Top Ten Kpop Songs With a Sad Rhythm

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101 Reset - Tiger JK

It just makes you think back on your past and wanting to reset all those bad memories... JUST THINK BACK

102 If - Taeyeon

Taeyeon sings this song with so much emotion... It makes me tear up every time. I love this song!

The most powerful song of Taeyeon..
Very love it when the first time I heard it..
Thr song seems like tell about her life..

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103 Complete - Girls Generation (SNSD) V 1 Comment
104 Baby Don't Cry - EXO

Baby Don't Cry is the saddest song that EXO made but than I heard Promise and saw a video of the EXO members crying and I started to cry with them. Am not Korean and don't understand the lyrics but the way it was sung made my heart sad and water come out my eyes. Listen to Promise than listen to Baby don't cry...I would vote baby don't cry as saddest song but promise is sad as well...uh I can't decide so I voted for B.A.P's song.

This is a song about the original story of the little mermaid.
Wherein the girl needed to stab him in order to have a real human soul.

It says that 'Please don't hesitate anymore. Just take my heart right away from my chest. Sorry if the trans are wrong but its something like that! '


Best ballad song! The rhythm is goodand also the lyrics is good too!

This is such a sad song, especially the translation.

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105 Leaving - Noel
106 As a Man - Gummy
107 I'm Sorry - Gummy

Love the video.. great song.. I felt really bad when the girl was crying and felt the love of the man for the girl

108 Young Love - Yangpa

It's a hold song k-pop.. I hear this song on drama Reply 1997.
I don't know why, I always listen this song even if make me sad.

109 I Really Hate Her - IU

The lyric are so touching and it fit perfectly

110 Foolish Love - Bigbang
111 Love Is Ouch - 2NE1

This song show how brave to let go the person you love... It can makes you cry...

I never thought that 2ne1 is the one who sings this. Because majority of 2ne1 songs are something that is upbeating. But this song really is an emotional one. I like this song.

112 Should I Confess - Soyu (Sistar)
113 Love Really Hurts - Yesung

You can feel the essence of hurt once you hear this

This song will make you cry..yesung voice will broke your heart..unfortunately, it cannot be in top 10 because of "unsad song but famous group"..damn it

114 I'm Okay Now - Sonnet Son

I guess she isn't that popular but she got a wonderful voice

115 Tears Fallin Like Today - Huh Gak
116 Every Moment of Yours - Sung Si Kyung

Really fits sad scenes of the drama 'My Love from Another Star' :')

117 Pretend - 4minute

This song is honestly really sad. If you have ever broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, then you'd feel a lot from this song.
It's about a girl trying to not understand what her boyfriend means by 'It's over'.

118 Lovin You - TVXQ
119 Please, Don't Go - Shinee

The lyrics totally made me cry and by listening to Jonghyun and Onew's voices in this song, automatically your eyes will tear up.

Minho almost crying too when he hears this song :(

Its beautiful I cried a lot hearing it

120 Sleepless Night - Shinee

Max Changmin wrote this song and the lyrics are daebak. Add SHINee's emotional voices and BAM! One very emotional song was produced. Try to listen! This song is really great!

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