beautiful.

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38 Gone - Jin

The music video, the lyrics, the music, everything about it is so sad

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39 Love Sick - FT Island V 1 Comment
40 Beacause I Miss You - Jung Yung Hwa

This song and the way Yonghwa is singing is just awesome, full of passion! Moreover, he composed this song in 30 minutes - who else from above voted songs can say that?

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